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  1. Ok, but even better: taka means "hawk" in Japanese. Like, he's got a perfectly reasonable hawk name in the Japanese version (I think it's Gin, haven't checked in a while), but in the localized Japanifornia version, Simon Blackquill, certified samurai fanboy, named his literal pet hawk "hawk" in Japanese. I know the localization is a complete wreck at times and riddled with plot holes, but it also makes everything 10x more ridiculous. Which, in a series already as ridiculous as Ace Attorney, can only make things better.
  2. *screams* Last of the art fight stuff: horse dino this kid Not going to give any context for this: And some bun adopts, maybe:
  3. The first statement was Serebii's translation from a Japanese scan, and the second was in an official video, so I'd say the second one is more trustworthy. The translation might've been off, and Serebii edited their new Pokemon page to remove the day/night evolution thing when that video came out, so I think it's pretty much confirmed they're version exclusives now. Everyone's taking the edgy werewolf so seriously. I'd probably dislike it if I did too, but if you recognize how ridiculously goofy the design is, it's really quite loveable.
  4. Sure, but your probability of winning increases not because you used the same number, but because you did more trials. Like, if you bet on one coin flip, you have a 50% chance of winning, and if you bet on two, you have a 75% chance of winning at least once. But if you already know you're going to bet on two coin flips, it doesn't matter if you bet heads both times or if you bet heads the first time and tails the second. The chances are still 75%. I feel like the fundamental flaw in the idea of "gaming the lottery" is that the people running the lottery are also trying to make money. They're not, like, some kind of impartial third party that just redistributes money. If there were a way to game the lottery such that your expected returns are higher than your costs, the organizers would notice and change things so that exploit can't be used anymore.
  5. New video on Serebii. Looks like the wolves are version exclusive after all. Oh well, I'm starting to find this edgy werewolf charming. And of course Pikachu and Eevee get extra special Z-attacks :\ They're just piling on the extra gen 1 content, aren't they.
  6. Rhapsody turned to snap at someone else, and Z followed his line of sight to find a man with an ostentatious X across his shirt, who wasted no time in asking Lambert about the game. Well then - nothing for four whole days, and now two in a row? That couldn't be a coincidence. There was no way to confirm their theories until they met back up with the others in Taismog and exchanged notes, but this could be a chance to get some valuable data. They shuffled forward a few steps. "Uh, excuse me - " A loud voice from behind them interrupted their question. Z squeaked in surprise and pivoted around to see the woman from before growling out a warning at Gaes, her nails digging into her skin. Z swallowed slowly. What happened? They hadn't been paying attention. Had Gaes said something? Not hard to imagine, given her disposition, but what was it? The woman let go before her Drifloon could intervene, but her tone remained every bit as poisonous as before. Was that... better? No, it couldn't be. They reached up to tug at the sides of their hat. If only they hadn't shifter their focus - Rhapsody and Lambert probably could have handled it - "Um," they blurted out, then immediately realized just how bad of an idea that was. Why was she upset? She'd said something about - trainers? And Helix? "I - sorry, I didn't - quite h-hear - uh - that is to say - hnn." They let their breath hiss out between their teeth, frustrated despite the circumstances. Why was this so hard? "Sorry - sorry for the inconvenience; please, we... there's no need for threats. W-we're trying to do the same thing. Right? Team Helix is, ah - a research organization, as far as we can tell. We're trying to get to the Gym Leader, so we can... get to a place, where we'll be able to get more information. You're... welcome to come with us?" They glanced at Rhapsody with the last sentence, then fixed their gaze on the ground. "If - uh, only if you want. I mean."
  7. what's up guys it is once again art dump time
  8. I saw that, but I took it to mean that those specific images showed those things, not that that was the only way it could be. Since on Serebii's new Pokemon page, it says this: "Lugarugan was revealed in the October 2016 issue of CoroCoro. It is the evolution of Rockruff, but has a unique feature. It has two different forms depending on when it evolved. If it evolves during Daytime, it'll have the standard Midday Form, but if it evolves at Nightime, it'll have its Midnight Form."
  9. The wolves aren't version-exclusive? It becomes Midday Form if it evolves during the day and Midnight Form if it evolves during the night. Moon's gimmick isn't that it's night 24/7, it's that its ingame clock is 12 hours off from your actual one. If you play Moon at night, it'll be day ingame, and you can get midday wolf. I'm incredibly apathetic about midday wolf, and that's about as close to hating a Pokemon as I can get. Midnight wolf looks like a goofy sonic OC, but even that means it's got a visible and cohesive theme and some personality. Midday wolf is just An Anime Wolf With Rocks On It. Maybe more information will warm me up to it, but it seems unlikely at this point. :T
  10. [4:57:45 PM] infinite mathematicians walk into a bar: behold, my fursona
  11. All these exciting PoGo things happening, and my phone's GPS is completely broken D= And I'd just moved into my dorm too, there's a million pokestops on campus. Hopefully I can get it fixed soon.
  12. Today is cute merpeople day I guess
  13. Yes they are, good eye. They started as gijinkas but I think I've deviated too far from that original intention to call them that anymore. Stubby lil penguin flippers
  14. An overenthusiastic battlemage and the reluctant alchemist she drags around everywhere. spider princess cat bear
  15. *resurfaces* I live once again I've moved into my dorm! There was no internet for like 4 days, so I used up all of my phone data and then died. It wasn't very fun. At least I still drew some things.
  16. But the question is can we catch the ultra beasts???? Because UB01 is beautiful and perfect and I need to pet it in Pokemon Amie please gamefreak please Its shape and the description of how it moves like a young girl kind of reminds me of Lillie, but I'll refrain from speculating until we have more information.
  17. Felixr2: - considering the number of items you can start with is 3, March definitely did not pick up 30 berries on his way to Fastfall. You can have him find a discarded Pokeball on the ground if you want. - Nobody near the fountain has said the word "shifter" aloud, as far as I can see.
  18. Thank you ;o; I actually worry a lot about my lines looking forced or messy so it's good to know other people don't feel that way. Vampire squid facts: - they're not actually squid, they belong to a different order of cephalopods in which they are the sole living species, and they're more closely related to octopuses - when threatened, they invert their tentacle cape over their body and flash the lights at the end of their tentacles; this shows off the spikes on the underside of the cape and draws attention away from their head, but also looks profoundly silly to humans - they can also shoot bioluminescent slime at predators - all cephalopods are objectively beautiful and perfect and you can hit me up for a two-hour seminar of Squishy Mollusk Information Anyway, back on topic: Another cat for art fight And I found an old paper fashion kit thing I have. It's surprisingly relaxing, although these stencils were definitely not meant for magical girl fashion.
  19. I have, like, five Jynx right now, not counting the multiple I transferred to the professor. I wish I could trade with y'all already. D= Went to a popular Pokemon-catching spot a few days ago and it was absolutely ridiculous. There were 5 pokestops that basically constantly had lures placed, 3 of which were close enough together that you could just sit in the middle and get them all. People brought folding chairs and beach umbrellas. At one point someone shouted "dratini" and a hundred people sprinted toward his location. Pokemon Go is pretty great.
  20. Remember witch me because here they are again And an attack on Mage's rainbow child
  21. Took a few liberties in that post; I can edit if necessary, it's just that if I didn't post soon I would've never gotten one out, and I couldn't really think of a reason Z wouldn't be tagging along with Rap or Lam. They're incredibly unobservant when focused on something so Rap could've literally told them he was leaving and they might not have heard it. Or they could've just wandered off on their own when he wasn't looking, who knows.
  22. Z hurried toward the meeting place, anxiously wringing their hands together. Two days straight of travelling had been unpleasant for the small and markedly unathletic shifter, especially given the frustratingly vague memory of a trainer and a small unmarked CD that now haunted their dreams, but all of that had melted away the moment they saw the gigantic sprawling city of Fastfall on the horizon. Even with most of the city blocked off, there were almost a dozen museums to visit, not to mention historical monuments and other attractions. The noise, the crowds, and even their own project with Rhapsody were forgotten as they dragged said unwilling companion through the city, gawking at every little detail. Now that they were thinking clearly, they quietly berated themself for doing something so incredibly stupid. Rhapsody was not the kind of person to stand there and admire anything's historical significance for more than a few seconds; they were lucky he went along with it at all. So when the announcement distracted them from a particularly interesting set of rock samples just long enough to look up and realize he was long gone - well, they deserved that. The fountain came into view. Z felt a twinge of annoyance on seeing Rhapsody already standing there, but nevertheless took their place at the man's side without a word. Lambert and Zoey were there too, their gazes focused on a woman with her feet in the fountain. Z blinked. Strange attire and behaviour, almost as if the human wasn't sure how to be a human - well, that was familiar. They'd thought that whatever force was creating the shifters had stopped, since they hadn't encountered another one since leaving Vertia, but perhaps it had just been a matter of population density after all. They tugged on Rhapsody's sleeve, hoping the woman hadn't noticed them staring. "Hey - is she...?"
  23. This kid And another attack
  24. I've never seen that mask before, actually. I was just going for the unexpected eye placement thing. Thanks though. And forgot to post this colour ref of vampire squid guy: