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  1. I was able to add my scroll. I am glad to see the site is back.
  2. I am sorry to hear that. I hope it gets sorted out soon! Must be frustrating for you and we sure miss the site when it is down!
  3. kasdfjaskg Keep all savage dogs from jumping at Sandy's Kangaroo Grounds. eioafksbstim
  4. Well, it seems to be down again already, but it was working for a brief time.
  5. It's ba-a-a-ck! Glad to see the site up and running yet again.
  6. mjhvdtrdv Must Jared have very dirty toes resisting delicate vacuum? nsdfldauraew
  7. Welcome! Thanks for your interest. You seem to have the wrong codes for the last pair. If you go to their lineage page and copy and paste the address you will be sure to have it right.
  8. Well, yeah, we have no real control over what happens to the eggs once they leave the nest, but we can ask. I will edit your page to reflect the request.
  9. What exactly do you mean by similar format? The _____ and _____ pattern, the similarity of the dual names, or something else?
  10. Congratulations! That is a beautiful lineage.