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  1. Granted. The main antagonist of Real Life suddenly steps through a portal and stabs you with a sword. Then a bunch of really confusing things involving something about a true love, lots of slow motion and dramatic music happen. None of this is funny to you. I wish you would corrupt this wish.
  2. I accidentally killed Applesauce in a math accident. Whoops, sorry ):
  3. DEAD THREAD REVIVE GO Yeah, it's pretty awesome. It's pretty much the only video game I've ever beaten, except some Pokemon games. I suck at video games. It's a really fun time waster, in general. For Zombotany, I just piled all my sunflowers in the first two rows behind some wall-nuts. Then I potato bombed/spikeweeded all the other rows, since peashooter zombies can't hit those plants. It was a lot easier than Bobsled Bonanza, for sure. Why has no one complained about that one??
  4. You Have To Burn The Rope. trolololololol Seriously though, I really liked Dr. Zomboss from Plants vs. Zombies. Epic music as per usual, and beating him after an eternity of camper vans is really satisfying. ...Yeah, I don't play anything that everyone else plays. Sadface.
  5. Three named so far, but I just started playing a while ago really. I'm probably going to leave most unnamed and name randomly when I feel like it. Most of my names will probably be cheesy Homestuck/Pokemon references because I really do suck at names. I am really glad that wasn't taken. It will probably be my only good name ever.
  6. Not this exactly, but something close to it. I can't find mine anymore. Three Homestucks in three pages!
  7. Just nabbed this one: http://dragcave.net/lineage/o7bsfhttp://dragcave.net/lineage/o7bsf' target='_blank'>.
  8. Hello! I think this roleplay sounds interesting, and I kind of want to join. I don't have a dragon planned out yet though, and I want to ask a few questions before I rush in. So first of all, you guys are accepting new members, right?? It says so in the topic description thing but the last few posts seem to suggest otherwise. Also is all of the golden land literally made of gold, or is it just that gold is the only kind of metal available to make anything out of? There are trees and regular rocks on the map after all. And how often are we expected to post? I haven't been in a lot of roleplays, so, honest question. That's it for now, I think. Sorry for sounding like a noob. If you accept me I promise to try not to flake off and leave randomly ;_;