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  1. Forum name: Valura PM link: https://forums.dragcave.net/messenger/compose/?to=177969 List of Christmas Dragons I Can Breed: - 3g snow angel black checker (sibling here) - 5g yulebuck green staircase (parent here) - 2 cb winter magi List of Christmas Dragons I need: - 2g ribbon dancer from sunset - 3g holly from holly almerald checker (or 2 2gs) - 3g winter magi from checker with aether - or 2g - 2g yulebuck from red - 3g ribbon marrow checker - 2g snow angel from black and tri colored snow angel - 3g garland red checker
  2. It's 2 am so a short answer is all I can give. The argument about creating a caste system is one I can understand. So I understand now why you don't want this. The point about player engagement was great too. It seemed like an obvious good idea before, now I get why not. Making a "badge" in the signature... Is a great idea, actually. I'm not an artist, though. I think I'm gonna try and put a link in my Signature tho, linking to the page where you can subscribe/get adds removed. So I'm gonna withdraw my suggestion.
  3. Hello everyone, my proposal is to have a badge for subscribers. Why? I've seen purely cosmetic rewards for people who financially support a game make supporting it more attractive. A badge would yield no advantage, so it wouldn't make the game pay to win, or make it so people feel like they need to pay to stay ahead.
  4. Relapsing sucks. I struggle with depression and I had a hard crash due to stress - similar to you. Meditation is great! You're very welcome. ❤️
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    What do I do with this one?
  6. @Twimm hey there. Your boss sounds like a massive arse - and I can't imagine doing what he did to be lawful, although I get that it might be too taxing on your finances and your energy to go against that. (although I did hear of pro Bono lawyers or those that take a percentage of the settlement - but then again, I'm neither a lawyer nor American, so what do I know. If you need pointers, I'd go to the subreddit r/legaladvice) This sounds awful and I'm sorry people are throwing so many hindrances in your way. Hugs if you want them.
  7. Valura PM Link List of Halloweens I'm willing to breed: - 1 CB Female Shadowwalker - 1 2nd Gen Black Marrow - 3 CB Female Witchlight - 2 CB Male Witchlight List of Halloweens I need: - 2x Male Shadowwalker, 2nd Gen, of CB Male Shadowwalker and CB Female Rosebud (kittyzozo, The Dragoness) - 1 x 2nd Gen Black Marrow of two Black Marrow parents (WhisperingWillows) - 1 x 2nd Gen Black Marrow with Male Black Marrow, Female White Dragon (arielgrint) - 1 x 3rd Gen female Black Marrow of checkered White Dragon/Black Marrow lineage with male White Dragons and Female Black Marrows (to continue lineage) - 4 gen shadowwalker rosebud (ninish) List of commons from Halloweens I still need: - 1 x 2nd Gen White with Male Black Marrow, Female White Dragon
  8. Hey guys, I've come back to this game after a couple of years. I have a few checkered offspring without having the parents - can I still add them to the spreadsheet? I'm definitely interested in continuing them. Also, how do I add them? Greetings, Valura
  9. I would like to be a part of this evil plan! Scroll Name and Link: Staubkoernchen Password: Chair Your best evil laughter: hahaha... mwahhaahah.... MUAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!
  10. I only have one adult. I wished I would have more so that I could freeze 'em...
  11. 6th Even-Gen Dorkface Was lying in the AP for hours, as If it was predetermined to be mine... 3th-Gen Checker Marrow-White Today's my "white" day
  12. I'm currently looking for a 2th Gen male sunset dragon from a Ribbondancer x Sunset pair as a mate for for this beauty. Also for a 2th Gen red egg from a female red & male magma pair as a mate for Capsaicinoid. And I also need a cb male Alt Blue Nebulae I also need a male Gray/Cloudy valentine '09 x Gray checker for my Belle. And last, but not least a 3th gen female pygmy from a 2-breed pygmy x pumpkin, preferably where all pumpkins are male and all pygmies are female. Of course the breeder will be rewarded - we'll discuss something out by PM'ing.
  13. Hey there, I also want to get a valentines card! Maybe you could put up a list of those who want to get a card? So that those who don't have the time to find friends in DC who could send them a card also can receive one!
  14. Scroll Name: staubkoernchen Forum Name: Valura What eggs/hatchies would you like to be sat: 4pP0K, eXZtS, IHnJe, 36Gc4, Qa2Y8 (all eggies ans hatchies which are on my scroll) What sitters List do you want to be on: I do not mind How Long will you Be gone: 68 hours (which means less than three days) from now on I Hope that someone Takes my Request, because all of my eggies are gift eggies Edit: I wanted to add that I already posted all of them at "the allure of neglected dragons" and "dragon Cave Focus" hatcheries
  15. I guess that my first adult draggies were my two beautiful pygmie ladies Niorese and Niorale, my purple dino Dioeran and my beloved guardian lady Berias. At this time, I wondered why my eggs, who had got, like, 20 views, didn't hatch - so I did research and I found out how many eggs they actually need. And I was like: "OMG! HOW CAN ANYBODY RECEIVE SO MANY VIEWS!" So I did more research and I found out about the click sites...
  16. @ Ardrea: The most difficult thing was the egg I made it too long the first time so that the pattern looked completely wrong >.< Nyastara, I really love your wreath! It's like it's saying COLOOOOOOOOURS But I really adored every wreath I've seen until now. :3
  17. This is my updated and finished wreath. It's present time!
  18. My wreath is not yet finished... it'll be finished by tomorrow. I also really adore all those different wreaths I hope that we can look at them after christmas!
  19. PRESEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENTZZZ! Wanna hav' this huge eggy D: D: D:
  20. Nothing special, just a bit of RAINBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWS! And a lot of snowflakes!
  21. Even-gen 7th Gen Tinselfail. <3 Sooo pretty!
  22. I Would Like to Request an Exchange for my Commons! Forum Username: Valura Scroll Name: Staubkoernchen Amount of Commons currently on my scroll: 10 ____http://dragcave.net/lineage/d15Zn ____http://dragcave.net/lineage/5Lh2v ____http://dragcave.net/lineage/onfPr ____http://dragcave.net/lineage/0i9sW ____http://dragcave.net/lineage/BEqmm ____http://dragcave.net/lineage/aBlH5 ____http://dragcave.net/lineage/b6ZVB ____http://dragcave.net/lineage/uIaqr ____http://dragcave.net/lineage/jCoIa ____http://dragcave.net/lineage/QCOPb ____http://dragcave.net/lineage/6MvC1 I have checked all Offspring of Commons on my scroll: Yes I would like to Exchange my Points for the Following: Random coloured stripe (6) and bluna (4) Inbreeding preferences: No inbreed, thanks Forms of contact: PMPM