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  1. stealth edit :0 you too Wow I haven't posted anything for almost two weeks whoops, here's an array of excuses: - I only got a week and a half of winter break, and I wasn't going to waste it not lying facedown in bed 24/7. - I have been drawing, but the vast majority of it is spoiler concept art for my upcoming RP (sneak peek; guess the pokemon!). - now school is happening again and I am not at all prepared. I had to make two (2) phone calls today just to get internet in my residence room. It's difficult to get things done when you're busy having multiple panic attacks at once. If you guys have requests (especially pokemon to magical girl-fy), throw 'em my way; I'll be procrastinating anyway, and I doodle to destress.
  2. Incineroar is based on a heel wrestler, whose job is basically to be the designated bad guy in the match so people cheer for the hero to defeat them. Since a lot of dark type moves focus on fighting dirty and using underhanded tactics, it's definitely more fitting than fighting imo. I get the feeling "fire/fighting syndrome" is less of an intentional thing and more that the designers don't really consider the starter types as important as getting in something that appeals to everyone? Like, everyone who wants the game has to get a starter, so to make sure all the kids have one they like, they make a cool one, a tough one, and an elegant one, especially in recent gens. It's just that fire keeps getting stuck with tough because of type stereotypes or whatever, and that tends to imply fighting-type.
  3. I'm not very good at mixing and matching furniture sets, but I think I like what I have so far.
  4. Looks like we're going again, so bumping this thread up too. Reminder that the OOC and chat both exist literally for the purpose of discussing things like character interactions and what you should do next. We can't help you if we don't know what's going on.
  5. Minior actually doesn't call for help in battle, so you can't chain them, even if you've got something to prevent Explosion. You'd probably have to breed, unfortunately. The whole "Sun/Moon will have a grand unifying plot that ties in all 20 years of Pokemon" theory is pretty hilarious in retrospect.
  6. shut up I'm doing my best and my methods work for me
  7. the secret: SAI's lineart tools My hands are actually really, really shaky, and I'm extremely bad at controlling pen pressure, so I'm basically just using that now for everything but really small pieces (like rainbow dog). It works great.
  8. psych I'm actually hilarious, please appreciate my tasteful and well-executed undertale reference Unrelatedly: Have Myxick and Myxterime appeared in this art thread yet? Well, here they are. I might colour these eventually, but... ehh.
  9. You're using imgur, which has an automatic resizing function: add a lowercase L to the end of the image code (eg. xxxxxl.jpg) to get the "large thumbnail" version of the image, which fits neatly on most webpages and is still large enough to be legible.
  10. There's a lot of dogs in undertale!
  11. Well I tumbled this one ;0 //shameless self-promotion
  12. perhaps because it senses some uncleanness in this world last exam in approximately 18 hours, hoo boy
  13. Which honestly barely affects anything (especially postgame, when you can literally just switch between the times whenever you want), unless you have a friend with the other version you can trade time exclusives with or something. I forget about it on a daily basis, and I have Moon. Uh, sure, PM me with your trainer name/friend code/something?
  14. There's really no difference between the versions except version exclusives this gen, and the only one of those that actually affects the plot is solgaleo/lunala, so I think most people chose a version based on the mascot legends. I'm going to be restarting soon so I can play through the plot again; I've already agreed to donate most of my stuff to my friend so she can collect a living dex, but anyone want a 10% zygarde or a 4-5IV mareanie or something?
  15. I think it's for Synchronize. Starting in ORAS, if you have a Pokemon with Synchronize in the first slot of your party, any special Pokemon (legendaries, tapus, etc) you encounter have a 100% chance of having the same nature as the Synchronize user. The land spirits are legal for use in competitive and have extremely useful abilities, so people are probably breeding lots of Abra to try to get the right natures for Synchronize. I now have a timid Necrozma in a beast ball thanks to one of those Abra, booyah )
  16. I'm pretty easy to please, tbh :V well, either way, you can always request stuff. I only have one exam left, so I'll have nothing to do pretty soon.
  17. Not sure about collabs because I have an irrational fear of showing other people unfinished work; it'd depend on how it happens, I guess. But trades, definitely. Hit me up, my man
  18. coping mechanism: making myself a split signature out of my favourite c-gear skin before an exam, instead of, say, studying or literally eating any food at all (i'll survive i'll get pizza or something)
  19. Pokebank will be updated, in late January the last I heard. And if you put at least one pokemon in every box and exit the PC, it automatically gives you more boxes.
  20. Nah, mega ampharos is just a bad pun. Its Japanese name denryuu can be read as both "electric current" or "electric dragon", since there's no kanji. Man, so much good luck with wonder trade. The best thing I've gotten is a 5IV gible in a beast ball, I think. Maybe people really are offering better stuff over the holidays; I'm gonna have to redouble my breeding efforts.
  21. I can't accept that compliment because I colordropped those directly from official art I'm awful at palettes. Eventually exams will end and I'll actually post content, but for now, here's a photo of some bear soda I had. Doesn't taste like bears.
  22. So many things. Gen 7 is really, really good, both design and story-wise. Updated Celesteela with slightly less terrible arms
  23. Nah man it's super cool, it's preferable to throwing my art into the void and getting no response at all I tried celesteela again, and I think it turned out better this time. It's really hard to make it adorable and still preseve its personality as a giant flying hunk of steel.