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  1. I always miss 2G Thuwed drops lmao, I even looked at ebay for them but nah, congrats to people who got the recent drops.
  2. I’ve only got one of each. I hope my eggs hatch and my dragons grow before the new release drop ends.
  3. This is so hard. Should I abandon my other stuff? Also, does Xenos being in Marketplace lower their trade value?
  4. So saying you’re egglocked is prohibited? Can someone clarify?
  5. Do frozen hatchlings count towards the trophy count?
  6. What are word codes? Do they have to be legitimate words? This is because I see stuff in the trading page that don't seem like legit words but are pronounceable and the owner calls it a dragon with a word code.
  7. Are some dino colors worth more than others? I can't seem to get a purple dino for my green dino egg.
  8. I'd rather have the raffle done every two weeks instead of putting prizes on the Market. Good luck with the raffles, I just envy people with more than one prize dragons, such luck!
  9. Is there a website that can automatically check your breeds of dragons? Like a auto-checklist or it should be done manually? There are so many dragons now and I want a pair of each.
  10. If you breed dragons and they produce more than one egg, can you keep them all given that you have space?
  11. Anyone have 3rd Gen stairstep thuwed with 2G Female parent? (Stairstep going up) willing to negotiate and trade
  12. Thanks. I've been a member since 2008 and I wouldn't want my original scroll burned. The thing is I used the same email like yyy (a) gmail dot com and yyy (a) yahoo dot com for these. This is kinda worrying me.
  13. Due to panic, I thought the password of my original account was changed (turns out one keyboard letter was just not working), I registered another account. I do not intend to use this account anymore since I have logged in my original account. The 2nd account is fresh and I cannot find an option to delete the account.
  14. Thank you so much! That was really helpful especially the links!
  15. This is the only Thuwed I got before I quit https://dragcave.net/lineage/QTFC Is there any other way of getting more 2G Thuweds?
  16. So I just returned from 2009 and I see that a lot of things have changed. Can anyone enlighten me with these few questions? Can Metal X Metal breed now? Like GoldXGold? Is there a checklist of Dragons available online or something? Will my Dragon Encyclopedia ever update? I have a few dragons but still most of the dragons in the encyclopedia are shadows. Is there a list of dragons that are considered rare and I should watch out for?
  17. Thanks for the absolutely wonderful gift! It even has a nice lineage~ Anyway I've got this long and messy lineaged silver egg in my scroll. I'm willing to give it as a donation so who do I contact?
  18. I hope I did it right... Thunder-CB Black-Ice Stripe-CB Vine-Hellfire Electric-Pink-Canopy Scroll's in my sig...
  19. Probably my Zombie Dragon or discontinued dragons like the Bright Pink and Frills
  20. Yey I'm a master lulz... Member No.: 1,773 Joined: 26-December 07
  21. my brother only has 7 dragons 1 failed 2 success and the rest always dodges darn
  22. do you really count dodges as kills? i had like 20+ dodges but still managed to kill 5
  23. got 1 out of 5 only Black Dragon failed Albino failed Orchdrake failed bluna failed daydream succeed hahah!