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  1. Once a hatchie is frozen, it no longer counts toward your scroll limit. Only growing things count, and freezies aren't growing any more.
  2. purplehaze

    Z Project

    That is just the natural order of things! Here's another Z'egg. https://dragcave.net/teleport/78c190efdb9f19a3b32b3f5e927d8817 CB Pyrovar from the AP.
  3. purplehaze

    Z Project

    I'll send you a link as soon as it's off cooldown -- a couple of hours left. Sent!
  4. purplehaze

    Z Project

    Just picked up a CB Z'tripe in the cave. Anyone want dibs just post here and I'll send it your way once it is off cooldown.
  5. Sure. Send them on over. I'll be asleep most of that time and have lots of hatchie space.
  6. purplehaze

    Z Project

    New link - now a hatchie https://dragcave.net/teleport/c75499d1642665e057a8d7d8a69c3aa2 Will be a boy.
  7. purplehaze

    Z Project

    Colorful z from the AP needs a home zoJAn
  8. Thanks to the broccoli donor and to Feesh for running this. I have entered.