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  1. "You're quite welcome," TRI purred. Michelle glared at the floor so her eyeballs wouldn't reflexively roll themselves. Somehow, this was even more obnoxious than regular TRI. Fortunately the human members of her crew didn't seem to be in a chatty mood, so with any luck, the end was in sight. Hopefully the AI wouldn't keep this ridiculous charade up when she interrogates him about it later. "I suppose so, yes," she responded to Rikari. "Well, I was going to ask if you had any questions, but if you don't, we can wrap this meeting up and - " "Leave?" Pip interrupted, ruffling their head feathers in a gesture that radiated indignance even through species boundaries. Before Michelle could say anything, they leapt off the sofa in a single swift motion and coiled up in front of the lounge's only exit. Any of the humans present could have easily stepped over them, but the gesture - and the extended claws - were quite clear. "Is every human like this or do I just have the worst luck ever? Look! We're going to be on this ship for two years, okay? We have to get along, or we'll drive each other crazy. After Misha went to the trouble of gathering us all here, you're not even going to introduce yourselves?" Michelle swallowed. Evidently, she had hoped for too much. She took a cautious step toward the owlworm, eyes fixed on their talons. "Um. Pip? I... know what you mean, but it's fine, really..." "Don't act like I'm not talking about you, too," Pip snapped in a surprisingly deep tone. "We just took off, there's nothing to check or maintain, so none of you have any excuses. Come on, it'll take five seconds." They straightened up and clasped their front paws together. The claws, still extended, clacked menacingly against each other. "I'm Pip! Well, it's a nickname, but I don't expect any of you to pronounce my real one. I'm officially the ship's science officer, but I think 'xenobiology student' would be a more accurate description. Nice to meet you!"
  2. As the door to the lounge slid open, Michelle breathed a mental sigh of relief that people actually showed up. She gave both the humans a stiff nod of acknowledgement as she entered, suddenly extremely aware of every minute detail of her posture and positioning. Should she be sitting? There were (just barely) enough couches to fit everyone, but would that be unprofessional? What does a normal person even do with their arms? God, she probably did look like a twitchy serial killer. She settled for shuffling a few steps to the side as to not block the door, and cleared her throat. "Right. It's nothing important, really; just some starting formalities. I thought we should follow protocol, at least for the first-" The sound of claws scrabbling against hard metal floors behind her interrupted her train of thought, and she turned to see her last crew member charge full-tilt into the lounge, narrowly avoiding crashing into the couch Rikari and Randal were sitting on. "Excuse me, sorry," they squeaked in between breaths as they smoothed down a few stray feathers with their front legs, "I, uh... I had some trouble with the gravity generators... oh, but it's alright! Nothing to worry about, really." With that, they climbed onto the other couch and sat up, waiting for Michelle to speak. An image of the owlworm tangled up in a seat belt designed for human use sprung into Michelle's mind and she couldn't help but smile. Whether it was their species or their individual personality, Pip's presence always had a way of cutting the tension. "Right, well - this is just a quick start-of-mission meeting, so if you had any questions or concerns, feel free to voice them. Oh, and aside from some mandatory stops we have a lot of freedom with our route, so if you had any specific places you wanted to visit, we can discuss that. I don’t have a detailed map on hand at the moment, but I’ll ask TRI to...” ****, she’d forgotten about TRI. He was usually exceptionally memorable in all the worst ways, so the fact that he hadn’t spoken at all in the past few minutes was a very bad sign. Well, it wasn’t as if she was in a position to do anything about whatever he was planning, so maybe she should push on while she has the chance? “I’ll ask TRI to-” “What seems to be the problem, Captain? Oh, do pardon me for interrupting; I thought you were finished.” Michelle blinked up at the ship speakers, trying not to let the absolute terror show on her face. TRI, apparently unfazed, pushed on. “I suppose you did ask me to keep quiet, so I do apologize for that. But since I am the one being discussed, I thought I should contribute to the conversation.” Michelle swallowed. A sudden personality glitch would be too much to hope for, so what was he doing? She looked back down at her crew members, who certainly wouldn’t have the context to appreciate it if she started demanding answers. “...Right. This is TRI, the ship’s AI; we’ve been... working together for several years now. I'll ask him to send you the maps, which you can look through on your own time.” “Pleased to make your acquaintance,” TRI chirped as Michelle resisted the urge to grind her teeth into dust.
  3. @TehUltimateMage "Attention, crew; this is... your captain, speaking. We've successfully entered FTL and initiated the artificial gravity, so you can now leave your rooms and explore the ship. But, er, before you do - would everyone please gather in the lounge as soon as possible for a quick meeting? Thank you." "Fantastic work, Captain," a voice drawled from the overhead speakers as Michelle let go of the intercom button. "Very smooth. Your crew definitely doesn't think you're planning on axe-murdering them the moment they step through the door." Michelle grunted noncommittally as she undid her seatbelt; TRI's remarks didn't deserve a response at the best of times, never mind now when her nerves were already shot without his help. This didn't seem to deter the AI any, though -- the cockpit’s main screen flickered on and displayed his familiar triangular logo, which managed to blink condescendingly despite being made up of five straight lines. "Oh, I'm sorry. Your plan was to slowly suffocate them with your presence over the next two years, wasn't it? My mistake." She heaved herself out of the chair with a sigh and plodded toward the door. "Save it. I didn't have to bring you on this mission, alright? I know you’re psychologically incapable of being thankful, but you could at least give me five minutes of silence for that.” She ducked out into the hallway before TRI could say anything else and headed for the lounge.
  4. I gotta say, I love this interpretation of a Nuwa who actually cares about humans, considering she canonically got bored after making half of them. I'm not sure I'll be able to join this with exams coming up, but I'll be keeping an eye on it! Good luck.
  5. As Madako headed out into the field with the rest of the class, she took the opportunity to examine her new classmates, especially that loud boy with the tail. She'd recognized him the moment he stumbled into class. He had taken the entrance exam in the same centre as her; the explosions he left in his wake were difficult to forget, so she hadn't been surprised to find his name in third place on the practical exam rankings. So he was in her class, huh...? She took her hands out of her pockets and cracked her knuckles. This should be an interesting year. As they reached the P.E. grounds, Madako was disappointed to see it set up for a normal medicine ball throw - until the teacher explained that they were allowed to use their quirks. That made sense; nothing would prevent you from using every resource available during actual hero work. So this was UA: shifting the focus from physical scores to practical results on the very first day. An interesting year, indeed. She doubted her own quirk would help much with this test, though, so better to get it over with and save her energy for the others. After the boy with the wire arms finished, she stepped up to the pile of medicine balls. She hefted one with both hands, testing its weight, then wrapped all four tentacles around the handles as well. As she'd thought, her quirk wasn't going to be of much use here. Her tentacles could provide some extra lift, but they were more optimized for constricting than throwing, and if she swung too hard in this position she was liable to break her neck. She brought the ball to her side and tossed it underhand; it sailed through the air and landed with a loud thud, a few metres beyond her previous record but nothing near what the previous two students had accomplished. The next throw went similarly, and for the third an overhead toss landed even shorter of the others. Well, that was about what she'd expected, anyway. She looked over her shoulder and made eye contact with her sister. "Well, you've no excuse not to beat me this time," she teased, then ran to retrieve her balls before Madoka could answer.
  6. Madako nodded, relieved at Haruka's answer, and fell back to let her sister do the talking. She entered the elevator after Madoka, squeezing into the corner behind her to avoid the brunt of the oncoming explosion. Sure enough, as soon as the doors closed, Madoka dropped all pretenses and bombarded their poor classmate with excited questions. Just as planned. Madako allowed herself to relax, sinking even further into the corner. In a way, her sister was the most reliable person she knew, and thank goodness for that. She did wonder what Haruka's quirk might be, though. She glanced at her over Madoka's tangle of tentacles. She didn't remember seeing a pink-haired girl at the entrance exam, and the name Maeda was similarly unfamiliar. Without any obvious physical indicators, it would be hard to even guess (which was probably the only reason Madoka hadn't tried yet). She herself wouldn't have that advantage, and she would have to plan accordingly. When the elevator stopped, Madako stepped up to the control panel to hold the open button. "Please excuse us," she said, giving Haruka a polite nod. "We're just excited for our first day at school. I'm sorry I didn't have the... opportunity to introduce myself, but pleased to make your acquaintance."
  7. "Four seconds..." Madako blinked at her sister, wondering for the hundredth time how exactly she came up with these statistics. "I see," she lied, resolving to buy a stopwatch this weekend and verify them for herself. "Now if only you could improve by four seconds every day, then we'd be getting somewhere. Everyone who didn't get top ten will be aiming for our places; we can't let our guard down yet." One of the doors in front of them swung open, and out shuffled a girl with pink hair. Madako winced; she didn't have to look at Madoka to know she was already jumping to conclusions. If she embarrassed herself in front of a schoolmate on the first day at her dream school, she would be inconsolable for hours. Madako had to act fast. "Good morning," she said, wedging herself between her sister and the other girl with a few calculated steps. "It's nice to meet you. Are you perhaps in class 1-A as well?"
  8. Madako leaned back against the wall, arms crossed, as a chorus of thumps and crashes joined her phone's wailing. Soon enough, her sister came stumbling out of the room, slamming the door shut as if Madako hadn't already heard everything there is to see in there. She gave an exasperated but fond little wave and stepped up to greet her. "Good morning," she chirped, accepting the phone and putting her hands back into her pockets. "I slept as well as could be expected, knowing you'd kill me in the morning if I didn't figure out a way to wake you up in time. And I don't even get a 'thank you'?" She shook her head in mock disappointment, and turned to head toward the elevator without waiting for a response. Once Madoka fell into step beside her, bouncing like an overexcited puppy, she spoke up again. "Why can't you apply all that energy and enthusiasm to getting ready in the morning? I passed two of our classmates in the hall just before you woke up, you know. Seemed like they were coming back from some early morning training." She adjusted her tie, her hand trailing over her brand new uniform jacket before returning to the pocket. "This is UA. We'll have to start holding ourselves to a higher standard, too."
  9. The two foreign students passed Madako with barely a greeting and continued down the hallway, still chatting to each other. Madako watched until they disappeared around a corner, then returned to her task. If their rooms were on the same floor as hers, they were likely in the same class as well, or at least the same grade; she could find out whatever she wanted to find out at school. She turned her phone on and opened a playlist, humming absently. Which one would she use today? Moving into the dorms had been exhausting, and she couldn't quite remember what she'd used yesterday. Ah, well; the first one was usually a safe bet. She pressed play, slid the phone under her sister's door, and waited. A few seconds later, a muffled metallic screech sounded from the other side of the door (which was impressively soundproof, Madako noted, if she'd set the volume correctly). "Come on, Madoka," she said, throwing in a single polite knock for good measure. "Time for school."
  10. Madako stood in the empty hallway, facing her dorm room, appraising the smooth undecorated door. She and Madoka had never had separate locked rooms before, and the news that they would have to once they began attending UA came as a surprise. The influx of international students this year necessitated the existence of dorms, or so her acceptance letter had told her; she would've never guessed this building was constructed on such short notice otherwise. It would take some getting used to, but she suspected she would enjoy her newfound privacy once she did. And if she didn't, Madoka would still be only a wall away. In any case, this unfamiliar terrain required some reconnaissance work. She fished her phone out of her pocket and checked the time - still half an hour before class would start. More than enough time to come up with something else, should this experiment fail. Without further delay, she crouched down in front of the door and slid her phone through the gap at the bottom. It fit, and she was able to push it all the way into her room, out of sight. She nodded to herself, and unfurled a single tentacle to fish the phone back out and deposit it in her hand. A cheerful beep from the elevator drew her attention, and she turned to see two students headed down the hallway toward her. Even from her position on the floor, she could tell both of them were ridiculously tall for teenagers without an obvious mutant quirk. The aforementioned international students, perhaps? Madako got to her feet, dusted down her uniform skirt with her free hand, and gave her classmates a polite nod. Her free tentacle twitched, as if to remind her of its existence, and she hastily ordered it back into the hairtie. "Good morning."
  11. Did another round of eels for an offsite chat! (Click image to see the rest)
  12. more arts more arts I've been experimenting with bigger canvases and boy are they refreshing. here's a space lady: and some snyails: and this completely ordinary and unremarkable gardevoir:
  13. hello yes the first act of the squid party is here Madako Tenaga ??? (She/her) | 15 | Squidface: Deep-Sea Hero Appearance: [x] [x] Casual: Madako's mutant quirk makes her resemble a humanoid octopus. At 170cm tall, she towers over her twin, and has a lanky build with particularly long limbs and digits. There is no hair anywhere on her body. Her bumpy skin is usually dark orange in colour, and small suction cups cover her palms and the soles of her feet. She has large yellow eyes with horizontal pupils and no visible sclera, no nose, and a small brown beak in place of a mouth. Four octopus tentacles, each about two metres in length and as thick as her arms, protrude from her head; the first pair is positioned on either side of her beak, and the second pair behind and above the first, approximately where a normal human's ears would be. When not engaging in hero activities, she usually ties these tentacles back, so that they loop past her shoulders and end at the back of her head. When not in uniform, Madako dresses for comfort, not appearances. She particularly likes leggings and baggy tops like hoodies or sweaters. Hero Costume: Madako’s costume is designed to support her role as a stealthy hero who can work underwater. It consists of a full-body wetsuit, dark blue in colour with purple patches on the shoulders and thighs, underneath a hooded and sleeveless black jacket. She has black and purple steel-toed boots, as well as a pair of infrared goggles custom-made to wrap around her back pair of tentacles. A yellow utility belt sits around her waist, its pouches filled with small canisters of water and several knives of different sizes. The entire costume is made of special materials that can match her coloration when she uses her camouflage. Personality: Madako is hard to read, and not just because she has an octopus for a face. Although generally polite and well-mannered, she is quiet by nature and doesn’t speak more than she needs to. She rarely gets close to people, physically or emotionally, and seems to take both compliments and insults in stride. Even when she does make close friends, her outward behaviour won’t change much around them; her relationship with her twin has baffled many a teacher over her academic career. Overall, she gives the impression of being a calm and collected person who doesn’t worry about her reputation. While this is by no means a facade, she is also incredibly competitive and passionate about her goals - she just goes at it in a strange and silent way. In her mind, her goals are her own, and other people don’t enter into it. Rather than rivals, her peers are standards she needs to reach and surpass. Because of this, she can be pretty intense when other people invade what she sees as her personal space, though she prefers to avoid direct confrontation; if you offend her, she’ll be totally gracious about it, until the day you get home to find every single sock you own slathered in jelly and hidden in obscure crevices around your house. Biography: Madako's father is Camo, a pro hero who uses his cephalopod skin quirk to work in infiltration and rescue. He never advertised himself to the media, though, so she and her twin sister Madoka had a relatively normal childhood. Growing up, Madako was never sure what she wanted to do; her parents were supportive, but she always felt an unspoken pressure to inherit her dad's hero agency as the eldest child, especially considering their similar quirks. At the start of middle school, Madako decided she would get her hero license, in part due to said pressure and in part to support her sister, who had always idolized their dad and wanted to be a pro hero for as long as she could remember. In school, Madako excelled both academically and physically, with the occasional elaborate revenge plan against Madoka's bullies being the only marks against her otherwise spotless record. As the twins' rivalry developed, Madako found herself genuinely enjoying her hero activities beyond simple obligation, and redoubled her efforts in training. At the end of her final year, both of them applied to UA and passed the entrance exam with flying colours. Octopus | Mutant Madako's quirk allows her to do anything an octopus can. In addition to having fully functional manipulatory tentacles, she can change the colour and texture of her skin to blend into her surroundings. Although she has bones, she's significantly more flexible than the average human and can squeeze into or through small spaces. Her saliva contains a powerful neurotoxin, and a bite can incapacitate the average adult human in 10 to 20 minutes. Madako can breathe air, but is more comfortable and agile in aquatic environments. If her skin dries out, she becomes sluggish and unable to use her quirk. She usually carries a bottle of water with her to prevent this. Other: - Madako's favourite food is takoyaki. She doesn't understand why this is a big deal. - She's slightly nearsighted, but doesn't bother with glasses because it's a huge pain to get them fitted when you have tentacles instead of ears. The goggles in her hero costume have corrective lenses. - She's trained in CPR, in case she accidentally poisons someone and needs to keep them breathing until they can get medical attention. She's very careful with her food, though, so it hasn't happened yet. - Official character book stats: Power 3 / Speed 2 / Technique 5 / Intelligence 4 / Cooperativeness 3
  14. fractional pi day > octopi you can still call me pi ;-)
  15. Uh... no? No, I don't think I can do that. The difficulty of this request (complex pose that I probably won't find a reference for, props/background) aside, I'm not comfortable with drawing such dark material, or having it posted on this PG13 site/some offsite game that I know nothing about. Sorry ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  16. thank u *winks with both eyes* here are some pkmn fusions I made for a forum game: and some OCs:
  17. @Felixr2 If you look at the post directly above yours, you'll see that we're on hiatus and have been for several months, due to issues that aren't fixed by your return. The RP will resume eventually. Please wait for it to be announced in the OOC thread. Also: bynd/starchat is a private offsite RP, and it was only linked in Choice chat because some of the Choice cast is participating. Please don't go into the chat without asking. If you want to join, PM me.
  18. @RainbowTheAlbinoServal these colours hurt my eyes. Also, some other things I've drawn recently:
  19. Artfight 2017 has ended! I didn't do as much as I'd wanted to because I got hit by a bad depressive spell halfway through the month, but I did my best. Also here are some dragons(?).
  20. @ewi look at this precious friend
  21. Thanks guys!! @ewi omg sorry, I didn't see this eel until now ;; I'll try to get it done this weekend, thank you for your patience!!
  22. so many of these eels look super confused... cute tho @Amy.x
  23. @TehUltimateMage probably could've done better with that palette, but there you go.