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  1. If anyone is still looking for 2G from alt Sweetlings mine will be off cooldown sometime tomorrow. Just let me know what you want them bred with.
  2. Good afternoon, CPA! Had combination Christmas and friend's birthday celebration today, that was cancelled last week because of the snow. We had a wonderful, silly time, as usual! We did do a bit of walking, but it was below freezing with wind chills in the teens, so we did not stay out long. Came in and had some delicious veggie beef soup to warm us up! Nine more hours to see if the Black and Undine eggs on my scroll hatch into alts. I got one alt Undine out of the last batch. I am devoting 3 spaces on my scroll to trying to breed alts for people who need them for Secret Santa. This is my third batch of 2 Black and 1 Undine, with only one alt so far. Hopefully I will get at least one Black one this time. They seen to be harder to get. In really good news I was able to turn an egg with my original 2008 Vampire for someone who needed that for their giftee. He is usually a killer, so I am really glad he was more cooperative this time.
  3. Tried breeding my only Staterae, but got no egg!
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    Z Project

    Same here. The two CB Z'Sapphires are mine. (For some strange reason I can't see the link to the egg in @Crescent's post, but it shows up in the quote. )
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    Z Project

    We'd love to have you join.
  6. I just had to put a new battery in my mouse a few days ago. It was working fine -- and then it quit, just like that, without warning. I have disabled my touchpad because I hate it and I can't do everything with my touchscreen, so I was stuck until I found a new battery! It has been raining all day here, but at least the temperature came up enough that it is no longer freezing and melted everything that did freeze (as well as most of our snow from Monday and yesterday.)
  7. sixty-three 1 of 8 1. purplehaze 2. Trystan 3. Long_Before_Sunrise 4. biruko 5. WaterScorpion 6. Lagie 7. jJedi_Master_1 8. MiaLily
  8. Ah! That makes sense. Still it is a bit confusing.
  9. I would have enough to buy a Stat now if I hadn't broken down and bought two of the new Gemshards, since I never see them in the biomes, either. I am now 100 shards short and hope that eventually the price will plateau so I can buy one more. I have one male that I bought way back when they were new for a far lower price. I would like to get him a mate and then I shall be done with them, I think, unless I catch up on absolutely everything else that I need for my scroll goals.
  10. So the wiki has 290 unique breeds as the number, but that doesn't agree with the figures you are showing in your post @Stromboli. One of those "items" is the category of Hybrid dragons -- not sure why it is on that list, since the individual hybrid breeds are already on there. But I believe 290 is correct.
  11. I have just successfully turned a CB egg with my original 2008 Vampire. Did everyone whose giftee requested an egg bitten by an original Vampire already get one? If your giftee asked specifically for one and you still need it, please send me a PM. If everyone got what they needed I will try to trade it for something else.
  12. Which adds up to 294. Am I missing 3 dragons that I didn't know about? Or 4 dragons? My math skills are usually better than that!
  13. I have 290 and I think I have at least one of everything.