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  1. Am I allowed to bullet post like this if I actually have new art? Because UB03 is finished: boop Bonus: (flashing gif warning)
  2. Thanks! Design's not mine, though; go compliment Gamefreak. It's transparent (kinda, I'm still bad at that), so you can drag it around. I also finished both UB02s and I'm... not sure why I didn't post them at the same time as UB01, but anyway, here: I love supermodel cockroach and buff mansquito
  3. In that case, have you checked out Bugs & Kisses? Because that one's not hypothetical at all. Also Mushi Cure Magika was very formative for me in terms of drawing cute anthro bugs. Listen, my art style is cute basically through a combination of accidents and laziness and I'm pretty embarrassed about it sometimes, but the ability to make unconventional things adorable is super important to me on multiple levels. Thank you for your support. Feel free to request bug anthros at any time.
  4. I'm working on a thing again, against my better judgement!! Here's a sneak preview. (Pokemon Sun/Moon spoilers, kinda? Nothing that hasn't been revealed pre-release, tbh.) The Ultra Beasts are very important to me and I have to make them all adorable
  5. Ditto's available, on the third island I think? I'm not sure, I haven't caught one myself. Also, some plot discussion; I know I have a terrible memory so correct me if any of this is wrong, but this has really been getting to me lately: Okay, so it's mentioned that Lusamine's husband Mohn used to research Ultra Space until he disappeared into an Ultra Wormhole and never came back, which might be part of the reason why she got so obsessed with Ultra Beasts in the first place. That's all well and good, it's a solid tragic backstory, but... isn't Mohn the bean guy from Poke Pelago? I mean, in retrospect, he's kind of got the same hair as Gladion, so I can see that being a thing, but what the hell is he doing?? Is Poke Pelago secretly the Ultra Space? Did he find a way back and just never tell her?? ???????????
  6. I've beaten the game and I've been running around the map triggering a bunch of fun mini cutscenes but I never even saw the guy again. Why is he in this game?? Literally just for that one cameo? Then why did they bother designing and rigging an entire new character model for him??? I mean I'm not really complaining, I love all the gen 5 characters, but it's weird.
  7. I'm in Ontario. It just snowed here last night, although not enough to cover the ground. The weather's been ridiculous lately. It's been flipping wildly between 10 degrees and 0 (Celsius) the last few days, and now the wind's so loud that it literally woke me up yesterday rattling the windows. This is probably not going to be a fun winter.
  8. Alpha Sapphire is gen 6, and you can never transfer Pokemon back a generation since the coding for the new Pokemon doesn't exist in the older games. Also Pokemon Bank isn't even going to have gen 7 support until January. I just have a male Primarina because hey, screw gender roles. He's fabulous and likes head pats and I love him. Sun/Moon is so visually stunning that it's actually kind of jarring. Like, I love the full 3D environments and cutscenes. Couldn't be happier (unless we also got stereoscopic 3D to go with it, but I understand time constraints and whatnot). But the fact that everyone, even the irrelevant NPC trainer classes, has a unique standing pose full of personality just throws your character's stiff stance and blank smile into sharp relief. As much as "silent protagonist with no personality" is part of Pokemon's legacy, I feel like it really doesn't work anymore. Petition for gen 8 to at least give us a few pose choices?
  9. Hey guys what's up I haven't been drawing for fairly obvious reasons but here's a thing (Context: a silly conversation about how all the edgy antiheroes get crobats) (Gladion is an awful child and I love him)
  10. Booyah, 50k! =D (Don't be fooled by my signature, though; I just validated and I'm pretty sure at least a hundred of those are em dashes.) I think I'll take a break and then add to my wordcount with one of my other projects.
  11. Gladion is ridiculous and I kind of love him. Did some NPC say in canon that his clothes are ripped because Null keeps tearing them and he's hopeless at sewing, or am I having hallucinations from being sleep-deprived? Because that's ridiculously adorable. What an awful child. How did he think he would survive in the wild on his own for two years
  12. I... beat the game and the post-credits mission today :'D I may have an unhealthy obsession with Pokemon, but whatever. This game was amazing. Some rambling spoilers about my thoughts on the plot below: I'm really, really happy about how they handled the Ultra Beasts. They're established as utterly incomprehensible alien beings from another dimension with incredible powers that pose a danger to humans and Pokemon alike, but the plot doesn't dwell on cosmic horror at all. Instead, it's firmly established that they're just scared and confused about suddenly being brought to our world and any damage they're doing is out of ignorance or just their attempts to get home, and the blame falls on those who try to use their power for evil. And despite their differences, you can eventually befriend them and pat them on the head and feed them heart-shaped beans. (Guzzlord just swallows them whole, it's the cutest thing.) They're living, breathing creatures with preferences and motivations and they deserve to have someone try to understand them. And even if that's impossible, maybe you can still be friends with them despite that. Personally speaking, I have a whole bucketful of mental illnesses and find it extremely difficult to relate to other people on the best of days, and it's disheartening to see so much media othering monsters or aliens because they're usually the characters I relate to most. I'm really, really glad Pokemon exists and has such an incredibly, unwavering positive attitude about the nature of humanity. hmu if you want to swap beasts!! I still need the two Sun-exclusive ones, so I can pet them forever.
  13. And I'll be upset if there is a dolphin Pokemon, but you know we're both still getting the games anyway. Nintendo don't gotta care about this stuff.
  14. You get Magearna by scanning a QR code, and all the sun/moon site says is to "check back for details" later. , and it's apparently the final sun/moon press release before launch. I'm so incredibly hyped for this game, everything about it just looks so good. I won't be able to make it to any midnight releases, but I've already predownloaded it so I don't have to wait in line for hours anyway ;P
  15. Thanks for attending, everyone! That was a lot of fun. Here's all the bug lesbians again, because I'm too tired and anxious to actually upload the bad stream doodles. (Click for full size image; from left to right, moth, praying mantis, assassin spider, honeypot ant (bottom), wasp (top), spiny crab orb weaver.) But I think we all know what the real masterpiece of this stream was:
  16. Cool beans cool beans I was going to wait for some responses from people on skype, but I think I'm just gonna go ahead and start it. Hop in whenever. No sun/moon spoilers beyond what's revealed in the demo, please. Join.me link: You missed it sorry
  17. Does anyone actually read this thread?? Anyway, if you do, hey what's up, I'm considering doing an art stream later tonight (probably mostly bad doodles but maybe some requests), would y'all be interested in that
  18. octopi

    Flight Rising

    This offer still stands y'all, just send a CR
  19. I'm loving these ultra beasts!! They just look wonderfully otherworldly and alien. I really, really hope we can capture them (even if it's one of those one-per-team deals); I know they've already been established as "not Pokemon" but they're so good. Edit: on further inspection, I think the one on the right is based on Princess Kaguya? With the bamboo motifs and humanoid figure with skirts in the middle.
  20. their name is Anthea and they like cute outfits
  21. I tried out SAI's lineart tools and holy heck this is so much crisper and more fulfilling than doing it by hand
  22. I haven't really been drawing lately but check out these victini apples I made with the only knife available to me (a comically large cleaver)
  23. Apparently my phone GPS spontaneously started working again at some point. Would've been good to know before the Halloween event ended, I still don't have a gengar :C Anyway, things are glitchy as ever, I see.
  24. Anyone else got a NaNoWriMon? Mine's here and I'm super excited for it to evolve. Too bad DCF doesn't support dynamic images or I'd have it in my sig :c