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  1. The Two-headed are gorgeous, thank you very much for this! <3 But I don't understand the Silver update. I mean, they didn't need it... Their sprites were clean and detailed. Look at the old Dorsal, the purple and the alt red, here you have a real update to work on
  2. I got my 2G Thuwed egg 'Green x alt Vine', a Vine egg which just hatched... alt OHYES
  3. All different... <3 And now I'll send them all !
  4. I really hope we will keep our garden, I'm trying to have the greatest possible variety.
  5. My sister just send me this: She can complete her scroll now, I'm so happy for her
  6. Caus' I breed all my dragons every week 8D common or rare, all into the AP. (I also do this with unbreedables, cb Stripe, cb Black, cb GW or even cb Trio eggs, AP is my best friend P:) Wow indeed! <3
  7. Dressrosa & Fujitora for my CB Speckle, sorry OP fans
  8. Oh okay! thanks and congrats it's a very pretty color scheme!
  9. oO kay' I missed something or... ? :'D
  10. In 1 minute, I just caught a CB Magma and a CB Gold
  11. My Pumpkin pair did exactly the same. I love you guys.
  12. Haha the parents of this little one are mine P:(If you like it, same pattern with 2 of my Silver Tin x )