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    Like most people, I'd give my right arm for a Holly. If you don't want my right arm I'm very much open to negotiation.

    Also have yet to succeed with a Neglected Dragon and will trade for one if I can meet your price.

    Low-gen male Silver, especially a 2nd gen with Daydream parent.
    Low-gen Blacks and Alt Blacks. Non-inbred essential, pretty lineages a bonus.
    Low-gen non-inbred Gold (prefer female with blacks in lineage).

    Gold Tinsel with step-stair or spiral lineage from Living In Sin or Apollo . Low-gen would be a bonus.
    Gold Tinsel with any lineage from AGYI.
    Silver Tinsel with step-stair or spiral lineage [i]not[/i] from Penk or Inextrica. Low-gen would be a bonus.
    Bronze Tinsel step-stair/spiral not from Ivy, F-word, Antihypertensive, San Victorus,Darkrose, Tanoth or Alcoholic. Low-gen would be a bonus.

    2nd Gen male Daydream with silver parent.

    Still seeking Caveborns:

    Gold (male), Silver, Black, Vine (female), Stripe (I'm so predictable)

    Nebula (Red/Green only), White (male), Daydream (male)
    Spring and Summer Seasonals.

    Hatchlings needed for freezing (lineage unimportant):

    Alt Black Seated (female + stage 1) and Curled (stage 1), Alt Vine (stage 1),
    Tinsels (only from ancestors I don't already have), Trios (especially Thunder),
    Nebula (Red+Green only), all Stripes except White, Tan Ridgewing, Red Dorsal (stage 1)

    (Where I've specified gender I don't mean I only want gendered hatchlings - except for Alts and Nebulas I just want an egg I can still influence.)

    As for what I can offer in return:

    I have a female CB Gold and I'll breed her with just about any male on my scroll if you need a specific lineage. (Cannot, of course, guarantee results this week/month/year...)

    Happy to try and breed my other Golds and non-inbred Silvers as well.

    Other than Holly, I have at least one CB Holiday Dragon of each kind, if you want an IOU of a 2nd gen egg.

    I have Vamps if you want a bitten egg.

    I have CB pairs of all three Trio breeds, can try for PB 2nd Gen eggs.

    Gold Tinsel: can produce 9th Gen perfect step-stair lineage with White Stripes, from Gold Epica. 7th gen zig-zag lineage with Terraes, from Alexandria Aurelix.

    Also have silver and bronze Tinsels from various lines.

    I have CB Autumn and Winter Seasonal pairs.

    I have CB Frills and a CB Bright Bink.

    I have CB pairs of most other dragons except those I'm still seeking listed above. Can breed Geodes, Blunas and Goldfish from CB parents.