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  1. Kovia

    How To Use The Forum

    I might be missing something obvious but where is the link to change your signature?
  2. Kovia

    Heads-Up Notification for New Egg Drops

    So maybe instead of scheduling/alerting just change it to where a new breed has to flood for at least 24 hours? Unless there's something I'm overlooking that should allow for most active users to notice.
  3. Kovia

    Heads-Up Notification for New Egg Drops

    The eggs usually flood for several days tho? There have been exceptions, but usually if you're totally full you can still get ahold of a few after your stuff hatches. People on the forums are often willing to help people who missed the drop as well. We have a maximum of 8 egg slots now, if you're desparate for eggs but have a full 8 you're unwilling to drop, that's kinda on you.
  4. Kovia

    What egg descriptions throw you off?

    Twice now, I have clicked on a Baikala egg thinking it was a Cheese. And I hate Baikalas. >_>
  5. @TerraAnne there are no Easter Dragons. DC only has 3 groups of Holiday dragons, Christmas, Halloween, and Valentines. I missed out on getting a Fool's Mint myself sadly, but I'd love to get my hands on an offspring if possible. Is this strictly descendants of Fool's Mints or is it all Mints?
  6. Kovia

    Thoughts on Sickness

    Fever was just the first dragon to pop into my mind. Well, the very first was the Aeon or Chrono messing with time, but the first already has a BSA and the second the creator has stated they don't want to give it one.
  7. Kovia

    Thoughts on Sickness

    I only thought poison because of the idea of reducing views, which are sort of a measurement of the dragon's health? It's kinda hard to relate views to anything since they both help the dragon grow and make it sick. But if you consider views a good thing, you'd need something negative to take those away. A BSA like this could potentially be used on something that isn't sick, although I don't really see why you would.
  8. Kovia

    Thoughts on Sickness

    Eh I'd say maybe the last hour of life on the egg. Give a bit of wiggle room.
  9. Kovia

    Thoughts on Sickness

    Did no one see this? Neglecting could also be retooled to have a wider window of opportunity. Sickness and viewbombing affects more people than neglecting does.
  10. Kovia

    Thoughts on Sickness

    I had a thought. Perhaps a BSA, maybe something like "Poison" for the Fever Wyvern (are there any others stated to have poison?), that halves the views/UVs of its target. Coupled with fogging and Ward, this could be used to rescue an egg that was attacked but hasn't yet succome. Probably only usable once per dragon on the grounds that too much of the poison would simply kill it.
  11. ...Are you seriously saying you'd be offended by a stranger putting a "this is spam" sticker on your post? Seriously? Mods would want to know if a post was spammy/offensive enough to tick off a large amount of people. Yeah you can just report but it might be faster, idk.
  12. Meh. Just meh. If it does get added, please add a dislike or thumbs down. Many a site with this feature don't put one and everyone asks for it. Could even potentially shoot the mods a flag if a post gets severely disliked.
  13. Kovia

    Thoughts on Sickness

    How exactly would the fansites know these scroll codes though? I'm not totally sure how they work, but I assume the fansites use the scroll name they're given to search DC for your account and then pull egg/hatchie codes from there. Such a hidden code doesn't really sound usuable. And this wouldn't stop people adding a specific egg code. If the egg's code becomes visible somehow (2G Thuweds are an obvious example since anyone can go to the parents' progeny page) then anyone can stick it anywhere.
  14. Kovia

    Thoughts on Sickness

    There's a difference between what's possible and what people are willing to do. I for one do not have the time to be on a click exchange or forum enough to keep eggs on here alive. I've always liked that this is a nice casual game you can kinda come and go on. If these viewbombers manage to kill any more hatcheries, I will quit, and I doubt I'm the only one. I just don't have the time to be that labor-intensive. Viewbombing is supposed to be against the site rules, but you can't punish someone who doesn't even have a DC account. I don't get why they're doing this, it's stupid and does them no good we're not even losing anything real, but trolls are trolls and they're not gonna quit unless it becomes overly difficult for them. Having the fansites require passwords and such would work but you'd have to get every single fansite to do it and these bombers might just make their own specifically to mess with us. Removing sickness is an obvious fix but TJ seems pretty adamant about it (though I'd still love an explanation of what it's supposed to be there for, currently it's just a nuisance and a weapon and I see no redeeming factors). Trying to hide eggs sounds like a fix but if the bombers watched the forums and hatcheries to swipe egg codes off of it wouldn't work. Being allowed to Ward repeatedly and on hatchies and simply making an army of Whites to guard your eggs would be annoying but plausible. At the very least it'd give the owner a chance if their CB Gold or 2G Prize or whatever they have suddenly becomes extremely ill and the egg is too old to simply wait it out. Anything involving trades only helps traded eggs and does nothing for the eggs you want for yourself. Altering sickness mechanics depends on what sickness is supposed to be there for. If it's just realism, realism. This is a site where hatchlings that supposedly take 2-3 years to mature grow up in just a few days, even if we say a day is a year that means our character is freaking immortal and holidays only occur once every few centuries. If it's server strain, I don't buy it. There are thousands, maybe millions of dragons, and the server is fine. If it's balancing, simply requiring X days for the egg/hatchie to grow already does that. If it's to force user activity, okay, then make sickness easier to combat. Tweak Ward or add in some way of lowering views so you can save an egg/hatchie that is too far gone to simply fog and wait. Seriously, what is sickness even around for?!
  15. Kovia

    Thoughts on Sickness

    Has anyone mentioned the possibility of allowing Ward to be used on hatchlings as well? You're kinda screwed if someone majorly viewbombs a hatchie while you're offline and unable to intervene. I'd rather not have to constantly fog/ward all of my eggs/hatchies, some breeds like prizes are already annoying enough to raise, but seems like that might be the only way shy of removing sickness entirely. @olympe for that second suggestion about sickness lowering views, when does it wear off? Normally sickness wears off based on some hidden formula involving age and view ratio, but if you're lowering views it could drop all the way down to 0 views if you're not paying attention.
  16. Kovia

    Thoughts on Sickness

    Somehow missed this last time, that would explain why an egg I bred specifically to trade started gaining views randomly without me doing anything to it other than creating it and putting it in a trade. There is clearly a problem. Before all this nonsense, I would just slap my eggs in a hatchery and ignore them (assuming they were at least a day old already). Nothing bad ever happened, even when I had high-value eggs like my 2G Thuweds. Yet this week I've had 3 hatchies get sick for seemingly no reason shortly after they hatched. I fogged them and after a day they're fine now but it's still unusual. Two of them aren't at all special, I bred them myself for lineages, there's no reason they'd get targetted if the reason was jealousy. I assume either the hatcheries are being viewed more than normal or someone out there put them in a second one without my consent. We need SOMETHING to change. The trolls aren't going to. If any more major hatcheries go down I and several others may not be able to play at all anymore.
  17. Kovia

    Thoughts on Sickness

    I really do not see any good reason to have sickness as a feature at this point. Most of the hatcheries have the hatching process down to a science, coupled with a bit of common sense on the owner's part eggs and hatchlings rarely ever get sick. When they do, it's strictly because of trolls and the envious who want to try and hurt another person. Sickness isn't balancing anything. It's just a weapon at this point.
  18. Kovia

    Special Release Offspring Gifting Group 2.0

    I donated! Kovia -> Dirtytabs | 2G Lumina from Mutamore | https://dragcave.net/lineage/rMI9C | sent
  19. Kovia

    Special Release Offspring Gifting Group 2.0

    I want to update! Forum name: Kovia Updates: Arsani: CB female x2 Floral-Crowned: CB male x2 Heartseeker: CB male x2 Radiant Angel: CB male x2 Rosebud: CB female x2 Soulstone: 2G Electric x Soulstone (mate) 2G Daydream x Soulstone (mate) 2G Script x Soulstone (mate) Sweetling: CB male x2 (not alts) Valentine 2009: CB female x2
  20. Kovia

    Do *You* have a Thuwed? V2

    Really hope the lists open again soon. Would love to get a 2G Thuwed for my Stormpeace Army. Anyway, speaking of 3Gs, bred my existing 2Gs again: 3G Thuwed Pygmy, PB in the breed sense 3G checker Thuwed Striped River, has "Dad" code If someone wants a sibling to those PM me and I'll try for more eggs once they're off CD.
  21. Kovia

    ANSWERED:32 character ID

    Step 1: Get an adult Magi dragon. Step 2: Go to its Actions. Step 3: Select Teleport. Step 4: Select either Trade or Transfer (in this case you want Trade) and the egg you want to trade. Step 5: Copy one of the links displayed at the bottom of the newly created page.
  22. Kovia

    Holly Contest 2018

    I'd like to enter again this year, my Scroll is Breed-Sorted and my Deep Seas are currently on the 2nd page. I have 5 adult and 1 frozen hatchling that do not count towards the contest. https://dragcave.net/user/Kovia I would also like to offer the future children of my Hollies as prizes again this year. The 2018 Holly Offspring from Hollyberry Wynter and mate of choice, from Kovia! The 2018 Holly Offspring from Jxad0 Xecc0 Thuwed Wynter and his mate Vcumadw Doricu Thuwed, from Kovia! The 2018 Holly Offspring from Burning Holly Wynter and her mate Z'Red Velvet, from Kovia! The 2018 Holly Offspring from Jden Vcihh0 Thuwed Wynter and his mate Minx of the Snow, from Kovia! The 2018 Holly Offspring from Xurkitree Wynter and her mate Alpine Bolt Stormpeace, from Kovia! The 2018 Holly Offspring from Evrae Holblack Wynter and his mate K'evil, from Kovia! The 2018 Holly Offspring from Jubalenn Wynter and his mate Curada, from Kovia!
  23. Kovia

    2018-02-14 - Happy Valentine's Day!

    Does the badge change or am I imagining things? I could've sworn mine only had 4 petals before but now it has 5.
  24. Kovia

    ANSWERED:Unable to Get Flowers

    Exact same issue here and exact same solution. Think we found the problem.
  25. Kovia

    Z Project

    2G Heartstealer from Z'parents 3G checker Heartstealer (had a Z'ibling that got AP'd) 4G RA descended from Sephiroth