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  1. 34/62. Impossible to get all of them ;~;
  2. The eggs are still collected into your basket even when the basket was down, so extending the event is not likely
  3. I feel kind of guilty because I got an egg this year and I got one last year too, but I wanted a friend for Turbumint. If this event repeats next year, I'll do what I can to try and get my partner an egg.
  4. Do I grab 3 drabbys and 4 speckles? Or 4 drabby and 3 speckle? Or three of each and leave a slot open? Having an odd number of egg slots is inconvenient
  5. Can spriter alts be unlocked in the Encyclopedia? Or is it like the Alt Sweetling that is "unlocked" after viewing a certain number, but never actually shows up in the Encyclopedia?
  6. The best thing for hatchlings (aside from seasonals/neglected/holiday) is to go on a click-generating fansite and list all of their hatchlings, then click on the ones you need. That's how I got most of my hatchling and egg sprites.
  7. Anyone have any sparkly bolts/aeons? Naked Luminas/Dark Luminas?
  8. I'm working on filling out my Encyclopedia. Do the "alternate" sprites of the Undead Dragon (such as the Undead Pygmy sprite) appear on the encyclopedia entry, or is it just the normal one?
  9. Thank you to my mystery partner I got my upside-down egg. I'm sorry to poor you for saying nothing. But it was a sacrifice not in vain <3
  10. Heh, the Cheese dragons have pimentos
  11. I somehow get the feeling that these are going to end up as really weird or ugly dragons. After all, they look so cool as eggs and hatchlings - and they were released on April Fool's Day. I don't think the adult sprite is gonna look anything close to what the hatchlings look like.
  12. Got a CB Thalassa and CB Gaia Xenowyrm today - which completes my goal of having one CB Xenowyrm of each type
  13. I got an Ice dragon, paper dragon, and my very first lunar herald all from the cave just now
  14. No luck finding my first xenowyrm yet - but I got a paper egg!
  15. Oh MAN those silvers look ELEGANT! I LOVE IT! Silvers were one of those dragons I collected only because they were rare - now I'm gonna collect them because they're BEAUTIFUL!
  16. Aww dang it I forgot all about this When is it over?
  17. I have an Excel spreadsheet that lists the name, breed, and gender of all my dragons. I also have a color-coded cell for each dragon that tells me whether it's caveborn, bred by others, bred by me, or inbred.
  18. Unfortunately I'll be lucky to get 10 of them, because I haven't had internet at home and can only use slow public wifi, and that only for a couple hours at a time ;~;
  19. I can almost guarantee that certain colors are more common in certain areas. I got my green ones in the Jungle, my brown ones in the Volcano, and just now my red ones in the Forest. I've gathered a total of approximately 20 of these (released all but four), and they were 90% of a single type in a single biome. Not to say that the other can't be obtained in the other biomes, but they're much rarer.
  20. Haha, whoops. Grabbed five, all the same color
  21. The reason they're "incorporating religion" into this event is because Easter is also celebrated as an important Christian holiday. Disallowing religious expression for Easter would be like doing it for Christmas - it just wouldn't be right.
  22. Sadly none. I've missed at least a dozen, and each time I fail to grab one of those when I manage to snag so many OTHER rare dragons with ease makes me think there are people out there with scripts to auto-grab them. It's disappointing, because all my Golds except maybe one are from the same long lineage.
  23. Wow, those eggs were remarkably EASY to get. I'm pleased! I hope I get some flowers :c
  24. My favorite is the only one I missed on release: the Heartseeker