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  1. Just noticed the eggy bois are missing from the biomes. It's not jut me- other people can't see them either it seems. Just wanted to see what's up. Gotta get more Leodon bois for my team.
  2. Where did the eggy bois go?
  3. Oh lordy do I love the Leodon. Beautiful! They are magnificent! The rest are also awesome! Well done to the spriters and everyone else involved in this project. I love them sooooo much. I wanna snuggle them all up. And congrats to the new mods!!! :3
  4. OMG HARRY POTTAH EGGS. I'm so excited! They look awesome. Thanks everyone who put this together!
  5. I got the code (newwb). Made me laugh. What a n00b. https://dragcave.net/view/newwb