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  1. No reason to think they are limited.
  2. I just snagged two blue ones. They are gorgeous. Can't wait to see what hatches out of them. I may abandon an egg or two to try to snag an orange one, too. Or maybe I will just wait. I assume these are not a limited release.
  3. Wow! I was just thinking it was time for another release! I am locked, but have two eggs that will hatch in the next hour or so.
  4. Congratulations! Welcome to the lineage. Do you have a CB pink for a mate, or are you still hunting?
  5. You cannot pick them up when you are scroll locked, but as soon as you pick them up they are frozen and the egg space becomes available immediately.
  6. sdjsdjdskxhjdcjvfj Should Donald just send dusty junk, daring Sydney? Kevin's x-ray has just doubly concealed Julie's very fine joke! wsodfdfajamld
  7. 9985 ....and now only 15 from 10,000!