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  1. Sakuhana has been re-sorted to be above Sapphires, because dictionaries tell me it is so... Additionally, our latest breeds have been added; Sandwaste and Aranoas.
  2. Kohraki, our newest Halloween Breed, have been added to the previewer!
  3. The hatchery is not live at the moment. Also Update: HoB is currently offline as I'm doing some server-side maintenance atm. It'll be back up in a bit, likely within a half hour. Just didn't want anybody to worry if they try to access it right now and can't!
  4. So it sounds, and seems like, influencing an egg completely overrides the egg's intended gender. So when it gets teleported it just goes "time to randomize you" to the gender, and can't/doesn't actually tell what the gender was originally supposed to be. Just boinked an egg back and forth with someone else while running precogs and influences. On the very second transfer, the "default" gender had switched. The more you know? I guess it's not exactly an exploit or something, per-se, since if you want a specific gender you're better off just influencing the egg and holding it in the first place, and it can't be done to low-time eggs anyways. Just something that seems decent to know I suppose?
  5. Tercorns and Coral Pygmy Wyverns have both been added!
  6. Some people make "deadline" lineages, or want their gravestones named, so automatically clearing names would be suboptimal in those cases. In my opinion, putting the decision to unname in the hands of the player is the best option. Although I would like the option to rename altogether in the event someone notices a typo in their deadline after killing, I think it might be best to not allow it. I can see some users using gravestones as nameholders since they don't show up on the scroll, but then completely forgetting they have done so, and potentially forgetting the name entirely.
  7. Glowback Pygmies and Luminox Wyverns have been added into the previewer~
  8. The lineage previewer has been updated with Avea Pygmies and Rift Wyrms!
  9. I wasn't even able to. I had to take time turning on weblink previews the first time so I could even read the rules and got kicked shortly afterwards, and the second time I couldn't connect to discord for a few minutes and came back online to having been kicked again. I can understand kicking unverified users after an hour or so, but after just a few minutes just makes it frustrating to even try to join.
  10. Is there any particular reason I keep getting kicked after a few minutes? I've tried to join twice now and ended up getting kicked both times...
  11. The birthday breeds have been added to the previewer! Aeria Gloris, Vremya Drake, Galvanic Wyvern, Kovos Pygmy, Lihnseyre, and Geminae (I hope I got all those names spelled right).
  12. Skysilk and Mariner Pygmy have both been added to the previewer!
  13. Hey guys, sorry for the radio silence! Work had become extremely stressful over the past few months, but I've got time once again. Thank you for the notice about the Aether Wyverns and the link to the other adult, @11th, I've gone ahead and updated them! I've also added our missing newest breeds, Sakuhana Wyvern from Valentines, and Blancblack and Aqualis from the March release. Hey there! To figure out the offsets and zooms for the dragon portraits, I open HoB in two tabs. Then in one of the tabs, I use Inspect Element to put the official lineage image into the block, and on the other tab I put in the full-sized image of the dragon. Then with the full-sized image, I can shrink the image and move it around, and then switch back and forth between the tabs until they look as similar as I can get them. Once they look the same, I now have the size and position I need to put into the site's code. Hopefully that made sense!
  14. Our newest holiday breed, Starsinger, has been added to the site!
  15. You guys can check out my Lineage Previewer, it makes it a lot easier to make lineage mock ups and I try to get new adults added in as soon as I can. Hopefully it helps you guys make previews of your ideas! 😄
  16. I really love them in a checker with Summers, or even a spiral
  17. My apologies for the delay, it seems I overslept my alarm for the adults. Our newest Halloween breed, Arcana, has been added to the previewer!
  18. Oops haha I just realized I switched the genders on the pipio pygmies give me a few seconds lol
  19. Our newest breeds, Aether Wyvern and Pipio Pygmy, have been added!
  20. The first of each of the dragons grew up first, so I had gone with them, but for some reason TJ reverted the first of each to hatchlings instead of the second of each. I noticed last night but unfortunately was unable to fix it at the time. I've now gone ahead and changed the codes to a pair of my own dragons in case TJ decides to change which ones he reverted. Unfortunately since TJ's are the only ones that can grow up so soon, I use his ones but there's no consistency in which ones he reverts and sometimes he doesn't even revert them at all so sadly this is an issue bound to happen, but I'll do my best to change the codes to new adults as quickly as possible whenever this does happen.
  21. The newest additions, Ash and Boreal Dragons, have been added to the previewer!
  22. DC's registration page page says "I agree that I am 13 years of age or older.", and has for at least a few years. I'm aware it used to allow underage users by requesting parental consent, which it no longer does and now requires all new users be 13+. That member, I'm sure I know who you're talking about, should not have signed up and was on DC in violation of the ToS and COPPA. I don't know how many years ago your grandson signed up, but if you were to ask today, the staff should outright tell you no regardless of if his parents gave consent or not. And if sites didn't allow messaging on their site just because users under 13 have probably signed up in violation of the ToS, no site would ever have messaging or anything. It's the staff's duty to ban and remove the information submitted by a user when they find out that they are under 13, it's not their duty to bubble-wrap everything just in case users violate the ToS. The ToS is there for a reason. If DC staff are made aware of a user being under 13 and don't do anything about it, then yes, DC has a problem. To try and keep the information available, these links are also relevant:
  23. That's not actually why there are hot warnings.... McDonalds was brewing their coffee insanely hot, and serving it like that, which they shouldn't have been. My point is that warnings are there for generally unexpected things, like your coffee actually being hot enough to burn you badly and leave scars... We don't want to get burns (metaphorical) because things we don't expect are against the rules. Yes, writing song lyrics being against the rules should be obvious, so no, we don't need that specifically written out on the "Do not do" list. But other mods have said that they do consider going "X person, I didn't mean to reject your offer" as misuse, but you just said you wouldn't consider that misuse. That is why we want points written out. It's not just for our sake alone in the end, because any staffing team should be on the same page and understanding as the rest of the team. Without an actual set of rules, even right now you guys are sharing opposing opinions. We shouldn't have to suffer bans from the Trading Hub or repercussions because you guys aren't on the same page and some of the mods think that something shouldn't be allowed, and we don't need a list of every single little thing that isn't allowed. But if you're brewing your coffee way too hot and serving it that way, we need warnings.
  24. Our new breeds, Siyat and Mimic Pygmy, have been added! Happy previewing~
  25. I'm honestly really confused right now? I just read the past page or two of posts and saw people saying https links are automatically rejected, and that links aren't allowed at all.... But I've been posting trades with https links to my related spreadsheet for a while and not had any issues or had my trades removed for it. Am I not supposed to be doing this? Can you guys please seriously put a list of the don'ts on the trading page or a link to the list or something.... I really am not interested in losing privileges for things that aren't even listed or alluded to on the pages they're relevant to. I rarely come on the forums let alone look here for rules to things specifically onsite, because I really shouldn't have to.