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  1. Thats terrible. I know one akita he is the sweetest ole thing I ever did see! However, the chow breed should be muzzled if the owner knows they have a bad temper (that goes for every breed) , because EVERY chow I have know (2) has been vicious toward humans and other dogs, my little sister was bitten by one, and had to go to the hospidal. Now if the dog is as sweet as the akita I know, then it doesn't but most chows are very violent. I love pitbulls though. My dad hates them, but my argument is the people make them that way. (differnt story with chows, they are born mean, but so are pitbulls who are bred to be mean) however most pitbulls aren't bred to tear the throat out of evey dog they see. or person. sigh me up, please. And is queensland heeler/blue heller/red heeler is ever added to that list please let me know!
  2. How do you get to the basement? I got there once but forgot how.
  3. I am missing the last two, any help?
  4. "skull" are you talking about the dragon skull?
  5. I have thirty eight items! How do you get into the hidden room?
  6. Your right, medivals didn't have toilets and show curtains.
  7. Can anyone tell me where I have gone wrong? I have Thirty one items, and don't know what I need to open the hidden dor in the basement. EDIT: pm me if you can help me!
  8. Grr I'm stuck, I keep going in circles. I'll take a snapshot of what I have collected in a while.
  9. well mine is Sul, a prefix (its celtic for hot springs) and im Lady-Morgana but I don't really get what im a-supposed to do
  10. Okay, but I see they are being bred like crazy so they are not as rare unless you want a CB or low gen.... right?
  11. I don't see why they are so in demend. I was gifted a hatchling and it grew up today, yes its very pretty but why does everyone want one? They can't possible be rarae, when I go to fansites to help other peoples eggs. I see rows of golden, bronze and silver eggs/hatchlings, so they cannot be rare. Is the only reason they are popular, they are in fashion for some odd reason? Or do they have some amazing power that I, Lady Morgana Penndragon, am unaaware of? Someone fill me in please! EDIT- fixing the title it said insels.
  12. Look at what I found http://dragcave.net/view/****
  13. I base on prettiness or breeding projects. My favorite is nebula, I'm trying to make a pure nebula line thats not inbred.
  14. How do you do the [ URL=PROFILE LINK ] USERNAME [/url ] thing? Iwill certainly do it, and perhap's find homes fro them before they are 100% adults.
  15. Didn't mean to offend anyone with my anime post, but I have a serious distaste for it. Hate was too strong a word, I think.... other pet peeves... >I hate when people make me repeat me self. >people who think they are cool > Guys who walk like an ape because its "cool" when its really not....
  16. I dunno if this is it, but I see pictures with certain names, letters and numbers. 9 is a cat for example. My name victoria, I always think of a palace with purple and gold while isabella I think of a palace with yellow and pink or lavender.
  17. Yup. 104% correct. _-> ok so this guy grabbed my hand in music and I stepped on his foot, very hard. I was pretty proud of that. I don't like being touched unless its one certain guy, my friends I'm fine with expect the tazing thats obnoxious, but otherwise if your a guy and you do somethin' like that you will hurt somewhere depending..... Girls- don't let guys take advantage of you. Guys- don't take advantage of gal's.... best of luck, Morgana
  18. I have never been in any relationship's, (phew, must focus on school) But I tend to attract lot's of guy's, which can be especially obnoxious, of course they are all to chiken to ask me out, which is fine by me because they are all cowards and idiots. Drer Ahv-- some people just ain't ment for relationship's, but he does sound great. ALSO>> I like the screwdriver idea... I don't feel comfortable with people touching me either, and I am paranoid of guy's getting "too close" if you know what I mean.... unless I like them, and even then..... But I do understand where you are comin' from. Best of luck.
  19. Tonsils? HA!~ Thats would get pn me nevers too its really obnoxious when you PM someone and there posting in the forum but ever reply your like, uhhh hellooo?
  20. Yes. The store owner was selfish and didn't need to do that. The woman's blood would be on his hands. The man, Heniz was right to steal
  21. I would sneak in and drink the water and hope nobody got hurt... Fun Topic! Can I post one soon?