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  1. Choose your favourite bugaboo
  2. me: *starts an art piece at 2am* i'll totally be able to control myself and go to sleep soon even if I'm not finished, this will be great me, three hours later: welp
  3. You mean, drawing in the style of stained glass windows? I've never tried it, but it sounds like the kind of thing there'd be a bunch of guides for on the internet. Usually when I try to do a style thing, I just look up examples of the style I like and examine/copy them until I have an idea of what it is I like about them/how to achieve that myself. Anyway, good luck on your art adventures!
  4. How would you even give Sylveon a non-PG13 costume. It ain't got no naughty bits (Scanned and lined from traditional; original sketch here)
  5. Presenting: my new fakemon, Bat, Three Bats In A Trench Coat, and Mothman
  6. Anger What good inktobers, here's to actually finishing the art challenge
  7. Sorry jealousy is banned, please pick another emotion (seriously though, self-deprecating compliments are the worst thing for an artist to hear; I have art skills because of years of practice, not because an art fairy gave them to me. Be nicer to yourselves and also me, y'all.) All of these characters brought to you by Nightmare Dating Simulator, which is not a real dating simulator, and even if it were a real dating simulator it'd still be more of a friendship-slash-matchmaking simulator, so its name is incredibly non-indicative in every way. I might run it as a forumventure on DCF someday, so these blurbs are all you get to know about it: RP mode: You are one of the Nightmare Generals. The Nightmare Queen, standing over the corpse of the last magical girl, has just announced to you that her plan of “bringing nightmares to this world” entails crashing the Nightmare Realm into this dimension, destroying both. You signed up for a fun bit of conquering and murder, not a suicide mission! You turned against the Queen and must find a way to destroy her before her plan comes to completion. However, most of your powers were granted to you by the Queen, and now that you’ve lost her favour, you don’t exactly have much to work with. ...So, how about that “power of love” thing, huh? Dating sim mode: You are a regular human who, apart from living pretty close to all the action (the rent’s cheap, okay?), has nothing to do with the whole magical girl thing. The giant monsters thankfully avoided your house for the most part, until one day your doorbell rang and you were forced at sword-point into an extremely awkward house-sharing arrangement with several bickering Nightmare Generals who are, unfortunately, Earth’s last line of defence against complete annihilation. Have a fun next few weeks.
  8. Yeah that was the joke, thanks for ruining it Why are people freaking about about Type: Null and Silvally anyway? I mean, Arceus is a very powerful and adaptable Pokemon, and there were genetic experiments even way back in gen 1. Is it revolutionary or surprising at all that people would try to recreate its abilities? I mean, it's kind of silly to me that the only difference between evolutions is a restraining helmet and a helmet-shaped head, but it's not incredibly remarkable to me other than that. Is it because people keep thinking of Arceus as the main god that has ultimate authority over all the other gods because stop that too
  9. I'm honestly kind of disappointed that Ribombee is just a cutesy bee, considering irl bee flies are parasites that lay their eggs in beehives and steal all their resources. *slides gamefreak $20* menacing but still fluffy final Cutiefly evo please And I love that Bounsweet, which spends its entire life running away from Pokemon trying to eat it and not getting help from anyone, just completely stops giving a once it evolves and can protect itself. You go, kid. Nobody can blame you. Alolan Muk!!! The colors!!!! I really love all the lore in gen 7 surrounding evolution and how humans and Pokemon interact each other, as opposed to the whole "this Pokemon is so powerful it can destroy the entire planet" angle. Pokemon is really working hard since Yokai Watch pretty much dethroned it in Japan and it shows! All these 'mons have so much personality. I love Tsareena so much
  10. Go ahead! I've updated my first post with general permissions (and also some more recent examples), so that should streamline things a bit.
  11. *literally googles 'orange things'*
  12. This was supposed to be another lineup for the non-datable characters, but I forgot that I only had two designs ready, so here's just MC and the Nightmare Queen looking extremely stylistically disparate beside each other
  13. No please not him he's the worst everyone needs to reevaluate their date choices Whoops I got super carried away, enjoy
  14. Not request news (but I'll get to that soon), but I finished the thing!! Which of these jerks (and the secret option, who is not a jerk) would you date
  15. Oh boy, request time. I'll try to get to them between personal stuff and homework. @Meg: Ah yes, FR, another adoptables game I've abandoned out of laziness. Are you asking for, like, a badger version of that familiar? @Aroara: Hedging your bets with two artists, eh? I'll see what I can do. Just any old orange objects? And here's some progress shots of the thing I'm working on: [1] [2]
  16. Sure, go ahead. I really need to update the first post with permissions or something... I don't have a wishlist because I'm honestly not even that into DC anymore :'D But it's cool, I'll see what I can do. Cuttlebuddy coloring page?? (I'm probably going to color them in later)
  17. Oh, no, not that one. They're a knucker, which is basically an oddly specific water dragon that lives in a tiny pond and eats people. Speaking of fakemon, though, have I linked Syldew in this thread yet? I don't think so. Cuttlebuddies are difficult to describe using common human vocabulary. They're... tiny bean-shaped cartoon cuttlefish? I don't know, I'll probably do more with them later, which means drawing them digitally which will hopefully be way more visible.
  18. Mini artdump: spider friend cuttlebuddies??? me @ myself: lay off on the weird adoptables who dis I haven't been doing much art lately because school. But did you know that in Canada, all of our thankfulness is worn away by the frigid winds and replaced with cold hatred by the time November rolls around, and therefore Canadian Thanksgiving is next week and I get 3 days off? If y'all have requests, now is a good time.
  19. Anyone else kind of get the feeling that there was massive public outcry about the final starter evolutions when they were leaked, and now they're frantically trying to design new ones? I mean, that was totally what happened with the two Charizard megas in gen 6. Butler owl is ridiculous and I love it.
  20. @esko: i tried Tried to throw some shading on there, and wow, I really, really don't know how to shade. At least it was a learning experience, I guess? @Pryanka and Sock: ahh thank you, but it's not my character. Here's a profile. I do really enjoy drawing tentacles, though. I'll get on that waterhorse request soon, but I have a few other things to take care of this weekend.
  21. Not sure I'm liking your attitude, buddy. You haven't talked to me in, like, a year, and you just come into my art thread demanding the highest effort level of art I offer without so much as a thank you? I'm not your art slave, man. That's a bit clearer, I suppose; I'll probably get around to it sometime this weekend.
  22. Sure, although I'm a bit busy with school lately so it may take me a while. The reference is kind of ambiguous; is it just a guy in robes and a helmet with antlers? What about shoes/pants/skin? What pose?
  23. Have some authentic genuine depression draws (some body horror)