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  1. One adult, one frozen hatchling. Hopefully one of each gender if there's dimorphism. My main method, though? Hoping and praying and skipping through the AP and cave. "Ehh... I don't remember that one."
  2. Absolutely for this. Don't see any reason why not... just as long as the 2 CB limit is maintained. It seems extremely self-absorbed to me to try to deny other people their own chance to get CBs just because they didn't happen to be around during a short time period... during the holidays.
  3. Maze and ice-sliding puzzles are some of my favourites, so today went the fastest for me. Gotta say, I'm so impatient with conversation I constantly mash the spacebar.... which keeps leading to me accidentally choosing Naughty conversation. =( *sigh* Curse my nature... The "carry across the bridge"/wolf-cat-chicken puzzle was really cute.
  4. Just feel like I should say that I haven't had a single bug or glitch so far so... thanks, chums! =)
  5. Probably, especially since I'm pretty sure I need a Toriel to guide me back to my house. >__> <__< Think I'm finished for the day. The music is really adorable, as well as the art, of course. Great job and thank you everybody who worked on this! <3 <3 whitestar: Talk to the person, buy the axe, go back outside, and talk to PERL. =)
  6. Super adorable! The effort put into this looks great already. Can't wait to play, I only just started... since Zovesta and my real name were much too long, I was forced to play as Frisk. =P As for my first act... time to go get that pink aluminum Christmas tree!
  7. Series: Frasier Looney Tunes Futurama (before the movies) Spongebob (first three seasons only) Poirot (a series of movies, practically...) Wander Over Yonder (until the Hater/Dominator thing started) All Creatures Great and Small Smeshariki Cold Case (horribly historically inaccurate, terribly written characters, plot holes the size of a meteor crater, but always fun) Supernatural Movies: Throw Momma From the Train Thin Ice Million Dollar Baby Selma Not too big on watching movies, and I don't have very many favourite shows... I barely watch TV, honestly, in spite of what impression my user title might give off. ;p
  8. Zovesta


    Wow, did a quick search, no topic for this yet? Whether you're talking about the new movie, the comics, or the now nearly traditional Christmas special, are you a Peanuts fan? Not gonna talk about the plot, but the 3D on the new movie looks excellent. Anyone planning on seeing it? Tell me about your Peanuts experiences!
  9. Gonna be 500% honest here, TOS is the only one I've ever watched, and might very well be the only one I ever will watch. I've been watching it for several years and I'm constantly torn between genuinely hating it and love/hating it. But the comedy is side-splitting, especially from Dr. McCoy. Remember: "War isn't a good life, but it's life." "*cue highly puzzled reaction from McCoy, Kirk walks away like he won the argument*" I fear some of the other series might actually be decent... how can I ever get into a show like that? ={
  10. Allure of Neglected Dragons and Egg Drop Soup. How long I wait depends on how lazy I am! Immediately, or when they hit 3 days, or somewhere in between... I also like to give a ton of clicks and views when I pop them in so I don't feel like such a leech!
  11. Aang, that's because people have said it before much more eloquently than I can. Here are the two quotes in particular: Bolded mine. tl;dr Dragon Cave is just about collecting pretty pictures. Changing those pretty pictures majorly, and permanently, just because you aren't so keen on your old pictures, is a pretty lame thing to do. I despise my old art. If it's older than a month or two, chances are it humiliates me. I've deleted a great deal of my deviantArt because of that. And yet, had I made an old, yucky sprite for a website that was generally well received and I had gotten to the level I am now... I wouldn't feel right completely revamping the sprite so that it's practically unrecognizable. I might make a few minor tweaks, but then again, I might not. If it had become even one person's baby and people had real nostalgia for it, I wouldn't feel as though that I had the right to fully revamp it just because it embarrassed me. Actually, I only visited the site after several months to essential "clear" my cave. That is, release extra dragons (because I'm a nut like that). I had cleaned up everything, but left all my excess Silvers because they were just so pretty and charming. Bam, suddenly my Silvers have changed, and I released some of those extras. It's not that Lyzar's sprites aren't good. They're very pretty. I would like them if they weren't replacements. I said this back when I was active over four years ago that I would like more metals, and I think introducing a few (maybe two, over a fairly long period) more special metallics woulda been the way to go, rather than messing with old, cherished sprites. (P.S. first thing I did was check the wiki, apparently there are some super awesome wyrm type rare dragons?? love them!) I'm mostly blowing hot air, though. This really doesn't matter because it's not going to change back, more dragons probably will be changed, yadda. I'm just venting. Very final note, since everyone is talking about how the Splits were a good example: I got used to them very quickly, even though I was horrified immediately when I saw them. This is largely because it was just minor tweaks, but most things were kept the same. However, the personality did change, instead of looking like dopey, fairly harmless things, they look like buff and aggressive dragons suddenly. This didn't bother me, because that's how I pictured them all along. *shrug*
  12. NotBambi, you continue to seem to be unable to believe that other people could like """""""""""""""""""ugly""""""""""""""""""" sprites. As a matter of fact, I always really liked the oldest female Silver sprite, and even had it saved to my computer for a time in a folder for sprite art that inspired me. The posing and beautifully shaded pink tum were brilliant. I'd like them on my scroll for sure. Keeping old art (not the copyrighted stuff) didn't seem like a problem to me. Anyone who spent more than half a minute on DC would see that there were a variety of dragons on the site, not just the old *cough* excuse me, """""""""""""""""""ugly""""""""""""""""""" ones. Adding a new metallic to the site that filled the gap that Silvers didn't, like a Chrome dragon, would have been just fine with me. P.S. Sir Barton's post below mine is very true. I really liked my gold dragon, I believe Haleiro was my first one. It was such a unique sprite, it looked like an ancient drawing, and that made it seem super rare. The new ones are pretty, and I like them, but I still really miss my old gold and look at it on the wiki every so often.
  13. That's wishful thinking! Take away something people have spent years loving and expecting them to be the quiet, dutiful, long-suffering wife of it all isn't exactly realistic. ;P
  14. Honestly, yeah, that is what I'd do, but frankly, there isn't an alternative. I'm just saying that you really can't expect people not to complain and be upset. =P
  15. Well, not really. There are a handful of old "minimalist" sprites as opposed to gobs and gobs of new shiny ones, and even more that are waiting to be released, since they don't really make "minimalist" sprites anymore. It's like this: say for awhile, tan nail polish is the standard. A lot of people love tan nail polish, they grow up with it, it's their first experience with nail polish. After awhile, tan isn't so popular, and say red becomes the new, exciting colour. Everyone loves red because it is bold and enticing, and becomes the overwhelming majority's favourite colour, even if they happen to have some tan polishes in their stash. While no new tan nail polishes are being made, the people who have them still wear them and cherish them; they might wear red once in awhile, but overall, they still love their tan. Then, one day, a certain line of old tan polish turns red (magically, I guess), with the promise that tan will soon become almost entirely replaced. People who still love tan polish are repeatedly told they are just the minority and to just suck it up. Of course, it IS just nail polish. We could stop painting our nails altogether, but it's something we like doing that brings us joy. See my point?
  16. You're more or less contradicting yourself here. =P Sprite art isn't just adoptables art, it has a huge amount of variety and style. Even stating that a smooth as opposed to jagged line in sprite art is very subjective: how do you know that I don't prefer messy sprite lines? Heck, one of my favourite pixel artists (mmm, they did a very short-lived adoptables site several years back) has characteristically rough, messy, uncleaned lines and large blocks of colour. It was a very eye-catching style and was both very unrefined and very sophisticated. Art can be compared across different mediums, there's no reason why it shouldn't be. Sprites themselves have gone from 8-bit to much larger, more painterly works of art as technology allows. But yeah, again, I don't have a problem with you just stating your opinion, but as long as you mean it as just your opinion and not hard fact, I'm fine. But I do take somewhat personal offense to the new sprites as being called objectively "better" because I do so firmly disagree.
  17. It seems to me that you're been contrary just for the sake of being contrary. What do you call this kind of dragon, then? It's wingless, but it's most definitely Western style. Likewise, what about this dragon? It's got wings, but that's definitely Eastern style. I can get what people are saying about the new Silvers seeming kind of "Western". They don't look so serpentine to me now, they look more like long dogs... That's incredibly subjective. The shading was simple, the lines weren't clean... and these automatically make you think the old drawing was "bad"? What about woodblock art? What about sketches, or paintings with intentionally ragged lines? Is "realistic" shading and intricacy the artistic ideal everything should be held to? What's even the point of minimalism, then? I can understand if you do not personally think the old sprites were as "good" as the new ones, but don't set that out as objective fact. Personally, the old sprites look much better to me in very different ways, and ways I appreciate much more. A big reason why I stopped drawing for the Dragon Requests board is because I got right sick of "more shading!!" "more realistic anatomy!! (read: more dog like anatomy!!)" when the fact of the matter is that loads more real life animals are much weirder looking than DC dragons, and I got real bored of the gold standard. The new Silvers look boring to me. The old Silvers looked interesting. They were a bit cartoonish, and exuded personality. The new ones have some personality, too, but not the personality I ended up loving. The old female Silvers looked sly and devious to me, the old male Silvers looked haughty. They match their breed description more now, sure, but they aren't the babies I fell in love with 7 years ago. Regardless, my opinion means zilch after all this time, since I'm not even active here anymore. Still, I can definitely understand why people are upset. sene got it. If art is just shading, lines, and even anatomy, you're discrediting a HUGE portion of artwork, even classic artwork.
  18. The new ones are definitely nice, but I'll still really miss the old ones, and prefer them in some respects. =( The new split babies I do vastly prefer though. The new silver babies, not so much. The main reason why I loved the silver babies was because they looked so strange and helpless compared to all the other hatchlings, like an indication of how valuable and fragile they were. The spriters did a great job on the updates nonetheless, it's just not to my personal tastes so much. But I'm only here for nostalgia anyway, I'm biased. =P
  19. Because I think people recognize this avatar better than my username at this point. Also, long live Anpanman!
  20. Happy new year! No resolution this year. Hope you all have a good year.