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    2017-09-30 - September Dragon Release

    No guys, Undines are the same as Blacks and Vines and always were, they just bred a lot of alts when they first came out since the ratios hadn't balanced yet. Has anyone brought up the fact that the Golden Ridged ones can't be Bitten? They aren't the right size for a Drake or Pygmy, but it doesn't really look like a Two-Headed either. Unless it suddenly sprouts a head when it genders.
  2. Kovia

    Z Project

    Still got the Albino - https://dragcave.net/teleport/f5ae1cd312a408d55dbf871245415d6f
  3. Kovia

    Z Project

    *quietly slides box of eggs into room* 2G PZ Striped - ziLVV 2G PZ Red - ZZY6h 2G Electric from code parents - zCwbA 3G PB Albino from Z'father - Zjt0h
  4. Kovia

    2017-08-28 - August Dragon Release

    Yay, another hybrid! These eggs are so pretty. Think the hybrids will have extreme dimorphism? Both parent breeds have 4 potential adult sprites.
  5. Kovia

    Z Project

    More Z'eggs. 7G EG sorta-checker RB - zEEu0 4G EG PB Undine - ZM28U
  6. Kovia

    Z Project

    Egg dump time. 2G PB PZ Magelight - zdSr1 3G Checker Kingcrowne - ZjHvU 4G sorta-Checker Storm - zKiu5 5G EG Change Avatar - zZZVk 3G Checker Flamingo - Z5hsS 3G PB Aeon - Zap9f
  7. Kovia

    2017-07-17 - July Dragon Release

    Didn't realize a release happened, can someone let me know the desc. for the new eggs?
  8. Kovia

    Make Eggs Visible in Biomes

    The creator of the Flamingo stated once that the egg desc was supposed to be something along the lines of "smells like shrimp" or something but TJ made it the same as Pinks after the creator had joking said that if he wanted to be mean he could make it the same. Tangent aside, I'd support changing a lot of egg descs to fit in with newer ones better. We have more than 1 purple egg now, why are we still surprised by it?
  9. Kovia

    Happy Birthday Gifting V2

    Don't think I ever actually posted here, I don't think about my Birthday much. ^^; Happy Birthday to Me! Scroll: Kovia Forum name: Kovia Birthday: July 1st List: 1. Neglected (any lineage/gender) 2. 3G from spriter's alt(s) I can use as a mate for him 3a. Soulpeace, prefer EG 3b. Storm-Rider, prefer EG 4a. Daydream, CB or clean lineage preferred 4b. Electric, CB or clean lineage preferred If you can't guess, I like Daydreams, Soulpeaces, Electrics, Storm-Riders, and Papers.
  10. Kovia

    Raffle Discussion

    Nada, dang. But apparently I've already got my 3 adults to enter the next one. I'm starting to think we're not gonna have different entry goals, that it's more of a "are you an active user" check than an entry task.
  11. Kovia

    Raffle Discussion

    If there was a raffle for CB Holidays, would anyone really use it for anything other than Hollies? Really. I do miss HMs. I want to say there's only 1 CB Hybrid getting bred still, Winya, tho I could just be forgetting someone. I'd absolutely lose it if I had the chance to get a CB Soulpeace or Storm-rider. With my Birthday being July 1st I'm kinda hopeful but I really shouldn't expect anything should I.
  12. Kovia

    Z Project

    Caught it! I'll send you a transfer.
  13. Kovia

    2017-06-25 - June Dragon Release

    Is it just me, or are there more Setsongs than there are Risensongs? Maybe there are more Sunsets than Sunrises? And the name Risensong is just making me think of Fire Emblem. Zombie-Dragon Musical anyone?
  14. Kovia

    2017-06-25 - June Dragon Release

    BEAUTIFUL. Though has anyone given the reasoning for the Dusk Pygmies being hybrids? I don't really see any features of the Nilia or Crimson in them, appearance or description-wise.
  15. Kovia

    Abandoned Eggs Show in Group Search

    Just tried again and it's still doing this for me.
  16. Found another one: When adding dragons to a group, Eggs that were recently abandoned still show at the end of the search thingy. Trying to add one resulted in a "An error has occurred" page.
  17. Kovia

    2017-06-25 - June Dragon Release

    Did we ever figure out if the cracking sequence for the Pygmy eggs is wonky or intentional? My eggs starting to hatch has reminded me of how... off it looks. To me it just looks like the cracks are trying to escape the egg and start hatching empty space.
  18. Kovia

    2017-06-25 - June Dragon Release

    *gets a Moonstone hatchie and sets it next to the new ones* Hmm nope you've lost the title of tiniest non-Pygmy buddy. Seriously there are Pygmy hatchies bigger than those. What...?
  19. Kovia

    2017-06-25 - June Dragon Release

    I think there are Pygmy hatchies that are bigger than that lil guy. And wow the Pygmy eggs look weird, idk if that's glitching or intended but feel like it should be tweaked.
  20. Kovia

    2017-06-25 - June Dragon Release

    So, think we might see hybrid Drakes or Two-Headeds soon? There are some beautiful Drakes that'd make for nice hybrids. Glad I went out and got a CB Sunrise like 3 days ago, I only had 1 Sunrise before that and she's pretty messy. Secret psychic powers?
  21. Kovia

    2017-06-25 - June Dragon Release

    https://dragcave.net/lineage/tear5 What a code. Also the lineage view for both of the Sun-brids is messed up.
  22. Kovia

    2017-06-25 - June Dragon Release

    Bah, honestly thought we weren't gonna have a June release, it's so late in the month. Can someone tell me what these are hybrids of?
  23. Kovia

    Approved Descriptions

    Made a Group for mine -- Linky I'll list out the approved ones (currently all of them) as well, might forget to edit this so check the group for a more accurate count. Ones added last update will be marked as new. (I also did a lot of name tweaking shortly before making this post) Anarano Dorkwed Angilene Arachnophobi Rosak -- *Name Changed* Autumnero Avihina Minia -- *Name Changed* Bahamyt Barras Lehr Stormpeace -- *Name Changed* Belau Mada Thuwed Minia -- *Name Changed* Bifoof Wynter -- *Name Changed* Blakiu Carbunclo Cordelia d'Argentum Doomerio Duskilo Rosak -- *Name Changed* Fallen Yet Found Glimmering in Darkness Holly Whyte I Got Eaten By A Zombie I'm Gazing at the Sky Ignisso Jasmine Raine Aerisun Le Bel -- *NEW* Jkhafot Haloh Thuwed July Penny K'Praline a la Mode -- *Name Changed* Limenu Luminuna Rosak -- *Name Changed* Mephilia Venus Mistress Gaia Name Lost to History -- *NEW* Oceaquo Ode to Spring Origameen Shadiza Soliru Thuwed Staticlera Stormpeace -- *Name Changed* Suleimann Syrup on my Frills The Jackal Thundulin Turquos Minia -- *Name Changed* Verdilo Victor Court Victoria Stein Violetu Who Stole My Undies Who ya callin dead Z'Bipolar Cupid Hjerte -- *Name Changed* Z'Demonic Love Z'Endearing Hjerte -- *Name Changed* Z'Jeniferr Z'Seraph Thuwed Stormpeace -- *Name Changed* The queue seems to be getting gone through much quicker, my last couple only took about a week to go through.
  24. Exactly what the title says; Add a confirmation page when using the Aegis' Pacify or Enrage BSA. I just accidentally Enraged an Aegis when going to change his name (muscle memory, BSAs pop up where the Rename action is on non-BSA breeds) and now I have to wait for a dead egg to poof before I can change him back. Annoying.
  25. Kovia

    Confirmation for Enrage/Pacify

    Celestial's Corporialize has a confirmation, doesn't even require an input, I was thinking make this like that. That one isn't exactly commonly-used or majorly effecting.