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  1. omg i was breeding my rosebud and magma not knowing that valentine's day season has already started and i was wait what?! when i saw 2 rosebud eggs o.o
  2. omg /in love with them *___________________* i didn't like gold hatchies but adult is just gorgeous *_* blue one is also amazing *_*
  3. well, it can grow up at 4 days (the allure of neglected dragons)
  4. i have 6 blue ones and one goldie on TaylorLfan and i'm getting of new ones from my friends :33
  5. 3 moonies on this scroll and my friend who needs to stop playing dragon cave is going to give me all of her catches (2 moonies, 3 shimmerings <33)
  6. got one gold now *happy dance*
  7. i SAW my first two :'DD there is still hope! i can't get even one but yeah never give up : D
  8. http://dragcave.net/lineage/GpSHJ just got this little guy for my pillow collection <3 and this one <3 http://dragcave.net/lineage/vvg1R
  9. http://dragcave.net/lineage/Ds9Kg it doestn't have a perfect lineage, but its mother does!
  10. i clicked on kEEps ! i just had to keep it <3 ;D
  11. i have never ever even saw a gold in the cave...i'm not sure if i saw a silver in the cave, because i clicked on another biome after it and it was gone ._.
  12. i have a question: you get a badge when you splash 100 times, right? if you have like 5 shallows does it count for all to get to a 100 or does it count individually for every dragon?
  13. no no no nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo (((((((((( why?! ._.
  14. I have a vampire egg with a code iEmog (emog-A cross between emo and goth) : D how awesome is this ;D -traded-
  15. o.O fisrt of all, yeah good luck with teleportin a GoN! second of all, if you were able to teleport/abandon a GoN why on earth would you do it?! o.O
  16. I'll try to get my first one tomorrow on my birthday and i hope I'll have more luck then before :3 i really feel bad for people who are trying to get it for almost 2 years :/ i'm trying to get if a year now...there should be something to do about this, every time you try your chances of getting one are higher fo about 1-2% or something :/
  17. So beautiful *-* /me loves puffy pillows :33 a traded magma, a dino and a CB stripe for pillows! : D
  18. terrible i can't get a male red and black : PP i always forget to influence them
  19. haha i'm using that i'm not a winner badge ;D
  20. ohh no email :/ congrats winners you're very lucky!!!