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  1. Not that I know of, but that would be nice. I have found myself clicking on things in hatcheries and checking the encyclopedia (which only works if you have them unlocked) to see what they are because it is getting hard to remember everything -- and then we had a bunch of old ones that changed!
  2. Another downside of this: even if you could only see how many offers there are, and not the specifics, there is no way to know if they are valid offers. I have a hatchie offer right now on an egg I am trading. I would love to accept that offer, but can't because the other trader is egg locked. I looked at their scroll and their oldest egg has 19 hours left to hatch! If someone else could look and see that I had that offer and decide not to offer, I might lose out on a chance at something else I would like to have. I don't want to decline the offer because it is something I really would like to have -- even though it is not what I asked for -- and I am hoping they will leave it up until I can accept it, if I get no other offers before then.
  3. No, if you look at the top of the calendar you used it states that the color change happens at 8 pm on the day listed,not at midnight.
  4. I go by Pink Gothic's tool on Daily Dragon Fix. https://leviathan.thorngale.net/lunar-herald-colour.php It shows bronze starting tomorrow.
  5. Oh, no! That is too bad. Good morning, CPA! Cloudy with misty rain this morning, but it didn't deter the contractors who are putting in new sidewalks one street over. Their noisy trucks with back-up beepers were out there bright and early at 7:00 am! Would have been a good morning to sleep in otherwise!
  6. Messy Storm hatchie -- good for freezing.
  7. YAY! It's time for PDC to count with us again. thirty-eight 3 of 6 1. Long_Before_Sunrise 2. Lagie 3. purplehaze 4. trystan 5. SomeRandomCorviknight 6. Mystery counter -- definitely not a mod!
  8. Mistakes happen -- lotsa mistakes! 62,402
  9. I agree with Heather that this is a way too complicated solution. It will never fly with TJ, I think (after all it was he who said no math), and would cause all kinds of confusion among users. I support a simple limit of 2 CBs each year for each Christmas and Valentine dragon. That would be a huge plus for building lineages and would invite much more generous gifting for those holidays. The current limits do NOT result in less greed/more sharing -- just the opposite. It would also tend to keep the holiday biome moving better, but not result in such high demand that no one would be able to get the eggs they want.
  10. Bred and dropped 6, all 2G purebreds and 2 of them PB pink.
  11. Thanks, all! I think I am still in shock. Wow! Yes, it is no wonder. Still, it is a good thing, right? I hope you feel better soon! Take your own advice about fluids and rest, until you can see the doctor. Nice to have a new washer. And even nicer to have people who will help you. I have been busily trying to clean out a corner for my Christmas tree today! We didn't bother with a tree last year in our quarantined state, but we are hosting family Christmas this year, so it will be essential.