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  1. This is simply a reminder that the update will be in progress in an hour! The update has completed, please make sure to clear your cache before reporting any issues! Otherwise - happy previewing!!
  2. After much wait, the update will be dropping on Monday the 17th! Due to my sleep schedule being quite vague at the moment, I can't really give an exact time for when the update will be going live, but it can likely be expected between noon-4pm DC time and ideally will take no more than an hour to implement. If any delays come up for any reason, I'll be sure to share as soon as I'm able. Thank you so much for your patience, and I'm incredibly excited to share the updated version with you all! And this is only just the beginning - there's still so many features I'll be continuing to work on and adding too!
  3. The newest Holiday breed - Pryanost Lindwyrm - has been added! Happy previewing! I'd also like to announce that I am planning on releasing the lineage builder revamp mid to late January! There is still a large number of features planned and in the works for the lineage builder, and fansite as a whole, but we've reached the point where the lineage builder is ready to shine. Ideally this release timeframe will also give users the opportunity to get used to the changes before the Valentine's release happens. It should also provide ample time for fixing any bugs y'all might weasel out of the cracks. Thank you all so much for your interest in this project for all of these years, and I'm excited to make you all proud to see how far it has come!
  4. The site is back up! If you notice any issues after this update, please let me know and I'll make sure to look into it as soon as I can!
  5. HoB will be going offline shortly for some much needed updates. This is not the WIP update for the lineage builder, that's still in progress - this is a general housekeeping update. I would expect the downtime to be roughly an hour to two considering the bulk of this. I'll make sure to post another update once maintenance has finished. Thank you for your patience and understanding!
  6. The newest Halloween breed, Iridichi, has been added! Happy previewing!
  7. Our two newest breeds, Mirisia Amphiptere and Scymrian Pygmy, have been added! Happy previewing! Additionally - I am excited to share that I've begun work again on the lineage builder revamp! Progress is going good and although I do not have an estimate for when it'll be ready, I really look forward to when I get to put it out there. There's a number of QoL changes to go with it and although it's not fully functioning yet, I have been enjoying the QoL changes even just in testing.
  8. To add to the statistics at the bottom of the previous page... I've EQ'd 12 eggs, only two of which have been hatch & catch. The other 10 were fails... 9 of which by death. Based on the previous page's statistics, this is supposed to be roughly 60% fail rate and I've gotten 80% fail rate. That's extremely disheartening and honestly, I'd be a lot more optimistic to continue trying if those general statistics were more like <40% kill rate and that I've just been really unlucky. But to see it's 60%+ is really disheartening. Even with everyone treating this as "just trade for them!", that doesn't negate the death rates. Trading for them doesn't make the kill rate just vanish.
  9. Sure except for the fact that Copper, Brimstone, and Magi do not visually display any sort of flames, thus contradicting what had been stated, and is also why so many people feel it is inconsistent and "disregarding" of the lore, especially in the case of Spitfires and underwater breeds. Copper's result is based solely on the fact that copper burns in green hues, their sprite is not displayed to produce green flames. Brimstone's result is actually based on the fact that their description states they ingest sulfur and produce a gas from it rather than flames, in which case also something that is not displayed in the sprite but rather found in the description, and yet Spitfire's "brilliant blue fire" description has been passed over even after being brought to the attention of the artist. Magi produces green flame, also not based on the sprite but rather on a reference, which is not something people can just go and find information about onsite. So actually yes, people will have to go offsite to find and understand why on earth Magi gives green flames. It's not so much an issue that these outliers exist as it is that the reasoning given against other breeds is completely contradicted by these instances. I understand that nearly 300 breeds is a LOT to look through, even without all of them being breedable with Pyros, but to give contradictory reasoning for not putting X or Y breed into the pool, and then even going as far as to blame TJ for having accepted it as-is, is incredibly frustrating. It's okay to say "I didn't think of that", "I missed that", "Let's discuss that", etc. It's not okay to say "Well TJ accepted it as it is so it's on his hands" and brush it off like that. If you say you want your breed to only produce X alt from A, B, and C mates (who all happen to be, say, Earth element), is it his responsibility to understand your intentions were for all Earth-element dragons to give X alt? Sorry but TJ can't read your mind, if you miss something with your breed, it's not on him to catch it for you. That's honestly the part that irks me the most...
  10. @Diame @fergalicious214 I'm sorry, that sucks a lot. I killed 3 of the 4 I had, two of which were a friend's at that... I feel your pain. 💔 If you want to try again in the future (I must be crazy for doing so myself), I'm going to be getting the eggs cracking and then fog them and let their timers get well below 4d, maybe down to 1d or 2d, and try to EQ them while fogged and hopefully that produces great results.
  11. As brought to my attention in the Discord, the Holiday '11 breed hadn't had their name updated yet, so they are now properly listed as their new name - Blizzard Wizard!
  12. The newest breeds, Pyropellis Wyvern and Shumoga, have been added! Happy previewing!
  13. The newest wiggly wyrms have been added - Oracle Wyrm and Temple Wyrm! Happy previewing!
  14. Wonderful, thank you so much! Our newest breeds have been added - Sabertooth Bull Drake and Spotted Teal Drake! In addition, Gemshards have all been updated according to the above list.
  15. On wonderful, thank you so much! They're now pennybright in the list!
  16. Hello!! Lanterns is actually still around, but has been put on the back-burner for a long time since I ended up jumping right into working after finishing school, and had some pretty ambitious plans for Lanterns compared to my skill level. I've actually progressed quite a lot in my coding over the past 6 years and became a programmer for a few other sites, which is extremely exciting! In the meantime, I've been working on a site called ClanHeart! I've taken on this other petsite to further develop my skills while I still plan and think about Lanterns - there will be a big genetics system in Lanterns, so that's made me have to stop and think a lot. ClanHeart is still in pre-Alpha development (only staff have accounts on the site), but there's a monthly update to make sure everyone knows where things are at and that we're still here. There hasn't been a monthly update in a while due to a personal situation, the site has a news post about it, but I'm back so we'll be having monthly updates again starting in June. Once ClanHeart and/or Lanterns are further along in development, I'll probably go ahead and make threads for them here too! Though for now, I don't want to get too ahead of myself, as younger me tended to do.
  17. Welcome to our newest breeds, Motus and Tutela Cantormaris, Royal Eminence, Gemshard (aqua, orange, and purple), Floret Wyvern (gold alstromeria, peach alstromeria, purple alstromeria, and peach iris), Copper ("galvanic"), Electric ("charged"), Nilia Pygmy ("green"), and Sapphire ("pink" and "yellow")! That's so many new breeds, phew! The new color terms for Copper, Electric, Nilia, and Sapphire may be changed in the future if one is officially stated, or users seem to prefer something else. I try to stick with what I see others typically call a color, but it can be really hard for brand new releases, so please bear with me. Happy previewing and let me know if there seem to be any issues, as always!
  18. The breed names and icon positions have been updated in regards to the latest news post. As always, give me a shout if you notice anything seems mis-positioned or otherwise broken!
  19. The newest breeds have been added; Sawtooth and Magnesium Amphiptere (grey and tan)! Happy previewing!
  20. The two newest breeds have been added - Blazeback and Hydrophidius! Happy previewing!
  21. Updates have been made for the new sprites! For the most part, nothing really changed besides the Magi, but I figured it was still something that should be posted. I look forward to our next release!
  22. The new Valentines breed, Amarignis, has been added! Happy previewing!
  23. Whoops I missed a lot! Life ran away on me, but here we go - the Holiday breed (Glystere Wyrm) and the newest breeds (Nobleshield and Cantormaris) have been added to the previewer. Thank you for your patience and checking in on me, it really means a lot to me.
  24. Pitfires have been added to the previewer! Happy Halloween previewing!
  25. Equinox and Mistra have been added to the previewer - along with a Tombstone option! Happy previewing! I'm not sure why I never thought of the tombstone itself before, so I'm very glad you asked about this! I had tried to get zombies to work but since their images only show up at night time and Halloween, that wouldn't help much, so the thought of plain old tombstones as an option never even crossed my mind. I've gone ahead and slipped the Tombstone onto the list.