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  1. I just knew at least one would be obtained through breeding
  2. So many people in the coast I may have to wait until tomorrow morning
  3. I need help with the recipes. All I keep getting is "And the result is a giant mess. You toss it into the garbage before anyone notices." Do I need all the ingredients first? Or is it some other reason? Please PM me if you can help
  4. Searching my scroll now for the perfect suitor for my dragons. I am that kind of person who likes to keep a lineage going, so its a little hard right now *EDIT: I see that one of my Christmas dragons has Thuwed blood and a straight lineage <3 I hope everyone this year gets great dragons with an awesome family tree <3 Merry Christmas!
  5. Awesome! I have been dying for the event to start <3 Its my first year to breed my beautiful dragons
  6. I have finished Ailset last night, and this morning, I got a Shadow Walker, and a Pumpkin <3 Now for a beautiful Marrow
  7. Yes, I agree. The costumes are just lovely <3 I love them all! Now if I could get my dream dragon, a Shadow walker, My life would be complete <3
  8. I finally got me a pumpkin dragon I also managed to grab an egg that will die in 2 days <3 But now I'm scroll locked :| I had also managed to finish Ailset, and get my lovely badge <3
  9. I love all of it I can't wait for all of the updates to come!
  10. I agree. The 5 minute drops only last less than 30 seconds, and the hourly drops last about 2 minutes. Maybe once many people get the eggs, the drops will last longer
  11. Got 2 eggs and I plan to get four (I can have one more until an egg hatches ) I will then influence 2 to be female and 2 males (I heard the rumor about the Turpentines being able to only breed with their own kind. I wanna have some doubles just in case if this is proven to be a fact! ) (Although it might not become a fact ) Edit- I just got my 3rd one I hope everyone can get at least one of thee turpentines!
  12. I play the clarinet. I also love to listen to music on the radio.
  13. It might not be a lie. People may have used it before you.
  14. I need a code! Please PM me with one!
  15. I agree. At least let some people dream and then figure it out.
  16. Someone send me a code! Please! I don't care if almost everyone says its a prank!
  17. If you have an invite left, please send me one! I really want to join!
  18. Im so joining. I am addicted to DC, so I may become addicted to Dino Cave!
  19. My favorite animal is a horse. My favorite fantasy animal is a dragon
  20. My hair has already been bleached and dyed teal. I loved it until it faded to green and then blonde. But hey, I got to be different for a while!
  21. Im pretty lucky. I started with 2 eggs (From trades) And now I have 13-15 vamps! Now I can bite practically everyday! Now my scroll will be overloading with vamps!
  22. Well, breeders who own them, a lot of them don't breed their seasonals until the begginning of each season (Or maybe its just me ) And seasonals aren't in high demand like silvers, golds, trios, etc.
  23. I got my magma (Which completed my trio) one and a half weeks ago. I tried when the magma grew up. No GoN, but I hope I eventually get one! I also hope that those who have been trying longer than me gets their GoN!