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  1. i can't even get my hands on either egg... Spawn more????
  2. This is hard but fun. I have 39 items. o.o;;
  3. I usually only have dreams of things I worry about.. So I don't sleep well, ever. I have insomnia because of it. Anyway, One of my most weirdest dreams I had was last night and it turned into a nightmare. I really want a Nintendo 3DS for christmas and in my dream I didn't get one but rather a cellphone, but it's weird because I have a cellphone, a BlackBerry to be exact.. Anyway, I woke up crying and in a mood to not go to school... .__.;; Weird, I know.
  4. Dragonball Z Clannad Kanon Digimon Pokemon Monster Rancher Medabots Ouran High School Host Club BlackRockShooter Gurren Lagann Urusei Yatsura
  5. Yeah i've been reading them as I've been reading everyone's post to this topic. -really not good at multitasking- Anyway, I've been fogging my Marrow on and off all day. Who knew eggs are so hard to manage. o.o;;
  6. Yeah, I've been screaming at my laptop all morning because I couldn't get a Marrow. took me an hour and a half and I was in class too. How embarassing ;__;
  7. I managed to get my hands on a Marrow surprisingly. Wasn't expecting to get one considering they're on such high demand for the Halloween event. Although I am trying to get a Pumpkin dragon. >__< SOOO hard to get one because everyone is quick at taking them anyway, I haven't had time to read the rules of this forum so i'm going to do that, but you guys can check out my scroll if you'd like. -scroll spam removed- please read the forum rules