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  1. My daughter-in-law is actually in Phase 1A as a healthcare worker, but last I heard she had not decided whether or not to get the vaccine. She has severe allergies and asthma and the reported allergic reactions concern her, in addition to the fact that nothing is known of possible long-term side effects due to the relatively short testing period. I don't think the process has gotten to the clinic where she works, yet, anyway.
  2. Here is Maryland's site: https://covidlink.maryland.gov/content/vaccine/ Of course no time frame for when each phase will come -- too many unknowns. I am in phase 1C.There doesn't seem to be any bumping to a higher level due to co-morbidities until you get down to Phase 2, so I guess hubby is 1C also. Glad to hear that your arm is less sore today.
  3. 5G White - checker with Yulebuck
  4. I think so, too. I'm not counting on being mask free until at least fall and probably longer. Our Phases sound pretty similar to yours. I think I am in 1C and have no idea when that will start. So far no word on where and how the vaccine will be given. Right now it is still being given at hospitals to their workers and nursing homes for residents and workers. I am surprised by the reports of how many health care workers are refusing to get it.
  5. Two Undine hatchies. On two-way so I know they go to participants. For your giftee, please. 2G Alt Undine Gone 2G regular Undine with word code (mMEOW) The only offer I have had for this does not appear to be a Secret Santa participant. I will leave the trade open for Santas until 10pm tonight. Gone. Just offer a dummy egg or hatchie, but be warned that I am going to bed now, so will not respond for at least 6 or 7 hours.
  6. 57,366 You're leading me astray, @Lagie! 57,365
  7. Sorry about your coworker with Covid. Glad she didn't expose the rest of your crew. I can kind of sympathize with her feeling she needed to go to the wedding -- depending on how close she was to the bride and/or groom. That is one of the hardest things about this pandemic -- the milestones and special events we are missing. Hard sometimes to know how to weigh the risk.
  8. Awww! *pats Lagie* Sorry if you had a bad day. ninety 1 of 8
  9. I have a friend who had a very bad reaction to her first shingles shot -- high fever, nausea, full body aches and more to the point that she was in bed for 4 days. She is trying to decide whether she wants to risk the second, although her doctor thinks that if she loads up on ibuprofen and drinks lots of water she should be able to head off the worst of it. Beautiful sunny day here and is supposed to top out in the 50s. Weird for January, but I'll take it. My friends and I walked a nearby rail trail this morning. There was lots of frost on the grass when we started, but the sun soon took care of that.
  10. Round 2 Regular Bingos R6. something with a code that ends in "J" BINGO! R7. Kingcrowne checker (or both 2G dragons needed to breed a kingcrowne checker) BINGO! R8. a Light element creature BINGO! R9. descendant of a Mutamore spriter's alt BINGO! R10. a Name inspired by the creature's code BINGO! R11. female Olive dragon BINGO!
  11. I can, but not until next week now. If you don't find someone before that, send me a PM.
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    Now a hatchling. Influenced male. https://dragcave.net/teleport/038fbf5a82f87d2c144323a13ab07fb2 You're welcome @random_dragon_collector.