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  1. Hey Umbre! I hope you know who this is. Your new program is awsome! The banners/GIFS are amazing!
  2. Username: natcar9 Name: Anastagia Breed: Black Gender: female Hatchling or adult: hatchling Other: She was abandoned as an egg. Anastagia knows nothing but the cave, it is her home. Passsword:Delete your password once your accepted.
  3. Thanks Umbrey!!! It looks awesome!!!!!!!! I feel stupid, but how do I put it in my siggy? Also, I am bringing truffles on Thursday. ACCEPT THEM!!! P.S. I spelled 'awesome' correctly for the first time in my life!!!!!!!
  4. I want a GIF or banner! Username: natcar9 Banner or GIF: GIF Size: 50x50 Reference: none Background Color: sky blue Text: I <3 mints! (text black, heart red) Transparent: no What would you like on it? mint dragon wagging tail Neo
  5. Fortune was gracious that Zuri was trying to calm her and Winter, but it wasn't working. Storms were always the worst possible thing in the world to her, except losing her herd. I hate lightning! What if it makes all the trees in the woods catch on fire?Fortune heard Tonto and Zuri talking to each other about some cave. She wondered if the cave would make the entire herd save. "Um....What herd?" Fortune asked Zuri and Tonto. I don't want to get hurt or lost. I hope this cave will prevent it. I also wounldn't mind not getting wet.
  6. Yes a million times! It is so adorable!
  7. Name: 7/10 Avatar: 3/10, it's creepy Siggy: 10/10, the lizard is cute
  8. Stenr or Urgalgra (Stone in the Ancient Language and Urgal in the Urgal Language! I love the Inheritence Cycle too.)
  9. Name: 5/10, don't like horror Avatar: 3/10, I don't get it Siggy: 8/10
  10. "I-it is? I don't like rain that much." Fortune said timidly. Rain makes me feel wet and cold. It also makes it hard to see a great distance. We are vulnerable to humans and other predators. But, maybe they won't come after us. "Do you think there will be thunder?" Fortune asked Zuri. Fortune hated thunder the most. I jump clean into the air when I hear it, every single time.She decided to add, "I hope not." Fortune looked down at the ground. She realised that she looks at the ground a lot.
  11. 1. Do you want your name on it?:yes, in script font please 2. Colour Preferance: purples, reds, and oranges 3. Avatar Theme: Sunset dragon 4. Extra Text (max of 2 extra lines): 5. Your Gender: female 6. Payment: I will breed anything on my scroll, but my rares are stubborn. I will still try them if you want. My tinsels usaully work.
  12. ((No one is posting again. It's been 10 days since someone has posted, not counting girlfairy76.))
  13. ((Can someone from Tonto's herd please post? I haven't been able to post since January 19th. That's over 2 weeks. I keep checking like StarSea, but no one posts. ))
  14. The Snagon just sat there. He wasn't really doing anything but acting like a gargoyle. Well, he was acting like a scary gargoyle. Although, there is a method for his methods. He finds it amusing when little ignorant birds just come up and perch on his head. The birds think he is a tree. Seriously, how do you confuse me with a tree? Well, it is quite amusing when I suddenly open my jaw to swallow them whole. The Snagon was hungry at the moment. The suprise on the tiny creatures' faces has got to be the funniest thing in the world. Two seconds after thinking about that, a bird landed on his nose. He shot a stream of fire and smoke out of his nostrils, burning it to a crisp. The Snagon whipped back his head and devoured the burned bird. Hmm... I don't usally cook my food, but it does have a smoky flavor. The Snagon did his best roar, all the birds withen two miles flew out of their hiding spots and into the sky. I think I should introduce Malum now. Malum had just finished her breakfast of ten triple chocolate pies. Yum.... Those are some good pies. OOOOO... Who's life should I make harder today? How about... I don't know, I'll check the list. She pulls out a magical list with the names of people or things whose lives she will make hard today. The names just always appear. Even Malum doesn't know how it works. The name read 'Artaxes.' Perfect, says he wants to go on the journey to the Snagon. This one will be easy. And with that, she teleported to the place Artaxes was in. She popped into a place that was hidden from his view, of course. Using her own magic, Malum made a map to the Snagon's clearing appear in front of Artaxes.
  15. Avatar: 7/10, nice but needs color Name: 10/10, awsome name Siggy: 5/10, it's ok
  16. Which badge are you adopting: Purple Dragon Do you need any changes to be made: Can you change the color of the words 'My Scroll' to black? Payment (if applicable): -- What is this badge being used for: My siggy. i heart alt sweetlings
  17. Solis glided through the clouds. Her hair whipped out behind her. It was warm, but not too hot. This flight throught the white, puffy clouds would be perfect, if not for the cause of this dangerous journey. Solis sighed. I suppose I should enjoy my self now, while I can, because I may turn dark by this evening. Although, I would rather die then serve our enemies! Solis smiled as she flew straight through one of the fluffy, clean-looking cloud. I love going through clouds, it makes me feel like I'm in a giant floating ball of cotton candy. She felt sad though. A lot of my friends have lost their family, I have no right to be happy. Solis pulled her wings in for a quick second. It was just enough to make her stomach drop. Solis laughed at the ticklish sensation. I needed that. I should dwell in the moment, not in the past. Solis gained back the height she lost in the little fun drop. She kept doing lots of the drops, and then gaining back the height. Oh, this is fun.Solis sarted to hum a little tune to herself, but in a tone so low that no one could here it.
  18. ((UmbreWulf and I agreed to have our horses be rude to each other at first, and then become friends.)) Yeah, I am too. "Hump," muttered Fortune, but she said it so queitly that no one heard it. I still nod though... Well, maybe I'm not the quietest in the herd now. "Hello," Fortune said to Winter. Fortune pawed at the ground sheepishly. Maybe I should make eye contact, eveyone says that's a good way to make friends. Fortune was going to lift her head up, but....... Nope, I can't do it. I don't have a brave bone in my body. Well, maybe I should try it. After all, facing your fears is the best way to stop being afraid. Also, making eye contact is a relly silly fear to have. Fortune made herself look up at Winter, "Can I, um, join the tour?"
  19. ((It was your turn, don't feel sorry. Malum can't do much right now cause the story just strted, so I'm just going to do the Snagon.)) The Snagon woke up from a long nap. Then, for resons only he knew, he whacked himself with his long, scaley tail. The sound sent shivers throughout the surrounding forest. I cannot believe I fell asleep! BOOM! I was created to watch this rock day and night. BOOM! Oh My Gosh, the rock! The Snagon turned around and looked into the cave that guarded the Magical Rock of Wonder. I was really lucky this time! What if it was stolen? But it wasn't, so he went back to guarding like he was suposed to be doing. Why did I fall asleep again? Hmmm...........Oh yeah! I ate that burly man with the frenchy mustache last night. Wow that guy was delicious! The Snagon always gets hungry after a big meal.