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  1. ((Whoop! Higher probability for good gender ratios! I'materribleperson)) "I've got a brother and a sister," Ianthe murmured. Then, quite loudly for her standards, "No one cares about the origins of these things, is that how it is? I think it's a big deal! Why haven't any of our parents told us that there are other kids who have these pins? That makes no sense. There's got to be something else here. I mean, some secret that they thought would make sense to hide from us. And why haven't any of us met each other before? I mean, at least some of us must have come from the same village, right? It just...it just makes no sense." Ianthe stared at the floor.
  2. Ianthe sighed. "Ianthe. Nice to meet you, Angel." She didn't think anyone could really hear what she said, but decided not to repeat it anyway. How many introductions have I done today? Three? At least three. "Hey, where'd you get your pin? There seems to be, kind of a pattern, emerging, here. None of our parents have told us about any other kids with these pins, from, what I've been seeing, and...at least mine and Rachel's act suspicious when we ask about it." Ianthe felt the urge to just run outside and get herself lost in the forest. Unfortunately, it was no longer an option now that she was in school. She didn't think she would be able to survive another class.
  3. Blup. I can delete it if you want. It's no big deal
  4. "He's Derek," Ianthe cut in. She didn't want to intrude on introductions, but she was getting a little impatient. "Where did you get your pin? Apparently, both of ours were found with us near a river. And our parents kind of act like they're not...like they're leaving something out, when we ask about it. So they never actually told us about the other kids with pins. You don't have the same thing happening, do you? This is already just really, really ridiculous."
  5. Ianthe blinked. "Sometime in the fall," she said vaguely. She couldn't recall the exact date. "September, maybe? Well, anyway, actually, I was found near the river too. My parents were always, ah, too occupied with my siblings to answer my questions about it properly. Maybe they were hiding something too." She shrugged. Then, noticing Derek, she waved to him. "Hey. I'm Ianthe. Nice to meet you." She looked meaningfully at the pin on his bag strap.
  6. Ms. Fansand reached Ianthe, and she held her hands out. The teacher cleaned her hands, and she quickly walked outside to join Rachel. If they all did come from the same place, at least some of the parents must have told their kids where that was. Ianthe resolved to ask the others until she found something useful. "Hey. You said that you'd had it for as long as you can remember, right? The pin. I mean the pin. Where'd you get yours? Did you ask your parents about it?"
  7. Why does that matter so much, anyway? It wouldn't make much of a difference, whether he was there or not. And since I imagine creepy basements to be damp, he'll probably be needed there so Angel doesn't flip out.
  8. If everyone else refuses, Ianthe won't have the guts to hand hers over either. How come the one with the fake pin won't get punished, though? I don't think that makes much sense.
  9. ((>:[)) Ianthe felt a little dizzy. It was the first day at the school, and she'd somehow been pulled into a group of friends because of that little insignificant trinket. She had only brought the thing because of some silly reason she couldn't remember anymore, and wasn't planning on wearing it more than a few times. The boy didn't seem to notice Robby and his pin, so she shook her head at him as a "never mind". There would be time in the hallway to talk about it. Where had the others gotten their pins? Ianthe had asked her parents about it, many times, but they were often too occupied with her siblings to give her a proper answer. It was found with her, they said. Near the river. Now go bother someone else, we're busy. The others didn't seem to know either, and she wondered if their parents had all avoided telling them for some bigger reason. She opened her bag and dug into it(oh man, now everything is all chalky), grabbed the pin, then suddenly changed her mind and drew her hand back.
  10. Ianthe blinked at Rachel, uncomprehending, before remembering that they still weren't allowed to talk yet. Funny how I'm making so many blunders today, even though I usually don't talk at all. Definitely a result of knowing other kids. She noticed Rachel waving to someone behind her, and followed her line of sight. It was hairpin girl's brother, the one who had told the teacher about his missing sister earlier. She waved back, copying Rachel's gesture. ((Fuuuu Robby why you ninja me. Good thing I refreshed the thread before posting.)) She noticed the roughly made pin on the boy's bag strap, and raised an eyebrow. She looked over at Hairpin, and saw Robby showing his own pin to her. Since she still had the boy's attention, she decided to use it and gestured at his sister madly.
  11. Ianthe looked down at the chalky mess and sighed. Even if she got her hands cleaned, the white stuff would still stay in her hair and clothes for a while, and she was going to have to go to the next class covered in it. She stood up, grabbed her bag(whoops, more things to clean) and shuffled into the line behind Rachel, temporarily forgetting about Marie. They'd found another kid with a pin, hadn't they? Yeah, that girl wearing it in her hair. Ianthe tapped Rachel's shoulder to get her attention. "Hey, who's she?" She asked, gesturing at Angel.
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9BbRffBCeYw Figuratively/reference-to-Adventure-Time-ly. But yeah, I'm just saying that it would probably work without all of the pins having to be brought out. The teacher sees a bunch of kids walking together in the hallway, most of them wearing weird identical pins, and they got suspicious and checked the rest of their bags. Hey, do you mean that the teacher will actually clean their hands?
  13. Well, most of the kids have them on right now, right? Maybe they all get together and think about the weirdness of this, and then a teacher goes WHAT ARE YOU DOING ONE MILLION YEARS DUNGEON.
  14. Gratuitous Japanese is gratuitous. Ianthe doesn't wear hers, though. It's currently at the bottom of her bag. Maybe the teachers notice that she's friends with the other dove children and go "YOU SHOULD NOT BE HANGING OUT WITH THESE TERRIBLE CHILDREN. GO DOWN TO THE BASEMENT" ? Man, this is a pretty self-defeating punishment. They're all just going to chill in the dark together. If no one else signs up, can we make more dove children characters? Just to speed things up.
  15. Pi. Without the E. Or Six/'6 if you'd like(shortened form of another of my usernames). Honestly, I wasn't that mad about the Pie thing. It just ticked me off a bit, and I enjoy pretending to be a robot. (Did you know that "typewriter" is the longest English word that can be typed with one line of the QWERTY keyboard? Kind of appropriate, huh.) Manners is next. Oh god. Can we just skip some of the lessons? Or just RP out the beginnings of them. Let the kids talk about how terrible it was afterwards, during break/food. I can't wait until hand radio dove pins. Then we can chatter during class and no one else will notice or care. Wait...break's not on the schedule. Is that a mistake?
  16. Ianthe wrote in the last letter, wishing that she had brought a handkerchief, or a cloth, or something, to wipe the little board with. Her hands were covered in the white stuff from the chalk, there were smears of it on her clothing, and even a few bits in her hair. She was pretty sure that she wasn't going to remember most of this later, either. She picked up the slate and held it out, resting the bottom two corners on her desk. When would the class end?
  17. Circumference divided by diameter is not the same thing as delicious snackAAAAAASDHVJKdrdyithblTYPEWRITERTYPEWRITERTYPEWRITER Actually, the reason that I don't use the OOC (that's two Os and one C, for Out Of Character >:T) is that no one else seems to use it for serious RP-related questions. Self-fulfilling prophecy, huh.
  18. ((Can we just timeskip to the end of the letters?)) Ianthe rubbed her A out, looked disapprovingly at the white dust on her hand, and wrote in a B with three quick strokes. She held the board up. How many letters were there, twenty-something? She didn't want to have to do this all morning.
  19. ((Oh man. I remember doing this back in China. Everyone was so serious about not screwing up that they screwed up worse. It was hilarious.)) Ianthe picked up the chalk. She remembered her parents reading the letters engraved on the back of her pin to her: I-an-thee. Those six letters were familiar to her, if nothing else. She drew an A, trying to not make her hand wobble too much. She set the chalk down and held the slate up.
  20. Come on, their powers are based on their personalities/likes. People who intensely dislike each other was always going to happen. Wouldn't Adriana dislike Angel too, considering that fire is pretty much anti-darkness? Also we should reaaaally move the story forward. It's been six days and the first class hasn't even actually started.
  21. "Oh." So, talking was really only not allowed in classes. Too bad it was a school. Ianthe wondered when the breaks were. She needed at least a vague idea of what the schedule was like if she wanted to know when best to bother Marie. Without thinking, she began asking a second question. "Well, when-" Prince Martyn and Princess Gertrude entered the room, with a student. She had a pin in her hair! This was getting ridiculous. Ms. Fansand either honestly didn't hear Ianthe's second question, or was pretending not to hear it. It's the couple, isn't it, Ianthe realized. That's why she's being so nice all of a sudden. Because someone who has more power than her is here. Ianthe snorted. Adults could be quite ridiculous sometimes.
  22. Fourteen and ninth for me. Those odds are plummeting really fast, by the way. I think the odds of male/female characters appearing were never really even. More girls roleplay, it seems. If people stop joining later on, will we be allowed to make more dove children to fill in the gaps? This unbalanced ratio is getting really terrible. Do we really need to post the char sheets? They're already in the first post anywaaaay. //I'msolazy
  23. ((So we're all talking in colors now? Well then. Hum. I'm just going to say that Ianthe talks in black so I can be lazy. I'll color other people's dialogue when quoting, though.)) So someone's sister is lost in the castle, and the teacher didn't care. Not a good sign in any situation. Ianthe looked around. Many of the other children seemed even more nervous than before. And I'd been looking forward to learning how to read, too. Ianthe breathed in to sigh, then cut herself off. Hopefully the other teachers wouldn't be as bad. "You may answer, young lady." Ms. Fansand pointed at Ianthe. She blinked, a little confused at the word choice. "Uh. When will we be allowed to talk, then?"
  24. Yay, OOC thread! Guys, why are you using OCC and OOC interchangeably? It's supposed to be OOC, for Out Of Character. Where'd the other thing come from? Also bluh so many girl dove children. I feel like making a male student char to balance it out, but it honestly won't help :\
  25. Fractional Pi Day is smelly No comment. Next: thegreenrobby has no hobbies and therefore resorts to insulting people on the internet.