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.~* Worshipper of Celestial Dragons *~.Signodextra100x30_zps09886738.pngProfile%20100x30_zps0yatgoid.pngScroll%20100x30_zps4ba7fwwo.pngI don't come around often, sorry. Feel free to give me a nudge via PM!

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    (Updated 12/07/2016)

    Dragon in my avatar drawn by TheCompleteAnimorph~ <3

    .~:{ CB Gold Shimmer-Scale }:~.

    Gender: Female
    Mates: Gold, Blusang, GoN
    Requests: 12 (CLOSED)
    Code: Aylis

    Last Bred: Dec 7
    Fertility? Yes
    Mate: Gold
    Result: Fail

    .~:{ Trio Status }:~.

    Last Summoned: Sept 11, 2016
    Result: SUCCESS!
    Next Summon: No more :)

    GoN: 3
    Ice: 7
    Magma: 7
    Thunder: 9

    Took roughly 5 years (with some breaks).

    .~:{ IOU's }:~.
    (Does not include Aylis's kids)

    None, yay!

    .~:{ UOMe's }:~.

    Taryn123 owes me 1 dragon.
    joliver1998 owes me 1 dragon.

    .~:{ Wishlist }:~.

    Always Looking For:
    Any spiral lineage
    Interesting lineages
    Celestials (CB)
    Golds (CB)
    Neglecteds (CB)
    Radiant Angels (2nd Gen)
    Silvers (CB)
    Xenowyrms (CB)

    Descendants Of:
    Desipis Alts
    Radiant Angel Alts
    Ribbon Dancer Alt
    Rosebud Alt
    Solstice Alt
    Wrapping-Wing Alt

    Dinos (1 Each):

    Currently Looking For:
    Arsani, < 4th Gen
    Black Alt, 2nd Gen (Female)
    Black Alt, 2nd Gen (Male)
    Black Marrow, < 4th Gen (Female)
    Black Marrow, < 4th Gen (Male)
    Copper Rainbow, CB (Female)
    Copper Rainbow, CB (Male)
    Copper Sulfur, CB (Female)
    Copper Sulfur, CB (Male)
    Copper Verdigris, CB (Female)
    Copper Verdigris, CB (Male)
    Dark Green Alt, 2nd Gen
    Grave, < 4th Gen (Female)
    Grave, < 4th Gen (Male)
    Holly, < 4th Gen
    Shimmer Silver, < 4th Gen
    Snow Angel Gold, < 4th Gen
    Snow Angel Tri-Colored, < 4th Gen
    Solstice, < 4th Gen
    Tinsel Gold, < 4th Gen
    Tinsel Silver, < 4th Gen
    Tinsel Bronze, < 4th Gen
    Undine Alt, 2nd Gen (Female)
    Undine Alt, 2nd Gen (Male)
    Valentine, < 4th Gen
    Wrapping-Wing, < 4th Gen
    Yulebuck, < 4th Gen

    .~:{ Lineages }:~.

    "Royal Blue Deck" Lineage
    Type: Royal Blue Even INBRED (13th Gen)
    Example: http://dragcave.net/lineage/HuhDD
    Will Breed: Siblings.
    Special: All named Lord or Lady of whatever gen they are in the deck. (Easier to look at than explain)

    "When the Creator's Eyes Glow Red" Lineage
    Type: Nebula Repeating Pattern Even INBRED (8th Gen)
    Example: http://dragcave.net/lineage/XkOg9
    Will Breed: Siblings or previous gens
    Special: Arcana is purple, Aethir is blue, Spirit is green, Flames is red (naming convention)

    "Seasonal Glory" Lineage
    Type: Seasonal Spiral
    Example: http://dragcave.net/lineage/zOYZY
    Will Breed: Siblings, descendants
    Special: The bred dragons have "Glory" in the name