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  1. Do you guys think the eggs in the AP will run so low on time that they'll die? I've never seen them so low before and I'm not gonna lie it's kinda making me a little stressed because I'd hate to see all of those Halloween eggs go to waste haha.
  2. I ended up with 3 adult zombies and 6 hatchlings. I've never had that kind of luck but I'll definitely take it haha. This was such a good Halloween event; thanks so much to TJ and all spriters!
  3. I haven't been on DC in years but came back just to check in again and let me just say, the nostalgia of the Halloween event is so real. I was able to get five zombie dragons this year: 3 dragons and 2 hatchlings. In addition I got a bunch of other really cool halloween dragons I hadn't collected yet. Man I've missed this site haha.
  4. Wow I've been inactive on Dragcave for over a year. I guess I picked a good time to return? Anyway, does anyone know if the retired dragons release is limited or if they're here to stay?
  5. Really excited about this encyclopedia thing 8D
  6. I don't know how I'm going to grab the 7th egg :C I'm egglocked for a few more days.
  7. I think we are seeing a trend here: Day 2: Rat like creatures Day 3: Cat like creatures Day 4: Horse like creatures Anyone else think the same?
  8. Does anyone know if these can only be bred with other Two headed dragons? D:
  9. Got one with the code: eldon. I really like the sound of it so I shall make some real cool lineage lol.
  10. Do we have some rat dragons on our hands? These remind me so much of two headed rats!
  11. I've been trying for an hour to grab one and I'm awe at how easily other people snagged them. Congrats guys c:
  12. 864 people viewing the coast. This shows no sign of dropping soon.
  13. Took it! ^-^ Thank you very much!
  14. Aralas

    2013-05-05 - May Release

    For some reason I was thinking the drop was sooner than it really was so this is a pleasant surprise. I have a little time to make NDs before the action starts! But I was just wondering, is the June Drop right after the May?
  15. Aralas

    2013-05-05 - May Release

    Please, at least let one be rare. D: It's been three years, if not more!
  16. Picked up a CB Gold and CB Thunder from the Desert and I'm getting 2 more CB Metallics from a trade. I'm very satisfied but I think I'll give away a CB Gold. =D
  17. I just bred a shimmerscale with the code: Woa25. It's already fetched a CB Silver offer! o3o