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    Z Project

    Seratti is now insta-incuhatchable! If you don't have egg space, let me know what gender you need and I will influence and hatch it for you.
  2. Because I'm not there. When I'm around it is my fault! Why is it so hard to get things done the way you want them?
  3. @trystan Yes, that is very small! Here is my "dragon": Hard to get any detail at all, but he does breathe fire! Good morning, CPA! It is a lovely sunny day today and I am hoping to get outside to enjoy it. Our lawn guy never trims the side of the hedge toward our neighbor. He would have to go on the neighbor's property to do it, but it is our hedge and looks like crap when it isn't trimmed. Hubby keeps "forgetting" to tell him and doesn't check before he leaves, and I keep going out and trimming it myself. Don't want to wait two weeks until lawn guy comes back. So, I will go out and do that today. At least they are not thick branches on the side like they are on top. I am afraid to do the whole thing myself because I don't want to set off my elbow problem again, but I've done just that side before with no problem. If it starts to hurt I will quit. Problem is that the pain sometimes comes later.
  4. I made a dragon of perler beads when I went to the science center with my granddaughter. She made a cat. Her cat looked better than my dragon! Of course we were limited to 64 beads -- an 8 x 8 square, so detail was impossible.
  5. I do. And it has properly gone yellow. Will be breeding my crew again tomorrow for the AP.
  6. Probably as soon as you no longer need whatever is in them! What is all that noise at my neighbor's house?
  7. Your own dragons that you raised before also can count to unlock the encyclopedia entries even though they don't count toward your encyclopedia dragon counts. Just go to their view page. They can each count multiple times, too, but only once a month.
  8. That seems like a glitch. I gather that fallen_leaf is having the same issue. I wonder if all the September winners are having that problem. @TJ09 is this expected behavior or a bug? There has never been any restriction on winners entering again.
  9. That is just the way the encyclopedia was set up. So everyone starts with a blank slate, whether they have two dragons or 2000 on their scroll.
  10. So, you can't even get to the raffle page?
  11. You do have the "enter" button active, right? I mean, you have raised the dragons needed to activate entry? It is just that when you click on the button you get the error page instead of the "successfully entered" message? I think Fuzz may have been misunderstanding the issue.