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  1. Oh, yes, please! I do a lot of breeding hoping for Z codes. Most of the eggs, of course, are not what I'm looking for. An easier, quicker way to abandon unwanted eggs would make the process a lot less time-consuming.
  2. eighteen I'm figuring that you kept track @Confused Cat So 2 of 7
  3. purplehaze

    Z Project

    I have a 7th gen. https://dragcave.net/lineage/zOxET My highest purebred is a 4th gen Split. https://dragcave.net/lineage/z2hnv
  4. purplehaze

    Z Project

    Good day for breeding Zs apparently. I got five 2nd gen ones in less than an hour this morning. Now I am pretty much locked except for one space that I like to keep open if I can -- just in case, ya know!
  5. What a pretty kitty! Apparently by the end of the month Maryland will be opening Covid vaccinations to everyone 65+. Not sure where they will be given, but I think some of the pharmacy chains will offer them. I hope they will be able to get enough of the vaccine to meet the demand. And hopefully appointments will be required. Otherwise there may be a lot of waiting in line. It is my understanding that even if you have had the vaccine you will need to continue to wear a mask. It is apparently still possible to get the infection and just be asymptomatic, but still able to shed the virus and infect others.
  6. This seems to be really overpowering the Aeon and I am not really in favor of the basic suggestion of being able to foretell all of those variants. They work the way they were intended to work.
  7. 4G pure Thuwed Free. Just put an AP dummy on the link. Gone
  8. Gen 4 pure Thuwed For you or your giftee. Just put a dummy on the link. Guess no one needs this. I am putting it up on the Thuwed thread, but Santas will still get preference. Gone!