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All Unbreeds(Cheese, Chicken, Paper and Dinos) are my favorite!Willing to trade metal for them.

I would always welcome high gen PB eggs and pretty lineages from Frill. If you have one, please PM to discuss.

YES I take IOUs.


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    Gold Tinsel

    Stripe x Gold Epica
    Vine X Gold Epica
    Moonstone x Gold Epica
    WinterMagi x Gold Epica
    Magma x Gold Epica
    Marrow x Gold Epica
    GreenCopper x Gold Epica

    Apollo x Ice
    Apollo x Stripe
    Apollo x Ribbon Dancer
    Apollo x Terrae
    Apollo x Sunsong
    Apollo x White
    Apollo x Red Nebula
    Apollo x Rosebud
    Apollo x Electric(spiral)
    Apollo x GW

    Terrae x Living In Sin
    Black x Living In Sin
    Sunset x Living In Sin
    Heartseeker x Living In Sin
    Sunsong x Living In Sin
    Royal Blue x Living In Sin
    Purple Nebula x Living In Sin
    Blusang x Living In Sin

    Red x 【AGYI】
    Green Nebula x 【AGYI】
    Ice x 【AGYI】
    Shadow Walker x 【AGYI】
    Moonstone x 【AGYI】
    Royal Blue x 【AGYI】
    WinterMagi x 【AGYI】

    Terrae x Alexandria Aurelix

    Red x Limca
    Purple Nebula x Limca

    Silver Tinsel

    Inextrica x Blue Nebula
    Inextrica x Nocturne
    Inextrica x Black
    Inextrica x Shadow Walker
    Inextrica x Red Nebula
    Inextrica x White
    Inextrica x Ribbon Dancer
    Inextrica x Spring

    Sunset x Arboriel Morchaint
    Neotropical x Arboriel Morchaint
    Moonstone x Arboriel Morchaint
    Nocturne x Arboriel Morchaint
    Black x Arboriel Morchaint
    Royal Blue x Arboriel Morchaint
    BBW x Arboriel Morchaint
    Water x Arboriel Morchaint

    Dawn's Silver Medal x Ribbon
    Dawn's Silver Medal x Tan Ridgewing
    Dawn's Silver Medal x Moonstone
    Dawn's Silver Medal x Blue Nebula
    Dawn's Silver Medal x Ice
    Dawn's Silver Medal x Waterhorse
    Dawn's Silver Medal x Swallowtail
    Dawn's Silver Medal x terrae(spiral)
    Dawn's Silver Medal x Magi
    Dawn's Silver Medal x Tsunami
    Dawn's Silver Medal x Gold
    Dawn's Silver Medal x Black

    Purple Nebula x Penk
    Hellfire x Penk
    Ice x Penk
    Marrow x Penk
    White x Penk
    Black x Penk
    Magma x Penk
    Red Copper x Penk
    Autumn x Penk
    SW x Penk
    Green Nebula x Penk

    CHA0S x White

    Hellfire x Artemis(spiral)
    Hellfire x Artemis
    Purple Nebula x Artemis

    Purple Nebula x 【Abby】
    Moonstone x 【Abby】
    Gray x 【Abby】
    Green Nebula x 【Abby】
    GW x 【Abby】
    Water x 【Abby】
    Balloon x 【Abby】
    Skywing x 【Abby】
    Purple Ridgewing x 【Abby】
    Royal Blue x 【Abby】(spiral)

    Patxaran x Gray
    Patxaran x Flamingo(spiral)
    Patxaran x Sunsong
    Patxaran x White
    Patxaran x Royal Blue
    Patxaran x Water

    Erno x Shadow Walker
    Erno x Pink
    Erno x Stripe
    Erno x Red
    Erno x Horse
    Erno x Purple Ridgewing
    Erno x Mint
    Erno x Hellfire

    Black Marrow x Polak Czysto(spiral)
    Magi x Polak Czysto
    Marrow x【aobO】(spiral)

    【Gv0vH】x Royal Blue
    【Gv0vH】x GW

    Heartseeker x 【Elena】
    Pink x 【Elena】(spiral)
    Speckle-Throated x 【Elena】
    Red Dorsal x 【Elena】
    Purple Nebula x 【Elena】
    WinterMagi x 【Elena】
    Thunder x 【Elena】

    White x 【booo】

    Red x Dokdo Eastsea Korea
    Cavern Luker x Dokdo Eastsea Korea

    Winter x Vivencia
    Swallowtail x Vivencia
    Moonstone x Vivencia
    Red Dorsal x Vivencia
    Tsunami x Vivencia(spiral)
    Shadow Walker x Vivencia
    Green Nebula x Vivencia
    Silver x Vivencia
    Albino x Vivencia
    Thunder x Vivencia

    【Prize】x Purple
    【Prize】x Moonstone
    【Prize】x Ice

    Royal Blue x Requiem Valdespar
    Horse x Requiem Valdespar

    Bronze Tinsel

    【fxxk】x Vine (spiral)
    【fxxk】x Hellfire(spiral)
    【fxxk】x Black Marrow
    【fxxk】x Balloon

    San Victorus x Stripe
    San Victorus x Hellfire
    San Victorus x Skywing
    San Victorus x Shadow Walker(spiral)
    San Victorus x Red

    Galletian Victory x Red Nebula
    Galletian Victory x Sunset
    Galletian Victory x Black Marrow
    Galletian Victory x Frilled
    Galletian Victory x BBW
    Galletian Victory x Red(spiral)
    Galletian Victory x Hellfire
    Galletian Victory x Sunstone
    Galletian Victory x Sunsong
    Galletian Victory x Gold
    Galletian Victory x Moonstone
    Galletian Victory x Brown Copper(spiral)
    Galletian Victory x Royal Blue
    Galletian Victory x Guardian
    Galletian Victory x Stone

    Cayvyn x Red Nebula
    Cayvyn x Tan Ridgewing
    Cayvyn x Royal Blue
    Cayvyn x Ribbon Dancer
    Cayvyn x Magma
    Cayvyn x Autumn
    Cayvyn x Black
    Cayvyn x Thunder
    Cayvyn x Marrow(spiral)
    Cayvyn x Silver
    Cayvyn x Red

    Moonstone x Cielatahl
    Green Nebula x Cielatahl
    Heartseeker x Cielatahl
    Stone x Cielatahl (spiral)
    Shadow Walker x Cielatahl
    Albino x Cielatahl
    Purple x Cielatahl

    White x Hypnotizing【wish】
    Red x Hypnotizing
    Tan Ridgewing x Hypnotizing
    Purple Nebula x Hypnotizing
    Hellfire x Hypnotizing
    Heartseeker x Hypnotizing
    Ember x Hypnotizing
    Autumn x Hypnotizing
    Spring x Hypnotizing(spiral)
    Red Copper x Hypnotizing
    Gold x Hypnotizing

    Ember x Bronze Ivy
    Pillow x Bronze Ivy
    Harvest x Bronze Ivy (spiral)
    Harvest x Bronze Ivy
    Frilled x Bronze Ivy
    Marrow x Bronze Ivy
    Stripe x Bronze Ivy
    White x Bronze Ivy

    Purple Nebula x Roreng Freshly Baked WaffleWing【A76J】
    WinterMagi x Roreng Freshly Baked WaffleWing【A76J】
    Thunder x Roreng Freshly Baked WaffleWing【A76J】
    Terrae x Roreng Freshly Baked WaffleWing【A76J】
    Tan x Roreng Freshly Baked WaffleWing【A76J】
    Blusang x Roreng Freshly Baked WaffleWing

    Tanoth the Dragon King【Wish】x Terrae

    【ARMY】x Hellfire
    【ARMY】x Red
    【ARMY】x Pillow
    【ARMY】x SW

    Sunrise x【Aht6】
    White x 【Aht6】 (spiral)
    Green Nebula x 【Aht6】
    Sunsong x 【Aht6】
    Frilled x 【Aht6】
    Shadow Walker x 【Aht6】(spiral)
    Thunder x 【Aht6】
    Purple x 【Aht6】
    Black x 【Aht6】
    Gold x 【Aht6】
    Black Marrow x 【Aht6】
    White x 【Aht6】

    Bronze Herz 'Anzu' Zephyr x Sunstone
    Bronze Herz 'Anzu' Zephyr x Swallowtai
    Bronze Herz 'Anzu' Zephyr x Neotropical
    Bronze Herz 'Anzu' Zephyr x GW(spiral)
    Bronze Herz 'Anzu' Zephyr x Ember
    Bronze Herz 'Anzu' Zephyr x Tan
    Bronze Herz 'Anzu' Zephyr x Royal Blue

    Brazen Zalvaris CB x Shadow Walker
    Brazen Zalvaris CB x Harvest
    Brazen Zalvaris CB x Ribbon Dancer
    Brazen Zalvaris CB x Ice
    Brazen Zalvaris CB x Stripe
    Brazen Zalvaris CB x Hellfire
    Brazen Zalvaris CB x Green Copper

    White x Darkrose
    Autumn x Darkrose
    Cavern Luker x Darkrose
    Sunstone x Darkrose(spiral)

    Joyous Gift x Shadow Walker
    Joyous Gift x Blusang
    Joyous Gift x Red Dorsal

    Black x 【glory】
    Silver x 【glory】
    Blusang x 【glory】(spiral)
    GW x 【glory】(spiral)
    Vine x 【glory】(spiral)
    Canopy x【glory】(spiral)

    Vive la vie x Vine

    Alcoholic x Magma
    Alcoholic x Striped
    Alcoholic x Black
    Alcoholic x Ribbon Dancer
    Alcoholic x Terrae
    Alcoholic x Thunder
    Alcoholic x SW
    Alcoholic x Ice
    Alcoholic x Grave(spiral)

    Se 7 en x Mint
    Se 7 en x GW
    Se 7 en x Horse
    Se 7 en x Water

    Albino x Daymajet
    GW x Daymajet
    Pink x Daymajet

    Blusang x Crouching Tiger
    Horse x Crouching Tiger
    Royal Blue x Crouching Tiger(spiral)
    Tan x Crouching Tiger

    Li Xion x Black(spiral)
    Li Xion x Spring
    Li Xion x GW

    【light】x Vine
    【light】x Whiptail
    【light】x Blue Nebula



    【happy】Geumseol Menoth GW
    【happy】Geumseol Menoth GreenCopper
    【happy】Geumseol Menoth Lumina
    【happy】Geumseol Menoth Skywing

    【ANGel】Angelight Goldenpearl White
    【ANGel】Angelight Goldenpearl CavernLurker
    【ANGel】Angelight Goldenpearl Ember
    【ANGel】Angelight Goldenpearl WaterWalker

    【bp4EJ】Isomanic Lumina
    【bp4EJ】Isomanic Tsunami(spiral)
    【bp4EJ】Isomanic Gold

    【amnos】Sugoroku Statr Harvest
    【amnos】Sugoroku Statr Gold
    【amnos】Sugoroku Statr Water
    【amnos】Sugoroku Statr Tsunami(spiral)
    【amnos】Sugoroku Statr Magi

    【Pern1】Lung Ying Jassith Pillow
    【Pern1】Lung Ying Jassith Blusang
    【Pern1】Lung Ying Jassith Silver
    【Pern1】Lung Ying Jassith Water
    【Pern1】Lung Ying Jassith Green Nebula
    【Pern1】Lung Ying Jassith Electric

    【Vrr4b】Virn ze Lunar Gray
    【Vrr4b】Virn ze Lunar RoyalBlue
    【Vrr4b】Virn ze Lunar Ice
    【Vrr4b】Virn ze Lunar Winter

    【Izaya】Ashura's Izaya Gold
    【Izaya】Ashura's Izaya Moonstone
    【Izaya】Ashura's Izaya Purple(spiral)
    【Izaya】Ashura's Izaya Ribbon Dancer
    【Izaya】Ashura's Izaya GW
    【Izaya】Ashura's Izaya Red Nebula
    【Izaya】Ashura's Izaya Red

    【39hAm】Shimmer Luck Gold
    【39hAm】Shimmer Luck Electric


    【SCBUJ】Echoes in the Deep SW(spiral)
    【SCBUJ】Echoes in the Deep Spitfires
    【SCBUJ】Echoes in the Deep SW
    【SCBUJ】Echoes in the Deep Magi(spiral)

    x Dire

    【Logic】ProwI Blusang
    【Logic】ProwI Rosebud
    【Logic】ProwI Green Copper
    【Logic】ProwI Lumina
    【Logic】ProwI Marrow(spiral)
    【Logic】ProwI Black(spiral)

    【8j3FE】High Queen of Connacht GoldenWyvern
    【8j3FE】High Queen of Connacht Silver
    【8j3FE】High Queen of Connacht Lumina

    【Layla】 Silver
    【Layla】 Thunder
    【Layla】 White
    【Layla】 Purple
    【Layla】 Blusang
    【Layla】 Moonstone

    【DivaZ】 Horse
    【DivaZ】 Green Copper
    【DivaZ】 Green Nebula
    【DivaZ】 Purple

    【MtQW6】Kawa-no-Kami Sunsong(spiral)
    【MtQW6】Kawa-no-Kami Royal Blue

    【FhR1s】Silas Vincent Red Nebula
    【FhR1s】Silas Vincent Trihorn
    【FhR1s】Silas Vincent Silver
    【FhR1s】Silas Vincent RibbonDancer
    【FhR1s】Silas Vincent GreenCopper
    【FhR1s】Silas Vincent Guardian

    【fNl6f】zilver prise d RoyalBlue
    【fNl6f】zilver prise d SW
    【fNl6f】zilver prise d WaterWalker(spiral)
    【fNl6f】zilver prise d Sunset

    【Jewel】 Moonstone
    【Jewel】 Lumina

    【Shine】Dazzling Girl Blusang
    【Shine】Dazzling Girl Greencopper(spiral)
    【Shine】Dazzling Girl Purple
    【Shine】Dazzling Girl Greencopper
    【Shine】Dazzling Girl PurpleNebula

    【C0L0R】Quantum Color Moonstone
    【C0L0R】Quantum Color Hellfire
    【C0L0R】Quantum Color Blue Nebula
    【C0L0R】Quantum Color GreenCopper

    【BhgzQ】Shao Shi Daydream
    【BhgzQ】Shao Shi Purple
    【BhgzQ】Shao Shi GW
    【BhgzQ】Shao Shi RB(spiral)

    【LtE4g】Xiaonxuan XXX Striped
    【LtE4g】Xiaonxuan XXX Sunsong
    【LtE4g】Xiaonxuan XXX Royal Blue
    【LtE4g】Xiaonxuan XXX Pink

    【7AP36】Luckiest Catch Red Copper
    【7AP36】Luckiest Catch PurpleNebula
    【7AP36】Luckiest Catch GreenCopper
    【7AP36】Luckiest Catch Red
    【7AP36】Luckiest Catch Water
    【7AP36】Luckiest Catch RoyalBlue
    【7AP36】Luckiest Catch Stripe

    【lojjy】Silvery Waves Goldenleaf Moonstone
    【lojjy】Silvery Waves Goldenleaf Marrow

    【Q15BJ】Tyche Lunar Halo Moonstone


    【Huntr】Royal Huntress GoldenWyvern
    【Huntr】Royal Huntress RoyalBlue
    【Huntr】Royal Huntress Moonstone
    【Huntr】Royal Huntress Ice

    【uHmRr】Crazy little Diamond ShadowWalker
    【uHmRr】Crazy little Diamond GoldenWyvern
    【uHmRr】Crazy little Diamond Lumina
    【uHmRr】Crazy little Diamond Black(spiral)
    【uHmRr】Crazy little Diamond Ice

    【7w1Yl】Mystic of the 7 Thunder
    【7w1Yl】Mystic of the 7 Gold
    【7w1Yl】Mystic of the 7 Daydream
    【7w1Yl】Mystic of the 7 Blusang
    【7w1Yl】Mystic of the 7 Balloon
    【7w1Yl】Mystic of the 7 Ice

    【brFA8】 Hellfire
    【brFA8】 GW
    【brFA8】 Red Nebula
    【brFA8】 Red Copper

    【U8RhU】Lucky First Raffle Thunder
    【U8RhU】Lucky First Raffle GW
    【U8RhU】Lucky First Raffle Tan
    【U8RhU】Lucky First Raffle Sunsong
    【U8RhU】Lucky First Raffle Blue Nebula

    【uGp5n】Seaglory of Christmas Ember
    【uGp5n】Seaglory of Christmas Electric
    【uGp5n】Seaglory of Christmas Sunsong
    【uGp5n】Seaglory of Christmas Blusang
    【uGp5n】Seaglory of Christmas Water
    【uGp5n】Seaglory of Christmas Daydream

    【Satan】 Purple
    【Satan】 CavernLurker
    【Satan】 Sweetling
    【Satan】 WinterMagi
    【Satan】 Silver
    【Satan】 Sunset
    【Satan】 Magi

    【gp7qN】Utren Shim Tan Ridgewing
    【gp7qN】Utren Shim Ribbon Dancer
    【gp7qN】Utren Shim Moonstone
    【gp7qN】Utren Shim Ember(spiral)
    【gp7qN】Utren Shim Sunsong
    【gp7qN】Utren Shim Balloon

    【Magic】Magic Mustika Tsunami
    【Magic】Magic Mustika GreenCopper
    【Magic】Magic Mustika Deep Sea(spiral)
    【Magic】Magic Mustika ShadowWalker(spiral)

    【70t00】o Seian CB o(spiral) Magi
    【70t00】o Seian CB o Magma
    【70t00】o Seian CB o Green
    【70t00】o Seian CB o Hellfire
    【70t00】o Seian CB o GW
    【70t00】o Seian CB o Royal Blue
    【70t00】o Seian CB o Thunder

    【SHADE】Roran Domiadraumr Ice

    【brmH2】Han-Gukin's Babsang White

    【dqgJk】Felix Felicis Leviosa Blusang
    【dqgJk】Felix Felicis Leviosa Cavern Lurker
    【dqgJk】Felix Felicis Leviosa Arsani
    【dqgJk】Felix Felicis Leviosa Purple(spiral)
    【dqgJk】Felix Felicis Leviosa Red Copper

    【ii17Z】Shimmerdust Wrapping

    【9kIh1】Schimmernder Drache(spiral) RoyalBlue
    【9kIh1】Schimmernder Drache Grave
    【9kIh1】Schimmernder Drache RoyalBlue

    【Sipta】CB - Lieghtenstein Ember

    【Merry】Merry Times of Plenty Silver
    【Merry】Merry Times of Plenty Purple Nebula
    【Merry】Merry Times of Plenty Gold

    【EHMFS】Haku Kohakunushi Frill

    【Bilbo】Bilbo Baggins of Bag End Tan
    【Bilbo】Bilbo Baggins of Bag End Black

    【filly】Aquila's Unbelievable Filly Red
    【filly】Aquila's Unbelievable Filly Stone

    【Dream】 Blusang