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  1. Ugh, they just had to be pretty, didn't they? If they were ugly, maybe people would stop hunting them and I could get one. Wonder if it'd be possible to rebalance the ratios somehow...
  2. Did the crystal eggs stop dropping? I haven't seen any yet this hour. I only got one, but at least I got one. Maybe I can breed it for the other colours.
  3. Are these rare or what? I swear I just saw a whopping two eggs drop in the Volcano. I would've thought people would be locked by now. I've only managed 1 crystal egg.
  4. Kovia

    Z Project

    Nah, go ahead.
  5. Kovia

    Z Project

    Whoa, that's weird, one of my Aegis has the code zPoWs. Lost brothers? Anyway, 2 Z's from Z'parents here. Z'Kyanite Pygmy - Z'Ridgewing
  6. My metals like me today. Or maybe they like you? Gold, Gold, Silver, Silver, and Copper. Please be kind and only take 1 per person.
  7. Kovia

    Z Project

    Went to test a new pair, bam, Z-code. It's pretty but I don't need it. Lineage - Claim the White
  8. The biggest issue I see is that this simply isn't TJ's call. He has to abide by the copyright laws, same as the rest of us. And that applies to the sprites he puts on his site. All it takes is one lawsuit to bring the whole thing toppling down. Also note that a reference and tracing are two completely different things. Just about every artist uses references. When I was in school we'd often spend a good chunk of the first class of a project just googling stuff. You should always freehand rather than trace or use some sort of shape tool, it just ends up looking better in the long run.
  9. Do we have a date in mind for one of these? If you give me a when and what, I'll do it. Especially if I can use my Daydreams/Electrics, I've always wanted to make a wall of them but don't have enough to do it myself.
  10. Wow, I just noticed that Akail got named. Now I feel like I stole the name from TJ. Anyway, got an egg here. 6G PB
  11. Mine grew up, here are their first sons-to-be. https://dragcave.net/lineage/3OQea https://dragcave.net/lineage/WrRS5 Think I like the Electric better, but I'mma keep both.
  12. Free 2G Silver I keep making pairs randomly, eventually I'll find something I like, but for now, eggs for ya'll.
  13. Thuwed Gemshard colour lotto anyone? Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  14. I want to update! Forum name: Kovia Updates: CB Soulstone x2 Requester's Form Forum name: Kovia PM link: Blah Egg wanted and special wishes: 2G Aria from Mutamore as mate for him (my other Mutamore refused my other Aria, grr) Secret field: No holiday requests
  15. Someone over here got a Creation Avatar from GoN x Soulstone. As far as pairings go, I tend to put literally everything with Daydreams and Electrics. Either might work out, pastels between Daydream and Soulstone or the shared gold highlights between Electric and Soulstone.
  16. Frills were in fact removed at the artist's request, and only recently came back. Same for Arias. But this isn't the same thing. Someone on another site was saying someone else accused the sprites of having been traced apparently. idk the whole truth of course, I'm still piecing it together myself.
  17. I actually think the new sprites look okay, especially the adults. Caught me off-guard when I checked my scroll and the hatchies were different, but I can get used to it.
  18. Okay, what I miss? This randomly came up in convo on another site and apparently there was maybe theft? I'm not killing my dragons. If guys want to, I'll just keep my new super-rare.
  19. I said examine leaves and it moved on.
  20. Did anyone opt to stay friends with their date? I said confess since the note from them was pretty much a love letter.
  21. Examine. The command is EXAMINE <object>
  22. I think you might need to check out the planner first.
  23. So... anyone else kinda curious as to if the dragon got his lady friend? That song was kinda awesome in a terrible way.