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  1. Between 1:45 and 2:05 pm I sent 10 pinkies to the AP. Also, one Silver egg from CB blue Sapphire x f CB Silver.
  2. Agree 100%, as I have said in other threads on this subject. I don't really see why we can't use the official names for the ones that have them. And putting the Holiday xxxx in front would keep them all sorted as they are now. I like this idea, too. Might require approval by the spriters/conceptors, but would keep things more consistent.
  3. Once again, if anyone needs a 2nd gen (or higher) from Alt Sweetling, mine are off cooldown now and ready to breed with your choice of mate.
  4. Lagie made me take it! Honest. (Thanks, Lagie! ) Offering 2G Pennybright Copper Gone https://dragcave.net/lineage/Cdlx4
  5. purplehaze

    Z Project

    *sigh* I just bred 78 pairs of CB Z dragons and got not one single Z-code!
  6. Fertility does not wear off. I have a dragon that I mistakenly used fertility on over a year ago and it is still greyed out on the fertility list. It will last until the dragon is bred the next time, whenever that is.
  7. I have seen a couple in the hub, I think. Much more likely to get non-Stat Xeno from Staterae, though!
  8. eighty-four 1 of 8 10.5 ppp 1. purplehaze 2. Trystan 3. Long_Before_Sunrise 4. biruko 5. WaterScorpion 6. Lagie 7. jJedi_Master_1 8. MiaLily
  9. If anyone is still looking for 2G from alt Sweetlings mine will be off cooldown sometime tomorrow. Just let me know what you want them bred with.