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  1. hey guys!! i'm very depressed, so it's eel time!!! rules of eel time: 1. go to this site and generate an eel 2. post the eel in this thread 3. i will make a gijinka/human version of your eel. *please be patient. i am sad and cannot draw very fast. wait times may vary depending on the popularity of eel time.
  2. [emerges from the earth] aaaaaaartfight if anyone else is participating, here's my account... wink wink... and here's some character refs I drew:
  3. The arguments about "labels" have kind of gotten me down lately, to be honest. Like... I've spent a lot of time thinking about my identity, and it's comforting to me to have words and terminology to describe myself with. If I take on a label, that's because that label is important to me. If I tell you about my labels, that's because it's important to me that you know about them. I understand that forcing everyone to choose a label would be bad because some people really do better without them, but the argument is often phrased in such a way that people say "you don't need labels, just be yourself!" to me, when "myself" is a person who appreciates and needs labels very much. It kinda feels like I'm being thrown under the bus in favour of identities that are easier to understand. (Also, holy gatekeeping, batman, but that's an issue I don't even want to talk about here.)
  4. my goal: to post in this thread exactly as often as i need to to keep it on the first page i've been trying a new style for humans, so here's a page of bad expressions practice. and who's this
  5. Does everyone really hate the new Lunala and Solgaleo forms? Because they look fantastic. I'm hyped. Mostly I just hope there's more postgame content in these ones. I finished Moon in like three days and promptly fell into a depressive episode.
  6. I dunno if I'll have time to do a full-colour illustration, but I'll try, I guess. Any particular pose directions? Now that I can actually share my traditional doodles with CamScanner I've been doing a lot more of them, but most of them are either spoilers or unpresentably bad. Here's a few:
  7. Oh! Thank you! N and Gladion are coincidentally the only canon characters from anything that i'm willing to draw lmao Updated first post: replaced digital examples with more recent ones, added link to my daily inkay blog (which is the main reason I haven't been posting here lately whoops, maybe I'll dump some squids in here when I find the time)
  8. That comment was specifically referring to the B2W2 art. Look at him. I'm very concerned. More of this.
  9. Pi: is it just a weird art thing or is N ridiculously skinny 23:38 PD006: someone feed that man a sandwich I downloaded CamScanner. It works pretty well.
  10. flamingoes are funny-lookin' birds.
  11. who wants some ADOPTS (click for fullsize) still not sure about selling my art on the internet, but I missed drawing cuttlebuddies. These all have "rare" traits that would hypothetically make them more expensive, because they're good special squishy friends.
  12. me to my followers: haha sorry I've been inactive lately but exams are over now so I should be able to draw more my depression: actually here's a sketch of an upcoming RP character.
  13. Z had expected some kind of start signal, like in the Gym battles they'd witnessed, but in retrospect they should have known that Valda wouldn't wait for one. They instinctively used Protect at Valda's screech and by some miracle the shimmering shield held - but now what? They looked frantically around the battlefield, but drew a blank. They should be attacking someone, right? Using a move? But which - Their Protect dissipated just in time for them to see a wave of water crashing toward them. The rest of the battle was... kind of a vague haze, and now that it was over and they were lying safely in a puddle of water, that bothered them almost as much as the reason they'd agreed to this battle in the first place. They had... attacked someone? Probably, considering their memory logs showed them using Discharge. The room was ruined, too, and they winced at the sparks amid the wreckage. Hopefully the cleaning services mentioned in the pamphlet would be able to handle this. Well, this was a disaster, and if given the opportunity to go back and make that choice again they definitely would stay out of it, but for some reason they felt pretty good nonetheless. Maybe it was just relief. Rhapsody cheerfully greeting someone at the door snapped them out of their thoughts. They turned - or tried to, at least; their limbs didn't seem to want to cooperate, so they settled for swivelling their head around. Lambert and Gaes were here (apparently Contests didn't take nearly as long as they'd imagined), and neither seemed nearly as content with the situation as they were. Right - cleanup. They made a second effort to get up, but only managed to wobble a few inches into the air before collapsing back into the puddle with a splash. "I - I don't think I'm, uh... I may need some help."
  14. Once the group made it to the training room, Z had nestled themself into a corner, hoping to have some time to organize their thoughts as the others trained. Apparently, it wasn't to be; they were immediately interrupted by a familiar-looking Drifloon almost floating into their face, and then Rhapsody practically throwing a TM at them. Sighing, they tucked the TM into a pocket and pulled themself to their feet again, resigned to having to stay alert. The Drifloon returned, bringing Valda with her this time, and floated up to them again to ask why they weren't participating in the free-for-all battle. Z wasn't one for superstitions, but they were starting to wonder if this particular balloon was a bad omen after all. They stared down at the floor. Flooey was right, though; aside from that (frankly pathetic) display back in Kusba, they hadn't even used any of their moves during the course of this game, let alone battled anyone. Perhaps it was just that no one had ever asked, but - that bothered them too, for reasons they couldn't quite articulate. And now that they'd had that thought, it wouldn't go away, and neither would the strange gnawing feeling that came with it. They tugged at their hat with both hands, bringing it down over their eyes. What was this? Something to do with their memories? After two days of relatively uneventful travel, they had almost forgotten how frustrating it was to feel things and have no idea why, and now on top of that they didn't even know what emotion this was supposed to be. Well, whatever it was, they didn't want to think about it, and - their head jerked upward slightly, although not enough to meet Flooey's gaze - battling seemed like a rather distracting stimulus. Wordlessly, they shifted, and floated toward Rhapsody. "I - y-you - you’re right. I'll... I'll give it a try."
  15. a sketch for a RP. exams are over now, so I'll hopefully be able to draw more soon...
  16. Memory guidelines: - shifters can only remember specific events, and not general information about their past life; e.g. someone can remember playing with their Bulbasaur when they were young, and extrapolate from that that they used to have a Bulbasaur, but cannot directly remember the fact that they had a Bulbasaur. - the memory will be exactly as clear as it would be if the shifter tried to remember the scene before their memories were taken. Things they used to remember well will be more detailed, they will only remember specific thoughts/feelings if they focused on that during the event, etc. - as a special prize for advancing the plot, Chompers, Emil, and Sine will be able to remember some vague context for their memories, such as who a person in the memory is. - and, reiterating from the IC post, memories from the month leading up to the shifter's entry into the game are not allowed. If you have further questions about what memories are allowed, come ask in the chat.
  17. Thanks! I'm worried about my lines being wobbly 24/7, so it's always nice to hear feedback to the contrary :') I have drawn reuniclus and volcarona on the squid blog (although in a less nice style). They happen to be some of my favourite pokes, so I might attempt lineless versions later, but it'll have to be after exams because boy am I unprepared for linear algebra.
  18. A dorg. (Transparent, and also probably looks better on a non-white background, because teeth) I pixelled this entire thing before realizing it was too big, and spent half an hour trying to find a way to shrink it down while preserving most of my work. The lines are probably still kinda wobbly, but... eh...
  19. guess who's procrastinating on studying for exams by drawing again (image is transparent) I'm getting pretty fond of this weird lineless binary style. I managed to do this in about an hour, but boy is my hand cramped. once exams are over, I might do a giveaway for followers of the squid blog with this art style... stay tuned ;0
  20. Z gave Zoey a stiff nod, resisting the urge to break eye contact. "That all sounds approximately right, but I... well, can't verify most of it from memory. For, er, fairly obvious reasons. If we had time..." they glanced over at the PC next to the Pokemon Center's counter. "M-maybe after we get to the next town. I can try to check all of that, I mean. The info about Helix is correct, at least; those names were on the company's website. I did take a look at some of their research as well, and... I'm not an expert, but there doesn't seem to be anything strange about it. I don't know why the, er, game involves them in particular." As for a "Shadow Incident"...? They knew roughly what a Shadow Pokemon was, but not much else, and Zoey could certainly have found that out at the library. "I... don't think I can help with that, either. Sorry." Anyway, Rhapsody seemed to have decided to wander off again, so they had a decision to make - and not a particularly difficult one, since the Contest would probably be recorded anyway. They turned to face the taller shifter. "Uh, would - would you mind if I went with you, actually? If you're going to buy things... I-I can read, and..." they blinked down at the flyer, still clutched tightly in both hands. "I can count money too, I suppose. Theoretically."
  21. I voted bad (chose to say nothing and got nothing, for reference). I don't like April Fools in general, and it's even worse when a prank like this has permanent effects. Communication between the mods and players is important, especially in a game like DC where a lot of people are playing to collect every sprite and need information on every release's availability, and "it's just a joke" isn't really a justification for bad communication. Sure, it's "just a mint", but by that metric every dragon on this site is "just a few pixels". It's fine if you enjoyed it/didn't mind/found it funny/whatever, I just don't think anyone has the right to tell anyone else they shouldn't be upset, since our priorities are all different.
  22. I'm apparently too depressed to be productive despite having 4 exams lined up I need to study for, so I drew my subeta avatar: I redrew the skirt like ten times and i still hate it lmao
  23. Looks like Z wouldn't have the time to go over the flyer in detail. And now Zoey was trying to negotiate, because apparently she prioritized Gym battles over the mission, too. Well, nothing much they could do about the group's eccentricities. "I don't know of any Dragon-types that can't learn Draco Meteor, so it should be possible," they answered Lambert, fishing the crumpled flyer out of their pocket to check if said move was on the list. "Although I'm not sure there will be time for it after the Contest."