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  1. Yeah, for right now I am wanting a pair of parentless ones. And I did go ahead and buy one. I may be interested in a bred one, later, especially if I get a Stat baby from my pair. Then I could carry a PB line farther.
  2. Good morning, CPA! *waves at @Marcus Pheonix across the pond* Warmer here than yesterday and the wind has finally died down. It seemed the furnace was running almost constantly the last day or two. I think I will go ahead and buy that Stat in the market. There is no other way I am going to get it. Trades for them are way too high and I have never even seen on in the cave -- missed the flood in the beginning. The other things I need I can probably catch myself if I gather up enough patience to sit in the cave and hunt. Or I can at least trade for them. Then once I have a breeding pair I will just pretend there is a scroll limit of two on them and be satisfied with that -- like the GoN.
  3. It is fine to leave them running in the background. It still counts as views.
  4. I received a gift! Stardust13 -> purplehaze | 4G Daydream x Valentine 09 | https://dragcave.net/lineage/41UQd
  5. twenty-eight 2 of 7 4 ppp 1. Lagie 2. purplehaze 3. Long_Before_Sunrise 4. jJedi_Master_1 5. trystan 6. WaterScorpion 7. biruko
  6. Go ahead and post it. I was just trying for one to offer for those who might need one.
  7. purplehaze

    Z Project

    Took this one and I am egg locked again! Seems to be my normal state.
  8. They should all show, no matter the result. You used the breed action. Maybe lag was affecting what showed when you tried before, but I would still think those should have shown, if your dragons went on cooldown.
  9. I'm not sure. It did the last time I had one. I just bred one today that sorts below my green ones, so we will see in a couple of days whether that holds true or not.
  10. The overarching theme of the Bible is love. Love for God and your fellow humans and God's love for us. Many Christians historically and currently seem to miss the point.
  11. This, too, shall pass. We haven't had as many of those lately, at least. Shoo, Celestials! I have been trying for Black alts for Secret Santa and am having terrible luck. I have bred at least 12 black eggs so far plus a couple of AP eggs, and none has gone alt.
  12. CB pink Sapphire hatchie For your giftee, please. https://dragcave.net/teleport/94b5a672f47fc4a6aa8b60cfeb412193 On a two-way so it doesn't poof! Just offer a dummy. Gone