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  1. The newest breeds, Black Truffle and Pyrovar, have been added to the previewer! Just wanted to bring in an additional update for you guys: I ended up getting a second job, so I have been and will be busy juggling the both of them. As you guys have more than likely noticed, updates and previews have been slow, but I promise you I still wholeheartedly plan to continue this project and see it through! I don't currently have any estimated release timeline for the projects, but things will become clearer as we get further along.
  2. Added another issue to the list- Seasonals now have s2 and adults in Female / Male order whereas all other breeds have Male / Female order, and since the genders aren't specifically written out, this can be confusing. Looking through the ones that have dimorphism, Geodes, Spirit Wards, and Stripes are like this as well but only for adults.
  3. *plops a slew of previews on your lap* I really love the female storm, I think.
  4. Mmmm yes, my children ❤️ aaaa I love this
  5. Oh wow, I actually really like this?? Danger noodle + soft bean, and I love the contrast as well And then garlands look so nice with them too ❤️
  6. I really love them with female Antareans, if you put their sprites together it could look like she's booping his cheek or something ❤️ And of course, I have to always check my favorite with new breeds and I think I'm in love!
  7. The new breeds, Leodon, Lacula, Melismor, and Razorcrest, have been added to the previewer! @Cinspawn That is correct, copy & pasting sprites is not live yet, unfortunately.
  8. With the update to the seasonal and red sprites, the image positions and sizes have been corrected! Happy birthday, DC, and I can't wait to see the new adults to add in as well!
  9. Man that's going to keep confusing me but if they're supposed to be lindwyrms after all, I'll take it back off of the list. Thanks guys!
  10. Was just going through the encyclopedia again and noticed that Red-finned Tidals are marked as being a Lindwyrm breed, but shouldn't they be Amphipteres? I might be wrong though... I've added it to the list but if I'm wrong, someone please correct me!
  11. The new breeds, Tatterdrake and Red-Tailed Pygmy Wyrm, have been added! It looks like I never announced Florets and Freckleds being added though, whoops, but they're in there as well.
  12. While there were issues, I was trying to check what was wrong but I didn't receive any sort of notice about changes. Having the api text file updated could be helpful as well.
  13. Well, as far as shape support, DC can (and does) have its own custom font(s) and a very very large number of symbols can be made by creating a custom font. Of course, that can take a lot of work depending on how many symbols to make (if TJ decides to do this, of course), but there is also Font Awesome which already has a custom font available with a rather wide range of symbols. Give a group the TJ symbol
  14. @Fabula I uh... Have almost 300 groups........ just 16 short of 300 and I have several more groups I still want to make so um............ oops Edit: Whoops make that 15 short, I forgot about counting my highlighted group. But yes I would definitely love to have the symbols option! A warning for re-using a symbol + color would be great, I just wouldn't want it to lock you out of re-using it since, if this were implemented, I have 233 different groups that I would like to give all the exact same symbol, as well as some other group pairs that I would like to have share symbols as well. The "Ungrouped" dragon filter is nice and all but with my dragons being sorted into at least 4 groups each, sometimes I miss a group or it doesn't actually save, and then I move the dragon to their appropriate spot on my overall scroll thinking that they're now properly sorted. Having the symbols available would help me see right away that it didn't actually work or that they're missing one of their core groups.
  15. Thank you for bringing up your concerns, @JavaTigress! Let's see if I can try clarifying how login will be used! The current plan is that you will be able to just add your growing things to the hatchery by default. Unfortunately this will leave a vast majority of accounts unprotected as far as HoB's hatchery. Logging in through DC's page, or HoB itself, will provide a slew of tools to the user. You'll be able to secure your account so that you can determine who can manage your things in hatcheries (anyone, only on that browser, etc.) just like how DragHatch works. If you decide to make a HoB account, you will be able to "link" your DC account to it through DC's login page, and you'll be able to secure your scroll even further with that if you wish. To use the hatchery, general tools, and lineage builder, there will be zero requirement to log in. Logging in will solely provide you with ways to secure your account and additional, quality of life, options for those aspects of the site. Things such as posting trades, however, will require you to log in through DC at the very least.
  16. Very curious... I saw a few people report this, @jerzeeshadow, and I just checked myself. I had been logged in on my phone from last night, but logged in on my computer when I got on it this morning. Looking at my phone again, it was still logged in, so I tried logging in on a second browser here on my computer. That logged me out on the other browser and my phone, but I logged back in on both and now I'm logged in in all three areas..... very curious.
  17. In all honesty development delay sounds like a bad idea to me. Either you could end up with things that won't hatch because it adds time, or you end up with things that die anyways because you're sitting there with it hoping it'll hatch, or waiting for it to get unsick, and then it just never manages to get unsick so it can hatch on time.
  18. @Tinibree Ruby Eyes is exactly right - AoND doesn't deal with the dragon breeds at all (which is exactly why the offspring is listed as "Mystery Egg"), whereas this lineage builder does. If you import a lineage, it'll only bring in the images, shape of the lineage, and location of the dragons in the lineage, not the breed. If you don't know what breed was just imported into the page, you'll have to sit there going through every breed trying to find out exactly what it was just to continue using it in the lineage. Granted, I could have the system compare the dragon to every single other possible image and then give the breed result, but that is a lot of effort both as far as coding and strain on the server. There are 353 adult general images alone (even more if you count the phases of Spirit Wards and Nocturnes, but those are negligible as far as this), plus numerous Spriter's Alts. Importing a CB can potentially have to go through every single one of these image comparisons until reaching the dragon's breed. A 4th evengen line would require it 15 times - that could end up having to make over 5,295 comparisons. The fuller the lineage, the more comparisons it'll have to do and still manage it in a reasonable amount of time, as well. This would also add extra strain to DC's server because it has to pull up the images from DC for every comparison too, and while one or two people doing it might not matter much, the size of DC's userbase itself and how much traffic the lineage builder could get has to be taken into consideration too. All in all, unless TJ adds even just breed IDs to the API, importing lineages is unfortunately in a very mucky situation right now that would end up more trouble than it'd be worth. Some future features will make it relatively easy to simply re-create a lineage, instead. While I do hope some day TJ will add breed IDs to the API, we've got to work with what we have and make the best of it. To the suggestions about limiting the breeds in the dropdown based on already-chosen dragons, I had actually just thought about it the other day as well! Since some people (like myself) enjoy using the lineage to also compare possible breeding pairs all together, it would probably be better to have it as an option that can be toggled, perhaps be on by default? I'll have to give it a little more thought on the best way of going about it, but I definitely believe it is something that can be done.
  19. They did ask for permission but from the picture, Silvanon flat out said she doesn't think they need permission from TJ. That should have raised alarms and they should have gone to him as the very next step to make absolute sure. Never ever should you assume "off site use" or "free use" means "commercial use".
  20. Whoops life got rather hectic and I'm still trying to catch up, but I've gone ahead and closed the poll now and will try to take a look over it soon. Thank you everyone who took the time to send in your response! On another note, Floral-Crowned dragons have been added! Had a bit of technical difficulties getting it put in - whoops. I'm thankful to say that the revamped version of the lineage builder will make things a lot neater on my end as well, so adding in new breeds should be a lot smoother.
  21. Thank you for all of your responses, everyone! <3 I'm going to leave the poll open for just a few more days and then we'll take a look at what we've got. Also that is very true, Ruby Eyes. I generally work on the smallest things first and then I can build upon them later, but I know a lot of you guys (myself included) are missing some of the Eatw features and would like to have them back sooner rather than later. And yes! The dreaded Sino messing with the stats. I made sure to test a Sino in the API when I got access, so I know all of their goofy tricks to try and win stat medals. Can't fool me. I also wanted to put a note out there that I was alerted about a positioning bug with Nocturnes just the other night. Since javascript uses your computer's time, people in non-ET timezones could end up with a Nocturne pic using the opposite position. I've implemented a fix that should do the trick and get those Nocturnes back in their spot.
  22. Thank you for the suggestions, I've added them to the list! On another note - since the project list for the site is starting to fill out quite well, I've decided to make a general poll, including a section for you to tell me how important you feel it is for a certain feature to get implemented over another. Hopefully responses to it will give me some idea for what the community would like to see first, rather than working on what I personally think would be important. If you're interested in filling out the poll, please do so here: https://goo.gl/forms/7DOEy90HaoKfkids2
  23. Tbh I have a lot of stuff going on right now and can't keep up with this </3 I think I'm gonna go ahead and back out if you want to remove my name from the list of participants.
  24. F13: Bingo! https://dragcave.net/lineage/8i1iE
  25. @DocMumma13 Here's some more adult dusk pygmies: [ 0tdxq ] [ sALdr ] [ BHVup ] [ Ylc6K ] [ 4hit0 ]