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  1. Emerald01, I really like the one with bubbles and red candles!
  2. 2nd gen Holly from Flamingo! Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  3. I'd love to share my Alt-kins! Please remind me? Thanks!!
  4. Grabbed a couple of incu-hatchable 2nd gen PB Arcana from the AP -- free to anyone who needs some more Arcana in their life! Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Gone!
  5. I have no idea if I survived or not! I got in from work tired, passed out, woke up at 3:30 AM, realised I still needed to breed my Halloween dragons, thought I had until 6 AM, realised at 4:50 that I only had until 5:00 AM due to the time change discrepancy, finished up breeding in a mad rush -- and managed all but the final dragon, which popped out an Avatar of Destruction, instead! Phew!!! My defenses had been breached around 296 rounds but were somehow still holding on at 350... I was so hoping to top my personal best of 357, but I don't know if I did!
  6. Yeah, I forgot they wouldn't do this, since Christmas always seems to end up this way! OPERATION LIGHTNING STRIKES TWICE... Is a solid success! Now, to see how long it holds out against the odds. It's all down to the numbers, now...
  7. OPERATION: LIGHTNING STRIKES TWICE ...is doing well! Despite some unfortunate zombie spawns close to the front lines, the towers are holding their own. In this screencap, the GoN had just been summoned -- it hadn't even attacked yet, and they'd managed to keep it down to 2 zombies!
  8. Laaaaag! Drat! I've already missed codes FAxNG and ZISPU. I can't even! Lol.
  9. New Strategy: OPERATION: LIGHTNING STRIKES TWICE * Double the Thunders I've ever used * Every non-healer tower covered by at least 2 healers * An Ice to keep zombies at a distance -- and force them to cluster, making for better Thunder targets * Front line with high HP and overlapping Areas of Effect * 1 Purple, for the occasional boost to a couple Whites, Thunders, Magmas, and the Ice
  10. Hmm...lost a Magma before 200 rounds. Do I keep going, or try a new setup? Decisions, decisions... Oops! Just lost the Bolt, too! Starting over!
  11. Operation Firevine broke 100! Now the TRUE test can begin! But Guardian, now is not the time to relax!
  12. New record for me! I'm happy that I've(more or less) kept on improving: 4 games with scores under 100 but steadily increasing, then 120, 111, 265, and in this last game, 367 Rounds! Now to test something a bit different... OPERATION FIREVINE STRATEGY NOTES! * Focusing more on offense than on healing, and more on ranged attacks and stuns than on face-to-face attacks or Soulpeace total obliterations. * Front line has overlapping areas of attack, and overlapping attacks during cooldowns, as Vines are basically on a Stun-Attack-Attack rotation while Magmas are on Attack-Rest. * Every piece is covered by 2 healers in case they take a hit, except for the far flanking Magmas. * To offset their lack of healing, flanking Magmas are protected by Bolts, to prevent the enemy from reaching them. * The Ice covers the entire zone of 2 strips in front of the front line. * 2 Thunders to "bomb" the battlefield at a distance. * 2 Purples to keep Thunders and Ice bombing and delaying the enemy, as well as to recharge healers if/when they are employed. * DON'T want Purples refreshing the front line, as that would reduce the number of Vine attacks. * Question to explore: how often will Whites be used? Would more Thunders be a better option? We'll see!
  13. Oh, no!!! Maybe this is when that Aeon is supposed to be useful...if it ever does much?
  14. Yay!! Haha, that was one of mine -- so glad it served! Took me to 265. The mid-200s seems to be its breaking point, then. Just out of curiosity, how did the zombies finally get through on yours? For me, it was a central Green, then the White behind it, and I was done for. Broke my record with the current setup...hoping to break 300, too! That darling Soulpeace just blasted 13 zombies!
  15. Up to Round 150 with the new formation: so far, so good! Last time I hit 265. Hoping to break 300 this time, but only time will tell... Congrats to everyone who's still surviving the zombie apocalypse! And thank you to everyone for posting progress and tips! I'm enjoying this event immensely. Also, I've snagged all 58 treats, plus my FIRST CB MARROWS EVER YAYAYAY!!!
  16. Alright...trying something new: Changes: Flanks have more firepower, as the front row alternation has changed from GMGIGMG to MGMIMGM, as well as more cover from the extra Magma, but lost the back row Bolts. Ice is still central to slow the onslaught. Much less Purple, in favor of a whole row of Whites. So, overall, more healing, less cooldown reduction, more front-line firepower. 1 Thunder instead of 2. My first time including a Soulpeace. Here goes!!! ETA: ...why didn't I put the Soulpeace next to the Purple? Derp! Redid it as such.
  17. Got all the way up to Round 265! But alas, a Green was taken out, and it was all downhill from there.
  18. Aww! Keep trying, ye valiant and doomed! I'm at Round 218, but the undead are amassing... ETA: Round 226, and my GoN saved my bacon!
  19. Yesss! My best result before this was 120 rounds; currently, I'm at Round 192 and still going strong! Strategy thoughts: * Flank protection is working, but is it due to the Magmas covering the approach, the Bolts stunning zombies in the outer column, the GoN randomly appearing, or the Thunder's random lightning strikes? To modify the setup, what can I afford to switch out, and what ought I to keep? * Am I only OK so far because of random GoN appearances? Seeing as zombie numbers always inevitably increase, should I try to have a Soulpeace or two in reserve, next time? * Do both Thunders ever strike? If only one can ever be active anyway, I can swap one out for a different piece. * Ice is highly useful. Magma is highly useful. Same for White, Purple, Green. What piece is serving me the least? Bolt?
  20. Oh, heeeey... definitely true of my current setup, too. 😞
  21. It's going well, so far... but my chief concern is what happens if/when I hit 100!
  22. The new tactic! So...my flanks don't have more healers, BUT the front line now has Magmas to help keep zombies off of them while they wait for healing, since they have a longer range. And a Bolt is lined up to protect each flank. An Ice to slow the center's progress. Two Thunders, within the overlap of two Purples each to keep them striking with lightning often! Let's see if I can survive the switch to 2 points of zombie damage...my main concern with this deployment is the lack of Purples helping Purples. Well, we'll see!
  23. Right! I didn't have enough points last time...but this time, I'm going to shore up my flanks properly! And maybe get some ranged damage capacity in there.
  24. Noooo!! Zombies breached my defenses around round 105! The end is surely soon. Similar to last time, when I died around 120. The current defense: The previous defense: Roughly equally effective -- zombies ultimately broke through the far flank on both. Hmm...what next? That Aeon only did its thing 3 times or so. Not going to use it again. I should finally hit level 50, so I'll have some more powerful options!
  25. Ditto this... my Aeon hasn't done anything in 69 rounds! Does it have to be attacked directly, before it can activate? Or is it just glitching?