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    Beast Summoners

    This is a pretty interesting concept. I signed up, and am now slowly acquiring an army of chickens. This sure is a thing that is happening. Do we have to post regularly on the forums to stay on site? I'm pretty antisocial and usually don't have much to contribute (and I'm also put off by the mandatory binary gender options, but that's another matter).
  2. Well, there's a general trade thread. I'd be up for some shiny trades; somehow I've acquired 3 shinies without the shiny charm, and none of them are of new gen 7 pokemon. Boo.
  3. Alas, trade evolutions are all part of the marketing campaign, so we'll never get rid of them. I'm also incredibly antisocial, but the GTS works pretty well for trade evolutions, at least the one without item requirements. Once though, I put up a boldore in the GTS and asked for a boldore, and got one holding an everstone. What the hell, dude? My beef with this gen's trade system is that I can (and have, twice) be randomly accosted by people looking to trade whenever I'm connected to the internet, and I can't turn it off because it's the exact same trade system used to trade with friends.
  4. 1. what's a toxapex 2. why am i drawing this at 4am the night before i have an exam
  5. Z stood stiffly off to the side as the others talked, hands clasped tightly behind their back and eyes fixed on the ground. They didn't know if Valda was the Noivern that had attacked the movie set (although her knowledge of the gym leader was certainly suspicious), but either way, there would be some awkward questions at the very least if Tae found out that most of their little group wasn't exactly human. As Tae began describing a Noivern, they bit their lip and stared harder at the concrete, trying to think of a plausible excuse for Lambert to own a Noivern and not know about it - but Gaes beat them to the punch. They let out a breath they hadn't realized they were holding. Traded for one - yes, that would make sense. And she'd delivered the line with such confidence, too; maybe it would be better to leave the lying to her, for now. When she proceeded to change the subject, though, Gaes asked about contests. They looked up and blinked at her. They'd pretty much accepted by now that Lambert was determined to waste time doing gym challenges wherever they went, but now contests, too? Well, Z wouldn't mind spending a bit more time in Fastfall themself, but the mission was higher priority right now. Maybe they should say something to keep everyone on track. They'd have to explain where they were going to the two newcomers eventually, anyway. They shuffled a bit more to the side so they weren't half-hidden behind Rhapsody, and hesitantly raised a hand. "Er, we were... we were also wondering if you could give us a ride. To Taismog. A-after Lambert's gym battle, I suppose." They tried to keep the annoyance out of their voice, but weren't sure if they succeeded. "It - we, uh - came here from Vertia, and Laren said you could?"
  6. Apparently Type: Null isn't shiny-locked; I searched around and a few people got shinies while SRing for IVs. Something to do after I restart my game, then. Moon has been really nice to me in terms of shinies. Aside from the shellder, I also randomly encountered a shiny sandile and miltank, both of which I managed to catch. If only I had as much luck with pikipek.
  7. I've heard that mega diancie isn't even programmed into the game, so I think we might be out of luck D= I guess there's a chance they'll release a downloadable patch, but they didn't do that for XY to make it backwards compatible with the ORAS megas, so I doubt that'll happen. It looks like some IVs still carry over even without a destiny knot, so I'm just EVing a cloyster now and hoping I can rack up enough BP without a focus sash to buy one.
  8. Anybody got a destiny knot...? I'm trying to breed and chain for Pokemon with good IVs, but it's pretty hard to do it without any BP to buy equipment and I'm finding the battle tree ridiculously difficult. I did get a shiny shellder, though!! I was really surprised, since I was only 30-something Pokemon in the chain when its shiny gold shell popped up. 4IV, too.
  9. Flyinium is in [the deepest part of Ten Carat Hill; you need Machamp Shove to get into the chamber it's in.] I had to look that up on Serebii, it's weirdly obscure. Anyone interested in the upcoming VGC tournament? It's before Pokemon Bank goes live, so only Alola-born Pokemon. I'm not going to have well-trained prepared Pokemon by then, but I saw a set for pom-pom Oricorio and Ribombee, and the thought of those two being actually competitively viable pleases me immensely. I might try it out.
  10. [anime noblewoman's laugh in the distance] I tried it with the green markings too, but I couldn't make it look good. Artistic license for the sake of bug anime, I guess.
  11. Yeah, BW. The hard/easy modes only changed levels, though, and you had to unlock them by going through the game on normal difficulty. Let's be honest, though, ridiculous roadblocks have always been a staple of Pokemon. I didn't find it more egregious in this game than any of the others.
  12. All these features people are complaining about were actually godsends for me :'D my memory is incredibly terrible, so a nudge in the right direction when I pick up the DS for the first time in the day is great. Also tells me exactly which bit of the map to avoid, because I'm the kind of person who tries to talk to everyone before advancing the plot. On the final cutscene: [If you fail to catch Tapu Koko, you don't actually have to reset. It'll be waiting for you at the ruins when you go there next. It was pretty much just a plot event; they can't possibly expect everyone to be ready for it right after the E4. That said, some warning would've been nice.] Yeah, Battle Royale is weird. I think it's just that it requires vastly different movesets and strategies from regular singles or VGC play, so it's hard to win unless you've actually prepared. Probably by losing repeatedly. That said, though, if they knew they were going to introduce it so early in the game, all they had to do was add a lv25 mode or set all Pokemon to lv50.
  13. I would argue that "just use super-effective moves and you will win" is neither true in any capacity nor the intended message of the type matchup indicators. 20 years into the franchise, Pokemon is so oversaturated with complicated mechanics (Z-moves, mega evolution, abilities/items/moves with an incredibly wide assortment of effects) that even if type matchups are simplified, there's still a lot to explore to use your Pokemon to their best potential. If this is "coddling", I'd say that some coddling is necessary by now. Otherwise there would be a ridiculously steep learning curve. This mechanic doesn't even simplify type matchings, either. If an opponent sends out a Pokemon that your team is ill-equipped to deal with, you'll still be ill-equipped to deal with it even if you know how all of your moves match up against it. You still have to build your team to account for possible threats. All that changes is you have more information available. In a strategy game, if the fact that your opponent has access to information they can look up on the internet anyway makes your strategy fail, it wasn't a very good strategy in the first place. Pokemon is complicated enough that it'd still be a complex and engaging game even in an environment of perfect information, and I think the matchup indicators represent a shift toward that instead of any kind of statement on the players' intelligence.
  14. I never found Pokemon's puzzles very challenging, and this is coming from someone who's terrible at puzzles. It's all basically "push these rocks into holes while being assaulted by Zubat because we told you to". At least with trials, there's an in-universe reason for the trial leaders to ask you to do weird arbitrary things, while most gyms are just giant sprawling labyrinths for no reason. I don't miss them. I don't really see what the big deal with the super-effective thing is either. Competitive Pokemon is essentially a strategy game where you already know your opponent's types, so theoretically it's already information available to you. All the difference it makes is that people who are new to Pokemon/have bad memories/etc don't have to use an external source to look things up. If you already know it, you have to... look at some extra words in the UI. The horror.
  15. Man, all you shiny hunters have way more patience than I do D= I blew like 30 leppa berries on a Pikipek chain yesterday and just kind of gave up. I suspect I'll be doing this on and off every day for the next few weeks. Like everyone else said, I really liked Sun/Moon's plot and it was pretty revolutionary for Pokemon, but... "Has a purely selfish villain, deals with themes of child abuse, and includes an organization that initially seems to have good intentions" also perfectly describes gen 5? I know gen 5 was pretty generic in other respects (I think it was more of a deconstruction/play on expectations than straight up new territory) but let's not pretend this is 100% all new original content that Pokemon has never explored.
  16. For Ultra Beasts: [Postgame, when you exit your house, you get a letter in your key items pocket. Examine it and it'll tell you where to go for the postgame Ultra Beast quest. Might wanna train up a bit first, though; I rushed straight into it and was severely underleveled.]
  17. It was bothering you... that we were talking about how it's possible to read an NPC as gay, and we were happy that we finally got some semblance of representation in the Pokemon series, even if it's not necessarily the writers' intent? :\ Ok then. In other news, I saw shiny Toucannon and have been overcome with a burning desire to obtain this angry bisexual toucan. Chaining battles requires a lot of patience and leppa berries, it turns out, and that's totally not my kind of thing, but I need it. Edit: I really liked the ghost trial!! [I don't even like or consume a lot of horror media, but once I got into the back room and swung the camera around for a couple of seconds, I immediately went "ah, it's behind me, isn't it", and responded with a lukewarm "ah, hello" when it turned out I was right.] I really like the trial system in general; it's a lot more fun than navigating 8 gym puzzles in a row.
  18. This has... vaguely disturbing implications. I don't know how or where any of our merfolk characters are going to get clothes and shoes for one thing, but more importantly, what happens if a merfolk is splashed with water while they have pants on??
  19. Oh, that one was 100% intentional.
  20. None of Lillie's dialogue is changed for a female MC, and it's hella gay. Thank you gamefreak for this wonderful gift I feel like this is kind of a common thing in games where you can pick your gender, tbh. Writers kind of lowkey assume you're playing as the male character, so everyone who falls in love with you is a girl. I mean, Shauna in gen 6? Yeesh. They changed a line of dialogue for that, but it's still pretty obvious.
  21. While on the topic of Pokedex entries, let's talk about Araquanid: Sun » It delivers headbutts with the water bubble on its head. Small Pokémon get sucked into the bubble, where they drown. Moon » Despite what its appearance suggests, it cares for others. If it finds vulnerable, weak Pokémon, it protectively brings them into its water bubble. The only two possibilities I can think of here are: 1. "Oh poor thing let me - wait I forgot you can't breathe water oops" 2. "DO NOT WORRY SMALL CHILD FOR I SHALL TAKE IT UPON MYSELF TO END YOUR SUFFERING BY ANY MEANS POSSIBLE"
  22. I played piano for five years or so and got a bunch of Royal Conservatory certifications for it and everything, but I eventually quit. Instruments and my anxiety/perfectionism aren't a great match. I downloaded a ton of fan arrangements of video game music back in the day (including an arrangement of Homestuck's Cascade which was a full 13 minutes long and required at least three hands) and goofed off by practicing those instead of the pieces I was actually supposed to play a lot :'D
  23. Do merfolk have to be fish? What about aquatic mammals or invertebrates?
  24. It's done!! All the UBs in a row I feel like they kind of went downhill after the first three or four tbh, but whatever, it's done.