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  1. 11 minutes ago, lovecats99 said:

    Who's up for a post-release massbreed?

    Oh, no! I am having a hard enough time getting Aeons from my Aeon x Chrono pairs for my lyrical lineage. :( Must I now give up entirely?


    For me I think the red/black will be easiest and the default the hardest, because I tend to incubate every egg that hits my scroll. Fortunately I hadn't done that yet with these when the talk started of BSAs affecting color.

  2. While I do find the mechanics of this somewhat annoying I would like to thank the creators of this dragon anyway. Agree that right before Valentines may not have been the best release time, but hey, they are permanent so we can play with them after Valentines just as well.


    And thanks so much to those who were brave experimenters and figured all this out and shared their knowledge with the rest of us! Bless you!


    It may take me a very long time to get my scroll goals of all the colors, but at least I now know how to do it.

  3. 16 minutes ago, daba555 said:

    Well, by the time I saw there's a new release, there aren't any new eggs.  In the hourly drop I saw one.  I am not even going to bother.  Have fun, all.  At least there's one I can breed, if I like it.

    They are still out there. You will probably have more luck with the 5 min. drops. At least I did when I went to pick up one this morning.

  4. 5 minutes ago, Fuzzbucket said:

    SO - you teleport. In theory - get orange. But if you want to be able to breed - you then influence - do you lose the orange ? Because influence doesn't hold up through trade. And if you don't want a red you can't incubate ?

    You can't incubate, but according to what I have been seeing, influence has no effect so you CAN influence. At least I hope that is true because I did just influence my teleported pair.

  5. 3 minutes ago, Chaosdawn said:

    Can confirm, influence doesn't change color. Have two eggs, one was influenced then incubated, other was incubated then influenced. Both hatched red. 

    Thank you!

    Shall go influence my two teleported eggs now!

  6. 6 minutes ago, random_dragon_collector said:

    Does anybody have room to let me transport a pair (or 2 one at a time) of the new lures and send them back so that I can get orange?  Could do a two way with non-lures if you are egglocked and don't want orange yourself!  Of course it will erase bsa's--

    PM'd you!


  7. I have 7 eggs. here is what I have done, so we shall see what I get.

    1-4 have been influenced only -- from what I am hearing those should be default, which is pink?

    5 and 6 were teleported - should be orange (I would really like to influence those, but am afraid of changing color -- need confirmation that influence has no effect!)

    7 was incubated, then precogged -- should be blue

    I figure the red ones will be easiest for me to get later, since I ordinarily incubate everything!

  8. 43 minutes ago, purpledragonclaw said:

    The definition of insanity..

    Amen! People don't seem to realize that you can't really restart the economy until you control the pandemic. If they had handled it that way in the beginning we would be a lot farther ahead now. I thought Larry Hogan did a good job handling things in the beginning, but he buckled under all the protests and resistance.

  9. It's still a lot of trouble to go to if you want all the colors.

    I now apparently have two orange ones because they were trades and I have done nothing to them since they arrived on my scroll. I would really like to precog or influence them, but if I do they won't stay orange? But I need them to be a pair! Or is @ShorahNagi right that influence doesn't reset them? If that is true then I could just influence and they would stay orange.

    No, I am not liking this. It is an interesting new dynamic, but not one that I find favorable. Maybe once we have all the unknowns answered it will be less difficult to plan out all the moves in advance..