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    Trouble removing egg

    Unfortunately it sounds like you've forced yourself into a bind then... You refuse to try suggestions people have given you to try and help figure out exactly what the issue is, or to try and fix it. You created this thread to get help, yet when offered it, you don't want it. What is it that you are looking for then, if not help? Your options are either take the help you're being given, which none of it is in any way malicious advice, or to live with being unable to do basically anything on your scroll apart from collect eggs and breed dragons.
  2. I had said it in chat back when this had happened but I'll post it here too; I'm under the impression that they can't be transferred because their revive used has already been used up, and it'd be pretty terrible to get a hatchling and expect to use it for zombie fodder yourself only to find out that it was already revived once. As to "well why not just have the revive replenish on transfer" - because that could easily be abused. If it keeps fully reviving, you'd just need a friend to transfer to them and then take it back. As for stun not working on them, I'm not super sure aside from it might have a minimum time requirement just like other BSAs (incubate, influence, etc.), although I would have thought the minimum time requirement would be 1d 1h. Anything less than that would mean it's a death sentence for the hatchling, which would be very bad if you don't realize it and use it on something you intended to let grow up.
  3. I definitely support being able to remove names from dead dragons. I had named a batch of halloween freezies and had to leave them fogged while I waited for my freezes to get off cooldown and an unfortunate rl issue caused me to miss freezing one before it died. While the name itself isn't really anything special or something that can't easily be replicated, I hate feeling like I just wasted a name, and I don't want to use up two names when I could have stuck to only one. I've also been working on purging some of my lair, most of which had been named, and it'd make the whole process a lot more streamlined if I could just try to kill them and then remove the names from the ones that actually died than having to continually remove names as I try to kill because the ones I already unnamed don't want to die.
  4. Personally I prefer the breeding true. Alternating each year could end up with a lot of breeders in extreme agony. You already have to wait an entire year just to expand your lineage to the next generation (or two years if you're doing a massive lineage and can't get all that you need in one year), alternating colors each year would be such a pain, especially if you only want one specific color in the lineage. Imagine missing a year or getting confused what color year it is. Then you've gone 5 years without expanding on your lineage at all. A 3rd gen lineage would take 6 years minimum from start to finish.
  5. I would like to point out that the encyclopedia asks that you raise or view the breed to unlock it, and there's that encyclopedia helpers thread around here somewhere. Also the fact that you can release your GoNs to the wilderness and summon new ones (which I myself will be doing, so it's not something that is unheard of).
  6. I'd also like to add that I used to play DC on my slide phone back in what... 2011, 2012? I don't even remember but DC didn't have a mobile layout back then and I played just fine on my little old slide phone (which I still have if I'm honest). So yes, you'd still have mobile just fine without the nice mobile layout.
  7. Just going to put my thought out there, and I'm sure it's probably an extremely rare take on the limits, but... To me the "Christmas and Valentines are about giving" in relation to the CB limit means encouraging giving offspring. If you only have 2 CBs, and you don't want to inbreed, you're going to have to get help from others with it. While yeah, they might rather trade, there are a lot of nice people who are more than happy to gift their offspring instead. It also encourages connecting to others from the userbase and while I enjoy that DC is rather secluded for the most part, the little dependency and connection that this gives (and can even require) is nice. The limit doesn't have to mean giving CBs, it can mean giving offspring and helping with lineages by breeding instead. Other than the Christmas, Valentines, and GoN limits, I don't believe there's any other aspect of the site that encourages you to rely on others and be generous with your offspring to directly help others due to limits like this does.
  8. "Mobile" isn't really even a thing that you can say "do we keep it or not". You can access the site just fine without the mobile layout, mobile layout just makes the site look nicer so? If it was browser vs app then you'd have a thing to ask about getting rid of but honestly there's no point even posting this because undoing the mobile CSS won't even make the site no longer mobile accessible. It'd honestly just waste TJ's time making him go through and erase a bunch of CSS he spent time working on already.
  9. It seems like you have to go to the "Dress up" page first to get your free one. I opened the shop and then, in a new tab, had opened up the dress up page and had the black one free, but the black one was in the shop when I moved over to the shop tab I had open. So for future days, try opening the "Dress up" page first
  10. The free color is completely random, just a 1/4th chance to get a color so... you'll find a lot of people that got the same color with the same breed.
  11. I agree that this re-release of the Halloweens can be/has been frustrating (it took me nearly/over 3 hours to get my first CB!), but I think that the more years it's around, the better and more comfortable it'll be. I'm still interested in grabbing bred eggs, I absolutely love to see the pairings/lineages others have come up with, but this year? I'm grabbing the CBs I missed! So next year I'll definitely go back to grabbing from the AP but this year is special because this is the first year and first chance we've gotten for this. It shouldn't be taken as the standard by any means. I really appreciate the re-release because this means I can start, continue, and finish lineage plans that I would love to manage entirely on my own scroll that otherwise wouldn't have been possible for me to do that way.
  12. My candies and visits were restored, thank you so much! <3 I really love this event, too, it's such an adorable idea Something nice and simple too, thank you to all the artists and to TJ for this cute event <3
  13. The event has reset twice for me now Hopefully it'll get fixed soon? I just want my small grave kiddo to get her candy Looks like it's back up but it's still making me pick my hatchling again so now I'm out 4 candies
  14. The topic has been renamed and issue number 6 has been added to the list: Blue-winged Solstice is missing from the Solstice encyclopedia page.
  15. Both the Dorsal and Heartseeker encyclopedia pages state "fins" ("Large purple or red fins along their back" - Dorsals, "with chocolate-brown fins" - Heartseekers), whereas Ridgewings specifies that they are infact wings ("large fin-like wings all along their back" - Ridgewings). The Heartseeker page says that they can have "limited glides" but is gliding the minimum standard for having "wings" vs being wingless? Or should Heartseekers actually be marked as wingless?
  16. Okay I thought that the other zombie breeds were missing completely but if others have them, then it must have to do with the unlocking feature? I figured that all of the shadows would show by default since my zombie page only has shadows, so I haven't actually unlocked any of the sprites, but I guess I was wrong?
  17. While going through the Encyclopedia, I've noticed quite a few things that need to be fixed or could potentially benefit from clarification: All six Zyumorphs are in the same encyclopedia entry, supposedly causing them to all produce regular western zombies even though the Zyumorphs themselves are not all westerns. (Can this be proven fact? If they all produce proper zombies, this isn't really something that needs changed then.) Can we get some clarification on what exactly counts as "wingless"? Dorsals are counted as wingless, yet Heartseekers are not although they both have "fins". The blue-winged Solstices are not in the Solstice encyclopedia page, which is odd seeing as all other varieties of dragons are available, including both Nocturne forms and all three Terrae eggs. Black Sweetlings are missing as well (because they were caused by a glitch?) All six Xenowyrms say that they are found in "All habitats" despite being split into an encyclopedia entry per Xeno, at which point it should clearly specify their appropriate biomes. The Seasonals all have migrating biomes listed in their encyclopedia. They each have their own entry, so wouldn't it be better to just list the biomes they are actually only available in? During winter, all four say Alpine when in reality only Winters are ever available in Alpine. Throughout the rest of the year, they all, including Winter, say Forest. *New* Seasonals now have s2 and adults in Female / Male order whereas most of the other breeds have Male / Female order, and since the genders aren't specifically written out, this can be confusing. *New* Geodes, Spirit Wards, and Stripes have adults as Female / Male (s2 hatchies are fine, they are Male / Female (or no dimo)). I believe that that is everything for now! If you notice anything else, please let me know so I can add it to the list!
  18. @OutlawQueen Clicking the little blue heart by a dragon will trigger the updater and turn the heart red so you know you already clicked it. So say you see an adult in the hatchery, you'd just click it and it would tell the website to remove it. Question time! o/ Do you guys prefer hatcheries that: Give you the option on if you want to put your dragons into the ER section, or force you to put them in the ER? Show you the statistics of your dragons such as what their timer is at and how many views/unique views/clicks they have? Tell you how long until your next egg can hatch/hatchling can grow? Automatically refresh from the start, or give you the option to have it auto refresh (and how often)?
  19. Ayyy it's Preview Time again! This time we'll be taking a little look at the upcoming hatchery Right now it's just an extremely basic setup, no way to actually add things to it, so don't worry that you can't find where to do that in the preview! That'll definitely get added before launching it. Clicking the little blue heart by a dragon will trigger the updater and turn the heart red so you know you already clicked it. If the dragon gets removed from the database when you click the heart, it'll get removed from your page too! The general layout has gotten a bit of an update, which will be plenty more noticeable on the lineage builder page. The lines on the builder page have also been made darker to help make it easier to see them. There's still a long way to go but I'll try to keep you guys updated! ❤
  20. I'll definitely be helping with this <3 Halloween is my favorite thing so if I can help spread more of it I'm all in >:)
  21. Spinels and Bautas have been added to the previewer! I found out today that we got API access a few days ago (spam inbox, please stop eating my mail </3), so it looks like things might take longer than expected. We're building a hatchery too! The current plan now is to start getting the site set up and ready for all sorts of features first before continuing work on the lineage builder updates. As we move forward, you'll be able to create an account on heart-of.blue and then link your dragcave and discord accounts to it. You'll need a heart-of.blue account, at the very least, so that you can save your built lineages and your wishlist, but you'll still be able to use a majority of the features on the site without needing an account. Accounts'll just add some extra stuff and make things a little simpler to use in some spots. It's pretty late for me, however, and my brain is getting all fuzzy. Therefore, I don't want to go into too much detail right now and then wake up tomorrow and be like "what was I thinking? that makes absolutely zero sense!". So with that, I'm going to go ahead and hit the hay. As always, thank you all for your support and patience! I'm so excited to be working on this <3
  22. Just a heads up that these new kiddos will not be being added to the lineage previewer right away. Sorry for any inconvenience! I'm going to keep working on the updates and everything and will be putting in the three new dragons with the updates once they're ready. @mouse050909 Unfortunately it's not a feature on the site yet, that's just a preview of some updates to come
  23. slaps this fancyshmancy preview in here Just a small preview of a few features to come! Copy & Paste for individual dragons as well as multi-select \o/ I'm planning on adding a whole slew of new things before making these updates live, however, but I'll keep you guys updated and potentially throw in some more sneak peeks along the way. Thank you for your input, interest, and patience!
  24. Ahhh my bad, TJ I misunderstood and thought you meant you were setting their breeding cooldown to 30 days rather than making it base on when they can become corporeal again haha