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  1. Hello everyone! This is the story telling thread. I would love to have people help me out with this! Here is the book shelf so far! I need people to post their stories. You can post a story about anything, just make it appropriate. 'Kay? I will have a new story up about once a month (depending on what time I get back home and if I can think up something new). There will NOT be any stories from me during most weekends. Please say about how often you will be posting stories in your first post. Thanks! Story Posts from: StarSea - SS Kittygrl - KG (I picked because I still need to know what is wanted) Carnivorous M. - CM (I picked because I still need to know what is wanted) DragonGirl10188 - DG (I picked because I still need to know what is wanted) LinkTheHylain - LH (I picked because I still need to know what is wanted)
  2. MODS, PLEASE DO NOT DELET THIS!!! I LOVE IT AND IT IS PROBABLY THE BEST SHORT STORY I EVER WROTE! If anyone still reads this and there just happens to be a new data monster (I hope there will never be another one in a gazillion years and longer), I would like to write the story for it... And may I make my own form of the data monster story from the OP? I may not have been a member of DC when it happened, but it has happened on so many other games that I have played I think I can tell what it would feel like. WARNING!!! It is a little on the long side. Here goes nothing... You walk by a cave and hear squeals of small hatchlings and the soft voice of an old dragon telling them a story. You figure that they won't mind if you stop in and listen for a little while. The elderly dragon offers you a rock to sit on, but you kindly decline and sit on the hard and cold floor of the cave. The dragon starts from the beginning just for you. The dragon lets out a soft grunt as it lays down and begins. "Once long ago, when I was still a young hatchling much like you all, there was a terrible monster. All the little hatchlings where running around and play fighting. It was the most perfect day anyone could ever wish for." The dragon coughs and then continues on, "It was sunny and warm. All the dragons where outside basking in the warm sun. As the day dawned, everyone began heading home. No one suspected that there would be a terrible one among us, and that was it's perfect disguise." A little pink hatchling wobbles up to the elderly dragon and curls up next to it. "What happened next?" asked the young one. "Well, we all went home and fell asleep. Hatchlings with sweet dreams of what they would do the next day with their friends and the adults with their tails wrapped protectively around the eggs. Suddenly there was this terrible noise." "What did it sound like?" A little green hatchling popped up from where he was laying and tipped his head to one side. "Oh, it was a menacing sound. Piercing to the ears and horrifying to the heart. Trees toppled and crashed, caves began to collapse. Then there was a loud, deep, horrifying growl that shook the land beneath us. More caves collapsed and you could hear the shrieks of the hatchlings in the other caves. Oh, come here." The dragon motioned to the little green dragon to lie beside her - he was shaking terribly. "Then there was a loud wail as the horrifying creature tore through the thick rock walls. Every cave's entrance was now blocked and the homes we once felt safe in where now our worst enemy’s greatest weapon. There was nowhere for anyone to hide that the monster wouldn't destroy. Everyone gathered to their parents, some how feeling a little bit safer even though we knew that even they couldn't save us. I shut my eyes tight as I heard the loud foot steps of the beast moving towards my family's home. Rocks tumbled and branches flew in all directions as the massive claws ripped down the cave walls. I had to open my eyes to see my family's killer and look him in the eyes. I knew this would help none, but it some how made me feel good inside." "What did he look like, Granny?" A black hatchling flicked his tail as if he was imagining himself storming up to the massive beast and defeating it in one powerful blow to the face. "He had beat red eyes, long and curving black claws. He was the size of three caves, at the least. Wings made of code chips and a tail of metal, horrible breath and teeth like stone. As he came closer and closer to my family, I felt a strong urge to let out a loud wail and so I did. I didn't - and still don't - know why I did, but it was probably the best thing I ever did. Everyone thought that we where all doomed to be the food of an ever hungry monster like this one. Our worst night mares had come true. Suddenly there was a loud yell. The beast froze and turned to look at it's confronter in the face." The dragon let out a yawn as its jaws stretched wide. "I think it's time you all went to bed." The pink hatchling bolted upright and began prancing around the dragon. It begged and pleaded with it’s grandmother to finish the story. Finally she agreed and continued on. "The confronter was no more than a mere human. Much smaller that the horrid beast. We where all convinced that we had no chance of even sneaking past the creature without it noticing us and there was possibly no way a mere human would defeat the ghastly beast. We watched in amazement as the human dodged the swipes and flames of the powerful beast. He ducked and rolled as if he had done this a thousand times. He dashed towards the creature's large stomach and slashed at it as he slid under. There was a low groan by the beast and we where all sure it was finished off, but we where all wrong. It stumbled and swayed a little, but then regain balance. The human dashed for its stomach for another blow, but it had learned. The cave fell in some more as the monster backed into one of the still standing wall of the cave." She closed her eyes and smiled as she remembered what happened next. "Our brave hero was caught under one of the boulders. My father and some others risked their lives to save him. They tore the boulder away from him and instantly he got back up as if nothing had happened. He jump into the air and caught his sword in the wing of the monster. It wailed, but still fought back. As the creature tried to pluck the human off with his teeth, our savior slashed at its nose." One of the little hatchlings gasped for they knew what was going to happen next. They reared up on their hind legs and began to act out the rest of the story. The hatchling bravely continued the story from where the grandmother had left off. In a small but brave voice the hatchling continued on, "The foul, menacing, horrifying, terrible beast reared up on it's back legs and shook wildly. He spit flames in every direction. He slashed wildly into the air. Sadly one of his massive front feet hit your dad and killed him instantly. The others where thrown against the boulders and where seriously hurt. The hero fought on. He clung to the creature's spines and climbed to his head. With a powerful and final blow, he thrust his sword into the skull of the beast. It let out a final wail and looked straight at me." The pink hatchling flung herself at the other hatchling and bowled him over. "How could he have looked at you? You weren't even an egg back then! He looked at granny!" The hatchling's grandmother stood up and separated the two. "I think I should finish the story before this little one gets it all mixed up." She let out a small chuckle and continued. "He looked straight at me and I could tell that he was giving me a message. He was telling me 'You may have had luck, but next time I'll come for you first.' I looked straight at him and roared my loudest I ever had. The human had saved us and we where all now saved. Suddenly the creature's throat began to move and wiggle and everyone gathered around the hero, prepared to fight for him as he had fought for us. A small squeak came from the monster's mouth and I rushed over to open it up. I had recognized one of my friend’s voice. He slowly and shakily stumbled out and hobbled over to one of the adults. Then suddenly many, many more dragons poured out of the mouth. Cousins, friends, family, neighbors. All whom I thought where dead forever. Everyone raced to the hero asking for his name. He simply lifted off his helmet and replied, 'TJ09'. We all cheered and chanted for him. Though he may have not saved everyone, it is the bravest thing I have ever seen any human do. And it's the bravery that counts. And thus is the true tale of how TJ09 had defeated the horrid monster, the data monster. Thanks! Sorry it was so long. I started and then I just couldn't figure a way to stop without leaving out some parts that I think would be important. I had the hatchlings inturupt every now and then so it wouldn't be a boring story all from the grandmother. ~ StarSea
  3. I had found a CB pink in the caves, but when I cliked on it I was told that I could not find the egg I was looking for and I never found another CB pink sence. But because you are helping me, I have another chance!! One question for everyone. Does anyone check this thread anymore!? No one has been replying in a long time... I guess in my story, I can I have a wild dragon named Hope's Gift, The Wings Of Hope, Love On The Wings Of Hope, Hope's Dust, Gifted By The Wings Of Hope, and Hope's Angel
  4. Hi there! I would like to request a hope egg. I had four dead eggs (sorry about that! I was new and didn't know what I was supposed to do, but none of my eggs have ever died sence), but they are gone now (accually, they've been gone for a while). I have nine (10 tomarrow! ) adults and I have the perfect name for my hope hatchling! (boy will be FreeHope and if it is a girl, BraveHope.) I have a perfect plan for my Hope lineage. First, get a hope egg from here and hatch it. Second, name it (look at the top of the post for my starting Hope name options and the bottom for the extra Hope names) Third, get a CB pink and hope it will be the opposite gender. Fourth, get both to grow up. Fifth, breed Hope and CB and keep the egg. Sixth, find another CB pink and hatch them both (influence one for girl and other for boy). Seventh, wait till I can re-breed my first set and the I'll breed both mates. Eigth, because I am breeding them at the same time they will be able to lay again at the same time. I plan to give away the new Hope eggs, but if I happen to get a clutch of more than one (by any mate groups) I will give away one and keep the extras for more Hope breeding pourposes (example: I breed both mates and I get three eggs, two from one an one from the other, I will give away one from each mates and keep the extra from the two clutch mates). Because it is most unlikely that I will get clutches of more than one, I will probably have just the two mates for a long time. Nine, I hope you all agree with my Hope plan. Now time for my names (I name them as if they are part of a clan) Girl: HopeWonder FernHope PetalHope Both: HopeEmber HopeSoul HopeSong HopeCall RisingHope HopeStream HopeHeart HopeSight Boy: StrongHope HopeRage HopeStar Hope, you all like my names
  5. My vote is for Bloodshine! You could also have Darkwing or Bloodscream... just a thought I am writing a story too! If you have read warriors, mine is like it but with dragons, different naming catagories, and no humans. I will have mostly mythical creatures (dragons, phoenix, unicoer, etc.) in it. I have named the story Dragon Clans and I might make a website for it. If you want, check out www.dragonclansbook.weebly.com about once a month to see if I've updated it any (I most likely will update it at least once a month). Please DO NOT copy the story and use it for yourself unless you have asked me and I replied yes and you should alter it a little if I do say yes. If you need or want, you can ask to use some of my names or recive names from me. If you want to ask me about anything above or you want me to send you the drawings of my dragons, e-mail me at wings_of_ivy@ymail.com Thanks!