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  1. Kovia

    Z Project

    7G stair Z'Tinsel, on two-way so it doesn't poof: Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  2. I'm just glad to see the Prize dragons back at all. Maybe we can start cutting down on all the trade requests looking for 2Gs. I'm currently hoping for some sort of CD on winners so we don't end up with the same people winning repeatedly. Not saying you should never be allowed a second one, heck if I win I prob won't stop entering, but let them distribute out a bit at the start yeah?
  3. Anyone know if Ward wears off upon an egg hatching? The sickness message as a Warded egg is altered, but the sickness message on a resulting hatchling is still the default. Either way I'm gonna keep them fogged for awhile, it'd just be nice to know.
  4. My first batch of 2Gs are due to hatch any moment now, so 3 days before I can test that. My CBs are 1 of each and an extra white, so I bred 5 2Gs of different colors, meaning my second set will be 5 2Gs and 1 CB. On a side note, I'm starting to hate these things. They just do not like to hatch or stay healthy. >_>
  5. Kovia

    Z Project

    3G EG Electric 3G PB Hellhorse
  6. Kovia

    Z Project

    2G PZ Cassare from Hellfire mother
  7. So far seems like the Zyus breed true while the Sinos spit out a random one. Anyway, loving the pairs I stuck together: Black Tea x Pink Zyu Blue Zyu x Striped-River Teimarr x Yellow Zyu Red Zyu x Aeon And I also have a black Zyu from Sino x GoN: https://dragcave.net/lineage/KnyT0
  8. Behold, the Mighty Meatball! Named him as a joke, I was in the room with my parents when I summoned him and Mom said to name him Meatball. It's so weird to me to have an adult dragon with no views. The Leetle Tree is one thing, but this is a proper dragon that can breed and everything. I tried to breed him with a GoN to see what happens, got this. I think it's a black Zyumorph?
  9. I'm just kinda hoping for a CD of some form for raffle winners so we can in theory get everyone one. Back to poking these hatchies with my trusty hatchie-poking stick, 6-7k V and 800 UV each and still no wings. *holds up severely charred branch*
  10. Are they taking a long time to gender for anyone else? Mine are below 5 days and still no wings. At least they haven't gotten sick since they hatched. *fingers crossed I didn't just jinx it*
  11. Kovia

    Z Project

    If you still have these, you can offer them on this. (Feel free to abandon the hatchie, I don't want it.)
  12. Kovia

    Z Project

    To whoever is still updating the site/spreadsheet/whatever it is, would it be helpful for us to give you links to Groups of all our Z'Dragons? I put mine in one, seen here, apparently I have 277 of the buggers. On a side note, I got a Z'pink new release purely by coincidence, I was just clicking whatever popped up.
  13. The first issue seems to have been resolved, but that random blank line is still there.
  14. To everyone: Please don't rely on the new White BSA. As far as I can tell, it doesn't actually do anything to stop the sickness, and the egg can just die off 6 hours later. I only really see it being useful if an ER gets sick but you don't want to fog it before it hatches. On a related note, anyone know if Ward can be used more than once on the same egg or on hatchies? I haven't tested it yet.
  15. Are the new eggs finicky or are the hatcheries overly active lately? They all got sick on me with only about 700 views each.
  16. I just noticed this... "Grown Dragons1,666"
  17. This Ward talk made me realize, think the Monthly Raffle eggs will have sickness immunity? The first batch of them are def liable to get bombed.
  18. Yeah but uncommon and nonexistent are two completely different things. They are dif still dropping on the 5-minute marks, even if it's only a few.
  19. Strange, I just noticed that the Platinum Trophy goes at the end of the of row of Badges, but the Copper, Silver, and Gold Trophies are still like the third one.
  20. Well you can add eggs to groups. Just gotta get used to doing that whenever I pick up more eggs.
  21. To me it looks like it has teeny little front legs and then bigger hind legs.
  22. Hopefully the spriter/s will turn up eventually to let us know who is who, cause I haven't even heard of these dino names getting thrown around. I'm also pretty curious to know how they relate to each other, if they're cousins like Xenos or what.
  23. So when you click on the drop-down menu on a dragon's profile to add it to a group, there's some weirdness going on with that list. For one, the "New Group" option doesn't have a background to it, so it ends up in the text of the dragon description (unless you only have like 1 group). The checkmark when you add a dragon to a Group saying that it was added also ends up behind the New Group text. For two, there's a random blank line inbetween the first Group and the second.
  24. I assume I'm not the only one who now has to spend to next 500 years adding dragons to groups. ^^;
  25. They're definitely still dropping, I just woke up about an hour ago and already have 4. Just need Forest and Jungle now.