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  1. I captured and Influenced my pair. I'm betting the April Fools Part of the release is they are not outright flooding the cave so you have to work a little harder for them at the start.
  2. Getting Bad Gateway in IE on Windows 9 here. Was able to get my new egg but this is frustrating.
  3. took the time to catch a second Bronze and Influence it so I have my Gendered pair. Now I am set up to Spam and lock myself with the silvers when their time comes.
  4. I have not, and if there was a difference then TJ would have more eggs.
  5. I checked Saturday. Had I not decided to come in and breed a few eggs for tossing into the AP I would have been unhappily hunting later this week
  6. Wow, really quiet in here for a new release, a lot of people must have been busy and not noticed. Ah well, got y 2 just now and I am good.
  7. Still with 600 winners if they decide to update the Wiki with the Code names that are chosen/assigned it will be a pretty big list for them to scroll through. Good luck everyone and lets hope people don't forget to check thereby delaying the lucky winners getting their Dragons.
  8. I saw it briefly had been added but did not search the encyclopedia for it like a dodo brain. Ah well, we'll see it next week when TJ's grow up. Anyways I locked myself with 5 new eggs and a Coastal Waverunner I grabbed right before the cave reset. I'm tempted to risk a Vap bite but if it kills or Keeps then the slot is stuck full. Eh I'll wait the 5 hours and dump it when I get up in the morning.
  9. 2 down, 5 to go until I am locked. I think I'll move to the Alpine for the top of the hour drop, something makes me think the hatchlings will be Biome restricted if they all have different forms.
  10. I use allure, and used to use Drag hatch as well before we lost it. Now I use Dragon Dump in it's place as my second one.
  11. I just tested Yellow Crowned with GoN and got a Avatar of Creation EggAlso listing another refusal between Frilled and GoN.
  12. This should be fun. Happy Birthday DC
  13. I was able to catch mine fast a few hours after release, during a 5 minute point drop about oh, 10 min before the next Mass Drop at the top of the hour. Glad I got the ones I wanted and now I eagerly await the big event coming up in a few weeks on the Birthday of the cave.
  14. I was not expecting this release until tonight, and here they are 24 hours earlier. You are sneaky bossman. Can't wait to see the surprise for the 8th DC Birthday.
  15. J this is an awesome April Fools entry, better than the Dion Cave one. Now, if you pulled what Lab Zero did and made this REAL, you would have a lot of happy cave dwellers.
  16. So, not hybrids, just a delayed Release. Eh, happens. Got 2 of the Heavy and one Orange Flare, so I be good.
  17. THey aren't in any Biome, Hybrids Maybe? Thanks for the new Eggs Bossman.
  18. Merry Christmas Everyone!!! Ooh, that is a interesting looking egg, looks like a beautiful Bobble.
  19. Merry Christmas everyone, lets begin
  20. Just brought this one up in the chatroom to TJ bout how about a Badge for owning the most of One Breed. There are constant discussions in the chatroom with the Turpentine Queen hunting more eggs, same with the Pillow Queen and the Neo Queen. One player just challenged they were going for the Turpentine Queen title and did not realize how far she had to go to catch the Reigning one. An Actual Trophy on the Scroll signaling you are the one with the most of that Breed would maximize the Certainty for players who Grab one breed more than any other. A Second Suggestion, this one bought up by TJ09 himself in the chat: I then Said that if a User has not been active on the Site for One Year, they should lose their Gold Trophy. Yes you would have to Re-earn it, which means get a new 500 Dragons for that pretty Gold Trophy. But think about it, how many players have shown up, gotten a few eggs then left for more than a year before returning. It would reward the active players and motivate people to keep playing or risk losing the high amount of Eggs and Hatchlings that they can have and be sent back to basics.
  21. I got my 2 Eggs and influenced them hours ago. Interesting that there is only one sprite for both adults, but I think we have been getting spoiled lately with getting 2 sprites for each Recent new Adult Dragon.
  22. I got my 6 pretty swiftly. As soon as I can trade them, 4 are going to a friend and I plan to catch some more as Trade Fodder and gifts to those who missed them.
  23. wait, TJ opened the floodgates? that's odd and interesting at the same time.
  24. ANd got my Hot Egg on the half hour drop. I am done, except for maybe copper hunting tomorrow
  25. Well, I grabbed 2 of the Wet/Coast ones by mistake and already found someone in the chat who's getting the spare after cooldown. Now to get a Desert/Hot One.