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  1. Just wanted to post it here that I've been working on making an album of hard puzzle solutions I didn't realize that posting puzzle solutions on the forums was okay so I'll post it now I haven't used imgur much before, but I just noticed if you hover over a link (imgur-specific link?) in an image description/comment, it'll show you a preview of the pic so I'm trying to edit all of my current images to help make it easier to find the puzzle that you've got. https://imgur.com/a/ZolbQ If you have solutions for piece combos not shown, please give me a holler + screenshot and I'll add it as soon as I see your post <3
  2. The line is already drawn. And that's at 11:59pm on the 3rd. If you want to assume there'll be a hatchie wall, even then the absolute hard limit is still the 10th/11th. Wiki says stun wears off on APing but I don't know if that includes the added day or not, but even if it doesn't, you wouldn't find them past the 11th so. There is your hard limit
  3. The "so what" is that presumably those more important things have been resolved (for better or worse) and you now do have the chance to get your new cb eggs. If things went wrong, the AP wall of the cbs could be comforting to someone to know they didn't completely lose another thing in their life. Tragedies happen and we all cope in our own ways, and having that chance to pick up even just one of something you thought you missed could be a world of happiness for someone having a terrible time in the season of cheer.
  4. No, they might not but that's the key word. Might because you know they very well may make it. Would you rather those extra two days be cave blocking days too? Or just AP blocking days? And just because they're going to return next year doesn't mean it'll be easy to pick them up by any means. And again, TJ has specifically stated he wants these guys to encourage giving. Telling people "You missed the three day drop? Well sucks for you!" and "Oh my god I can't get low time regular eggs because others were worried for you" aren't in the spirit at all.
  5. You know, TJ has said he wanted the Christmas breeds/event to be about giving. I'm sure he absolutely hates that there are users trying to help give the new cbs to others by APing some. Oh no!! People are thinking of others, we can't have that now can we? There are people who aren't addicted enough to the internet that it's not the first thing on their mind when they're worn out from spending the days with family and handling issues going on in their life?? *gasp* How dare they!
  6. Garlands have been added to the lineage builder. Please let me know if you notice anything off about their positioning or the gender restriction.
  7. *whispers* If anybody needs help with the puzzles, shoot me a PM I do the hard puzzles so if you don't do the hard ones... well............. do the hard ones and then I'll help you
  8. As someone else had brought up with name lengths, the add-ons really wouldn't help that much. I have some Christmas and Valentines dragons that I don't want to breed but I also don't want to get rid of, and because of my naming scheme for them, being able to shove an extra ending in there is nearly impossible. My mistletoe naming scheme leaves literally 3 characters for a name. I have zero space to add in any sort of extra code or something for them.
  9. Wonderful, thank you for the alert, @Marie19R! It seems like it may have happened last night after I went to bed. I had gone through and re-checked all of my bullets, and did again just now, but I'm glad something else could get checked off the list.
  10. I hadn't noticed those other two fixes, aside from those two however, all the rest still seem to be true. And to add onto it - the Omen page has alt Omens in it right now as well. Perhaps the black Sweetling and blue Solstice are in it, it's just not properly counting them when we visit them?
  11. It looks like the risen and setsongs have been fixed to be Lindwyrms, so I've gone ahead and removed that bullet from the OP.
  12. I'd like to add on to @11th's post that you can use numbers instead of just random strings to determine just how many generations of ancestry you want to see, minimum being 4, maximum being 11 for a total of 5-12 generations.
  13. Have: Five 2nd gen Snows from Green Fire Gem mothers. There are 3 hatchlings and 2 eggs. Want: Swaps for 2nd gen Snows from Red Fire Gem mothers. Please note that I am currently egglocked, so if you have eggs and are not willing to hold them, please offer on the eggs. Eggs: https://dragcave.net/teleport/d9aa8a8d36039e252441d6f54f3810f5 https://dragcave.net/teleport/ad48ee0ddca70f2db7709ef590883e62 Hatchies: https://dragcave.net/teleport/03d9dbadd2e131912e9635053766128c https://dragcave.net/teleport/954291663d8fc73d5ca1ba16f3f29166 https://dragcave.net/teleport/f4a81134ea049febe6311031d3e3b45a
  14. Quoting isn't working for me so... "Tales of Dragons exists for a reason." I think you mean existed, past tense. It has been dead for at least two years now, which I'm surprised people still don't know, and it existed because the owner was interested in getting donations and sales "for the site" when in reality they took the money and used them for personal gain; to pay for their vacation.
  15. "I can justify wasting the time if I get to see 5x the eggs in the same amount of time." If that's your reasoning for wanting 1 minute shuffles, then what's to stop someone from trying to suggest 1 second shuffles with the same reasoning? "I get to see so many more eggs, this is definitely better!" More isn't always better... having 1 minute shuffles is going to need a lot more reasoning than just "more eggs!" because, as had been said before, the more often things are shuffled the more likely all of the rare eggs will get shown before the end of the hour and the more likely the caves will end up just completely commons left. Just because you don't see golds and silvers when you camp every 5 minute mark doesn't mean they're not there. If you're only checking on the shuffle, then you're completely missing the other 48 minutes of the hour that people have probably been picking up eggs and maybe even revealing rares. That is not a good way to base your stats at all.
  16. Reading through this thread, I honestly would like all three things; option to turn off breeding for a dragon (don't have to worry about messy/complete lineages), option to show only confirmed mates, and option to filter by groups. There's even a suggestion somewhere for being able to remove previous mates from the list, which I would love too. There's a lot of changes that breeding could benefit from, or at least stand to see. I admittedly do have a group for every single breed and then some (read: individual groups for each stripe and nebula color and etc.), as well as groups for cb/mateless/do not breed/breeding pairs, and for lineage shapes/patterns, and for specific lineages themselves, and many more. I'd love use for groups to be integrated with more aspects of the site.
  17. Alloy ====== Exceptionality
  18. Two more issues have been added to the list:
  19. Entice ========== Fortify
  20. Then wouldn't it be a more appropriate suggestion to suggest a "zero" slot for the grid/table sort options? You already get that with the custom number sort, it makes a lot more sense to me to have something shared across all sort options than to make a completely new feature for something that honestly can already be done.
  21. Just use the custom number sort and give them negative numbers. No point to add something you can already easily do, so no support. You can go all the way to -9999 so.... you should have more than enough room for your "pinned" dragons.
  22. Helloooo it's been a while! Had some unfortunate events irl causing setbacks and all, but we are back! Unfortunately I don't have anything more to show as previews, but I do have some extra thoughts, ideas, and plans I had that I'd love to share. Since zombies and gravestones are finicky, you might have noticed that zombies are not actually available in the lineage builder. Another feature I'd love to introduce with the update will be the ability to mark a dragon for "death" or "zombification" with their respective icons; and Hovering over the "zombification" marker will, if everything goes according to plan, tell you what type of zombie you will get, which you can then reference the wiki's Undead page to see the sprite(s). I'm also hoping to introduce naming, "checklists", the generation number bar, "gender" and "lineage" swapping (probably most useful for checkers), templates (I'll need some example lineages to get the template library started!), spriter's alts, and more! There's so many things I'm hoping to do to the lineage builder, I better not get ahead of myself, but I want you guys to know that there is a LOT in store for the update, as well as the incoming hatchery. I don't want to rush any of it either, and all of these things are features I myself would find useful so I hope I can say that I'm just as excited to get it finished as you guys are to get to play with it all! I hope you'll bear with me as we work towards a great, polished, tool for everyone.
  23. StarSea

    Trouble removing egg

    As someone else had explained before, scanners only pick up most of the viruses that are out there, and some aren't as up-to-date as others, or aware of viruses as others. Some viruses are even programmed specifically to avoid showing up as a virus to certain antivirus programs. This is why it's best to use at least two antivirus programs. If one doesn't pick it up, likely the other one will. I use more than just two because it won't hurt to have the extra protection and coverage. I got an adware virus once and it wasn't getting picked up by Avast (when I had been relying on only one antivirus program) and I went out and found Adwcleaner and it did the trick. Unfortunately Avast seemed to not be finishing the scans anymore after a while so I got Malwarebytes and CCleaner to replace it. It might be overkill to have three different things, Malwarebytes and Adwcleaner would probably suffice just fine, but CCleaner runs rather efficiently and I have no issue with using it along with the others.
  24. StarSea

    Trouble removing egg

    If you can't log into your scroll and attempting to have it email you a password reset link redirects you to a download page, which it is by no means supposed to do, then you have a virus whether you like it, or believe it, or not. Viruses can come from anywhere. Your options are then to run your antivirus software, which I'm assuming you have already, at which point it isn't finding the virus since the page is still behaving improperly. You can then either download Malwarebytes or Adwcleaner or CCleaner (all three of which I personally use), or call up someone from a tech store like BestBuy or whatever and spend money to have them come out and tell you what you've already been told, and tell you to download things you've already been told to download. While downloading things you haven't heard of can make you uneasy, it's unlikely that there would be so many malicious people in one area telling you to download something that'll mess up your computer. And if you really don't trust us, you can do research on the programs yourself, as suggested. It'll be more time and effort but if that's what it'll take to make you feel comfortable downloading them, you might as well do it. The next steps are entirely dependent on what you choose to do. If you do download and run any of those programs (I highly suggest Malwarebytes at the very least), it might find the problem and get it fixed for you. Once it does, assuming that it will, then you should be able to get your password reset without it redirecting you to any sort of download page. If you don't want to download them, you could personally request that TJ have your password reset. He might have something in his admin panel to allow for this, but I'm not him and don't have access to it so I'm not sure. He may very well just tell you what everyone here has been telling you, at which point you're back at square one.