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  1. five pyukumuku and a mimikyu I think I'm just going to catch and use things I like as the game goes on. We've only seen like a couple dozen pokes (outside of leaks) and I'm pretty sure I'm going to like some of the others better than these ones.
  2. Thanks! I realized literally seconds after I uploaded the image that the lower row of faces is supposed to be orange :'D oh well, this Grave is shiny now Poodle skirts were apparently a huge thing in the 50s but I only know about them through cultural osmosis. Which is a shame because what a good aesthetic.
  3. Introducing: the best oc I have ever created
  4. Tryin something a bit different
  5. Sun and Moon are available for predownload in the eshop, so if you can't get a cartridge, you don't have to spend hours waiting for it to load the day it's released!! Getting a physical cartridge was never really an option for me so I'm very excited. I bought it like 10 hours ago and it's still only at 19%, so I would definitely recommend getting on that as soon as possible. I just hope people don't find a way to datamine this too.
  6. Well cute's the only thing I can do, so we'll match :V smol
  7. 99.9% of forum RPs die before they reach completion, and that's a conservative estimate. If your only goal in joining RPs is to play through to the end, you're going to be very disappointed. Just enjoy the ride ;0 I'm somewhat interested, but this is a pretty bad time for me so I'm probably not going to join. Maybe, though.
  8. Skye Sterling, the Last Magical Girl and only decent date option in this horrible dating simulator, and I've suddenly realized that since I named her Skye I can no longer give her a magical girl name that involves "sky" in any shape or form because that would be too blatant even for a cheesy magical girl anime, god dammit I'll. Figure it out. Eventually.
  9. I'd say this is a wip, but tbh I'm probably giving up on this piece altogether
  10. Customization's in sun/moon! It was one of the first things confirmed, basically. Yeah, XY was alright, but it felt more like a demonstration of mega evolutions to me than an actual game. At least we're getting some followup on the whole zygarde thing.
  11. octopi

    Flight Rising

    Hey guys what's up I'm considering getting back into FR. I don't want to deal with feeding all these starving children, so if you want any of these dragons after Treesan, ask. Food donations would be appreciated but honestly just take em for free if you want.
  12. Yikes, thanks for datamine spoilers :\ not everyone wants those, y'know. I was asking about officially.
  13. Is no HMs even confirmed? I think all we know at this point is that the Ride Pokemon exist. Flying was still a thing in ORAS even with the soaring mechanic. Also, another one of those is out!! I wish I could be as excited about life as these kids.
  14. the owl is ok, i guess. acceptable. mediocre
  15. I'm thinking of participating again this year, against my better judgement :'D My crippling social anxiety and perfectionism prevent me from ever publishing anything, so I'll probably just churn out 50k words of a thing I've been working on to develop it more.
  16. Yeah I get that!! It's just that there's a pretty big difference between "I don't like infernroar, personally speaking" and "the mere existence of infernroar has ruined all of Pokemon forever", and there's a lot of that latter sentiment going around :C I've never been very into any of the fire starters (fire-types generally aren't really my thing, I think). It would be nice to see more variation among them, and it's somewhat disappointing that gamefreak hasn't done so, but that has nothing to do with infernroar, really.
  17. Listen the litten line, on its own, is incredibly solidly designed with a clear theme and cohesive shapes and patterns (I really like how they executed the tiger stripes in particular). I understand y'all are tired of bipedal physical attackers in fire starters and/or just not really into the wrestler aesthetic, but none of that is infernroar's fault. Please at least try to appreciate it on its own merits. It is a giant fire cat that plays the hammy villain but secretly loves everyone. It is my son and I will defend it until the end of days. I mean, I'm going for popplio, but all this hate is really upsetting. On another note, according to official materials, Alolan persian is beautiful and majestic with lush thick fur and everyone reveres it. You know what, yes. Perfect.
  18. Starter leaks confirmed! Listen, incineroar is great and I love them. It tries so hard, you guys, please be nice. Rest of the island guardians confirmed to be heads that go on giant glowing z-move mechs. A daring move. I like it. Also I'm intrigued by cosmog, I need 35 of them stat Late to the party, but it's mentioned on official sites that Alolan Meowth changed formes because Alolan royalty bred it as pets; they're all wild now because there's no more royalty, but they still look pretty goofy, I guess.
  19. Bumping this up. We're currently waiting on posts from: Fastfall - someone to talk to the gym leader, preferably one of the humans Lifferoad - Leo's waiting on a response from Chompers Shifter fight - Dam (not urgent, but still) Serpent's Fang - literally anyone. Please someone talk to this horrible man.
  20. If cure wins I really can't see any possibility other than a boring "you won" message, and every dragon is going to get better eventually anyway, so why not spread and see what happens? ;0 If you're twitchy and bad at minesweeper like me, protip: if you get the "wait a bit" error message, you can refresh it after the 10 minutes are up and it'll send.
  21. [expresses frustration by drawing memes] Lined and colored from paper sketch (which is here, although I can't imagine why you would want to see it); done in 33 minutes, because I hate my life
  22. Cleaned up my imgur a bit because compulsions, so if some of the links in this thread don't work anymore, it's because they no longer exist. And have this too; I don't like the way it turned out, but I did draw it, so whatever
  23. You can't upload directly to the forums. You'll have to host it elsewhere and use BBCode to put it in your post.
  24. fat beetle friend officially crowned Best Bugaboo Re: fox girl: monster AU Ellie is a kitsune who uses her shapeshifting powers mostly to cosplay anime characters. She is not a responsible child.