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  1. Our snow has changed to rain, too, and it is a slushy mess out there right now. I think we got about 3 inches of snow before it changed over. It seems to be a mixture of rain and freezing rain, but I don't intend to go out to find out! We have no place to go tomorrow at all, so will probably just chill at home. We have high wind warnings for tomorrow, which is another good reason to stay home!
  2. Putting this one on a two-way. I would like it to go to someone who still needs it for their giftee and has had trouble finding nice things. Just offer a dummy. 3G stair Gold Tinsel x Snow https://dragcave.net/lineage/HU9jn
  3. 3G Prizekin -- Ice from Bronze Shimmer https://dragcave.net/lineage/Xo30t For your giftee, please. Gone.
  4. No, just the things you get from your Santa gifter.
  5. When hubby was stationed at Fort Gordon -- many years ago! -- they had about an inch of snow and everything came to a screeching halt! They closed down the base because nobody knew how to deal with snow. We are supposed to get snow here tomorrow afternoon and evening, changing to rain Monday morning. We shall see. Daughter and her hubby are supposed to be driving back from their weekend+ getaway tomorrow afternoon, but she said they are keeping an eye on the weather and may decide to head back earlier in the day.
  6. Sadly it is very hard to get what you need for pink Sapphire lineages from the AP.
  7. That's quite a lot of books you have there, Lagie. I need to set a goal to read more. I waste too much time on the internet these days and don't read as much as I used to.
  8. @trystan is getting all the palindromes tonight. 63,038
  9. Requester's Form Forum name: purplehaze PM link: PM Egg wanted and special wishes: 4G Daydream x Valentine 09 unrelated to any of these: https://dragcave.net/lineage/UEQSA, https://dragcave.net/lineage/Z9nCP, https://dragcave.net/lineage/8J7zy Secret field: No Holiday requests!
  10. I'm sorry! I missed this request when approving lists. Sweetlings are impossible to get right now because they aren't in season. I do have an Alt Sweetling available for breeding and could get you a 2nd gen from an Alt (dragons willing), but it would be the mate's breed. Let me know if you want that.
  11. With the Cantos, they don't have to hatch on EQ to turn green. They just have to survive! Don't EQ them again. Just let them hatch. The Shumogas have to hatch on EQ to change, but the Cantos don't. Just don't teleport them before they hatch or you will undo what you did with the EQ and they will be orange!
  12. The hatchie has been claimed, but I can hold the Dorkface for you. Good luck with earthquaking!
  13. Still available. Now on a two-way trade so I can be sure it goes to a Santa. For you or your giftee. Any Dorkface fans out there? Claimed by Izzy! And I have a 3G stair Gold Tinsel x White -- also on two way so I can see where it goes, but feel free to take for either yourself or your giftee. Influenced male to continue the stair Gone! Gold Dorkface Gold Tinsel hatchie Just offer a dummy for either one.
  14. They were not quite as underfoot tonight. And they both actually let me pet them a little bit. They are getting much more accustomed to people than they were when she first got them. They are such cuties! Makes me want a cat of my own again, but hubby is not a cat person. Sorry to hear that. Even when expected, it is not easy.
  15. Hi @FortyTwo! Some of us are just lurking. Cold and windy today. No Covid symptoms. One of the ladies who was at the meeting got tested because she has COPD and her doctor advised it. She was negative. The rest of us are just riding it out. Sounds like you had a productive day @Lagie. I did pretty much nothing productive all day -- unless you count picking the strands of tinsel off the Christmas tree. I am feeding daughter's outdoor cats while she and her hubby are on a getaway for their anniversary. They almost knocked me over last night getting down her back steps. They were right under my feet, acting like they hadn't seen food in a week!
  16. I am having problems with PMs. I asked earlier if anyone else was getting duplicates, as I have had that happen several times. But a more concerning problem is that some PMs are simply not showing up, or not being highlighted as new for several days. I just had a message from someone that I have been in a conversation with. The new message caused it to be highlighted, but they had apparently sent me a reply on Wednesday that I didn't see. It either was not highlighted when it arrived, or never showed up at all until they sent this reply. I have had at least two other messages that have shown up late in the last week or so. I check my PMs quite regularly and am very certain that there was nothing showing as a new message at the time those should have arrived.