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  1. So confused. Some people don't know about this show?! Beverly Hillbillies, I Love Lucy, Andy Griffith, Leave it to Beaver, and Gilligan's Island have all been old standbys in my childhood. I started watching it a few days ago [hooray for always airing these classics on satellite!] again, and it's so cute and funny. I love the one where Mary Ann thought she ate the poison mushrooms, it just kept escalating. oh right the millionaire's my favourite character edit: yess the dreams are hysterical. the only times they get to get off the island bwhaha
  2. I'm way behind... I have some off time today so I should try to catch up. =P Pets in my signature! As well as some shameless plugging!
  3. I frikkin love this movie. X] Everything about it so concisely sums up why the horror flicks of the time were good and bad.
  4. I think it's precious. :3 Not something I'd ever get real excited for or fall in love with but I still think it's just an adorable, sweet show.
  5. WICKED COOL COSTUME BROSKI. *fifteen mega thumbs up* Iowa City?? That's only a few hours away from me. =D Also wicked cool! For the record, I'm going as the mummy guy in my signature. Going where? Absolutely nowhere. I'm just gonna sit at home and watch old horror classics like The Wolf Man, The Mummy's Hand, Dracula, The Mummy, The Mummy's Curse, The Phantom of the Opera (it totally counts), Pharaoh's Curse, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, The Amazing Transparent Man, and Curse of the Swamp Creature. We celebrate holidays for about two-five days in my family, so by the start of November, I'll probably be seeing in black and white. =|
  6. It /was/ totally made with that Fairly Odd Parents joke in mind, so. X) Man you guys are fast, I'm still slowly collecting treats lol.
  7. Don't see why not, as long as you don't claim them as your own. I've seen other people do it. XP
  8. :3c Ahh, Carnival was fun. I hope we get more stuff to do as Halloween looms near! XP The Set game was loads of fun. <3
  9. Ah jeez, I wish I had decided to do a buggie or some sort of parasitic worm. =/ I was rushed I couldn't think straight lol Welp, glad this is finally out, now to go spend an hour running around like an idiot.
  10. Haah, I initially woulda agreed, Lightbird, but... Before you drop it completely, watch these episodes and let me know if you still want to drop it for good: Yellow Fever, Tall Tales, Monster Movie, Ghostfacers, Hunteri Heroici, Mystery Spot, and My Bloody Valentine. All goofy episodes with some good horror in a few. u_u)b aka see my post right above yours i've been watching this show for almost 8 seasons and i still want to punch the main brothers every single time they start with FEELINGS
  11. "I think you hurt his feelings." =P Man, I'm up to season 8 now and I'm weirded out by how quickly my views on this show flipped. First I only liked it for the monsters and occasional funny episode and hated any appearance of angels, demon, or, god forbid, a talk between Sam and Dean. Now Castiel's my favourite. *SHRUG* I really do wish they had ended the series at the season finale of s5, though. Right before Sam came back - or, actually, before Cas came back. Just when we saw Dean bloody and beaten leaning against his Impala. Everything was set up to be such a good ending and they blew it. =( My favourite plot came after that, with the last four/five episodes of s6 and the first two of s7, so hey. The absolute only time in the entire series I was able to give a rat's ass about any of the characters whatsoever, and just about the only time anyone seemed even vaguely complex in their actions and motives. I still have to clench my teeth through every single talk between Sam and Dean, though. Also, for the record, as much as I love Cas I wish he would just STAY. DEAD. If they had killed him off for good after his power trip I would have been so happy. Seriously, if I'm begging you to kill of my favourite character already, that kind of says something...
  12. Just a little over a week to go until the best holiday in the world and already the thread is on page 4! Blasphemy! Go go go, anyone making Halloween treats?
  13. Improve what? Having fun? If they set out to tell a really good story yeah, ok, give them critique. But if they're just making an oc for s and giggles, I repeat: who even cares. Edit: Censoring because the forums didn't.
  14. *cough* I feel the need to throw in that the Bible was written by man and should be treated as such. What He has done can't be taken clearly from the Bible. >_>
  15. Yeah, pinkgothic got it. It's not even that I find it silly to mock fan characters so much as I think it's just a load of bull lol. All it comes down to is having fun so who the hell even cares if you made a neon alicorn who is bffs with Twi. No. Seriously. Who cares? Only people who deem it worthy to throw a hissy fit or just be a jerk over someone else having a good time in a completely harm-free way. =P
  16. Ruh-roh, people are being silly and doing what they want with fan characters from a silly kid's show?! Clearly, they're doing it wrong. Let's tell them how to have fun properly.
  17. And that's exactly why it's great. Dragon types are so annoying they need to be knocked down a coupla notches! I still gotta wait for December or February for my Pokemon X/Y, haaah. 6__6 I'll be staying out of this thread to avoid too many spoilers.
  18. They bonded over their sheer hatred for the child? Also, thanks for the info, Lady Nightfox. =) Then I get to stick with Chespin the whole way through, woo!
  19. Woah, wait, what are you saying, Lady Nightfox? We pick our starter, train it, grow to love it, and then just as we hit the Elite Four, we gotta trade it for the punk that we're weak against?! I don't wanna get Fennekin just so I can have Chespin, that's junk. =( Now I'm sad.
  20. Creeped out? That's the only reason I even sort of like Sylveon!
  21. I actually feel no guilt or shame in liking the music I do, but I guess it'd fall under this since I like "bad" music. =P Yodeling (full on swiss alps kinda stuff) Southern gospel Classic country Western (not country - there's a difference!) Traditional foreign folk music
  22. No NaNoWriMo for me this year! Unfortunately. =( I'm not in the mood to write anything and I hate the seat of your pants method. Good luck to all who participate, new and old alike!
  23. lmao I'm such a pitifully slow reader. =P I'll be lucky to make it to ten books! Book Number: 1 Number Of Pages: 346 on my eReader Book Title: 1984 Author: George Orwell Summary: The dystopian novel. Oceania, one of three major nations, is ruled by Big Brother, a God-like figure who leads the Party. This government is one where simply thinking deviant thoughts are punished swiftly, and harshly. Winston Smith is your average man working for the Party, except for his hidden hatred of Big Brother.
  24. =/ I can understand if you personally don't like them, but I think they're wonderfully whimsical, creative, and adorable executions. They really aren't "poor ideas" at all - inanimate objects made into monsters is close to a tradition in Pokemon. =P That much aside, I've been ignoring leaks and such. It'll be funner to experience everything new when I play the game in a year or so hgjfhds. That tree pokemon still looks cool, though. I'm gonna have such a hard time picking my team. </3