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  1. Interesting idea, but personally I'd make things a bit vaguer. Some people like to "discover" things and not have them spelled out for them. Maybe like "Certain eggs react to the time of day" or "Legendary dragons await those who can conquer many rare breeds" or stuff along those lines.

  2. 15 minutes ago, Keileon said:

    Few notes.


    1. You have to select move, THEN right click (just in case, not being patronizing)

    2. If you have any addons that affect/trigger on right click (for me, it was Snaplinks) then disabling it will likely work.

    Disabling snaplinks did it, thanks

  3. I Want to Sign Up!

    Forum Name: Kovia

    Scroll Name: Kovia

    Group Name: Kovia's Secret Santa 2018


    1. Neglected (any lineage/gender)

    2. 2G from Metal as mate for this or this.

    3. Paper

    4. CB Red Dorsal

    5. 2G Soulpeace or Storm-Rider.

    6. Clean-lineaged Daydream or Electric

    7. CB Daydream or Electric or Black Truffle

    Breeding abilities: 3G Thuwed from this male Pygmy or this female Striped River. 5G PB Thuwed from these two. 2G from Silver (either gender). 2G from almost any holiday (including male Holly). 2G from code parents from this group. 2G from GoN (either gender) or Sinomorph (only males). 2G from male inverted Mint. 4G Bronze Shimmer from this guy. 3G from SAs from these two. 3G from Prizes from these two.

    (Reminder that I cannot guarantee any of the above will actually produce an egg.)

    Catching abilities: Maybe some commons, my laptop has been laggy lately so can't promise any rares.

    Trading abilities: Unreliable, sorry.

    Teleport abilities: I have plenty of Magis.

  4. Personally, I'd only be okay with this if it didn't impact Summon. GoNs are rare by design and imo should stay annoying to get.


    I don't think this fits a time-based dragon actually. Something with strong mana would make the most sense. "Dragon shares its mana with Other Dragon, allowing it to use its magic again." The only dragons I can think of for this tho are the Magi, which has a BSA, the Magiea, which is too rare, and the Arcana, which is a Holiday.