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  1. Another Secret Santa Raffle! The following egg is being offered on behalf of Secret Santa! CB Silver egg Just offer any old egg on the trade link. A winner will be randomly selected at 2 p.m. cave time today from among those who offer. While you are here, click the link below to check out the Secret Santa gift exchange thread! Secret Santa signups now open until December 21! Winner has been chosen and their offer accepted. Thanks to all who entered! See post further down for another giveaway!
  2. Happy Thanksgiving, PDC. two hundred eleven 1 of 11
  3. purplehaze

    Z Project

    Well, the Red egg has poofed to a scroll with no name showing, maybe a Z collector, maybe not. The two Sapphires are still in my scroll, but I have offered them on trades in the hub, so the teleport links are broken. If you want either of them, let me know and if I still have them I will send them along to you.
  4. Good morning, CPA! It is cold and gloomy here this morning, but not raining. Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful for all of you.