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  1. Kovia

    Z Project

    Almost forgot to breed one of my RAs, and guess what, Z'baby! Anyone want?
  2. Transparent cause spoiler. You need the heart-shaped box from the skeleton in the other tunnel. Talk to the spider and give it a card.
  3. Ugh, the AP is taunting me. Purple is my favorite colour but I'm not allowed to touch them. Game has so many random, silly quips. I was so tempted to insult the beaver's mother but decided against it.
  4. Okay, here are all the commands I've seen. Transparent because spoilers. If someone wants to copy it somewhere or just quote it at people, go ahead. EXAMINE <object> TAKE <object> CLIMB DOWN (when leaving nest) FOLLOW <path/river> GO <direction> GO BACK REMOVE LID PLAY FLUTE (does nothing) TALK TO <target> ENTER FOREST woodcutter/beaver interactions (they're obvious) USE <object> ON <target> (USE AXE ON TREE) GIVE <object> TO <target> (GIVE BOX TO SPIDER) SING WITH DRAGON RUN TO <target> CAST SPELL OF RESILIENCE ON <target> Don't think I missed anything, if I did just tack it on.
  5. Thank you, I would never have thought of that. Looks like I finished it, cute badge, well done whoever made it.
  6. I'm stuck again. I'm in the village, can't figure out what to do about the terrible singer dragon. The flute does nothing and it won't let me use the spell.
  7. Thanks, I'm out now. I don't really see how we're supposed to figure out to climb tho.
  8. Okay, I'm stuck. I'm in the nest, trying to leave told me to "be more specific"
  9. Kovia

    Z Project

    Bred this Z'weetling if anyone would like.
  10. For some reason, instead of a check or x, when naming some dragons it was showing OK or X. Anyone else getting this? It's just kinda weird.
  11. I donated via direct request! Kovia -> Lantean_Pegasus: 3G Royal Blue from RA (direct request) I donated! Kovia -> Lavinia: 2G Tsunami from Heartstealing (sent)
  12. I donated! Kovia -> spring_dragon: 2G Thalassa from Aegis(sent)
  13. Anyone care to gamble on a Thuwed Gemshard?
  14. I'd like to join in again this year. My Olives are on page 5 of my scroll, there are currently 4 adults that do not qualify for the contest (3 males and a female) I'd also like to donate the offspring of my Hollies for this again. Burning Holly - 5G stair female with Reds (mate is CB Red) Jubalenn - 5G stair male with Whites (mate is CB White) Jden Vcihh0 Thuwed - 6G stair male with Winter Seasonals (mate is CB Seasonal) Xurkitree of the Winter - 6G spiral female with Electrics (mate is CB Electric) Evrae Holblack - 6G stair male with Blacks (mate is CB Black) Jxad0 Xecc0 Thuwed - 7G EG male (mate is this Nebula)
  15. I want to update! Forum name: Kovia Updates: Mistletoe 2G female from Kingcrowne (mate) (Note: They have not produced any children, but I have tried to breed them and got a no interest) 2G female from Guardian (mate) Snow Dragon CB Male x2
  16. How would it even work to try and code it to limit how many you can get from a specific batch? I don't think the site acknowledges any particular dragon as being special. There are breed limits yeah, but again, non-CBs would likely mess those up. Wasn't there a time where you couldn't pick up bred Holidays if you owned CBs?
  17. Oh my god... I just need to get this off my chest. ANYTHING WILL CAUSE DRAMA AND NOTHING WILL BE 100% FAIR. DEAL WITH IT. People will whine about not getting them, about there being too many of them, about getting spammed because they got one, about the trade market, SOMETHING. Human beings are whiny by nature. It is impossible to be 100% fair unless we have slap one on literally every account. And then it'll still be unfair to new users who join after the give-out. Don't use other countries as a defense to not give them to anyone. So people in <insert country here> won't be online during America's afternoon. It was fair to have the raffles during THE MIDDLE OF CHRISTMAS BREAK?! This would go on for more than 24 hours, probably several days. If you can't get online in any way for an entire week, in an age where everyone and there cousin has smart phones, then it's your fault. Having the raffles yearly was more fair than not at all because at least then active users still had a chance at them. I think only a couple times did a repeat winner happen. The very last raffle, you got entries into it based on your participation in that year's Christmas event. Sorry for being rude but I'm getting fed up with the prize drama. People will never shut up about these things, whether they get given out or not. And half the reasons people keep bringing up here are just stupid. Can we either just have them already or shut up about it? I'd be okay with not having one-- even though I do want one-- if people would just stop acting all hurt about it. It's not a personal insult you lost the raffle. It's also not a ticket to be a jerk.
  18. I see three potential problems with releasing them into the cave. 1 - If there is a breed-limit, eventually they will just sit there as most of the really active users will have already maxed out. Similar to Leetle Trees; Those are rare, but when one shows up, it sits around fr several minutes. 2 - If they are made common for a time then "retired" we'll get an influx of "ah no I missed it so unfair blah blah blah. 3 - If they are made into uber rares-- oh god no. Please no more uber rares. I have seen a couple golds and silvers, but never caught any of them. I have no CB Golds, and both of my CB Silvers I traded CB Halloween eggs for, I think 3 each. Just gonna throw this out there, maybe make an event where the top <insert number here> users on a leaderboard of some kind get prize eggs, but have some sort of limit on it so the same people don't take up all the slots time after time. The Summer is pretty chill around here. It would even make sense from an RP standpoint for mages to compete in some sort of festival in order to win rare eggs. Or just do that shop thing everyone keeps talking about. idk, I WANT ONE! *flails arms* Even if it's just for the novelty of having one, prize dragons are really pretty but I don't really care for stair lineages, and building anything EG involving prizes is a total pain. Especially when you don't even have any 2Gs, just a 3G stair. A 3G stair that seems to produce only Daydream eggs. *sideways glare at Cloud*
  19. Kovia

    Z Project

    Z'Thuwed Pygmy egg - Takey
  20. Thanks. They sure are pretty boys.
  21. Can someone tell me the species name for the new dragons? I hate just calling them "Holiday Dragon."