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  1. I keep about half and let the other ones go for other people to enjoy - usually if I breed my dragons and get a spare egg of a type/wrong gender that I need I let them go. I'm trying to get all sorts of different breeds of dragons on my scroll, so if I've got double-ups I abandon them, though quite a few of my own bred eggs are still on my scroll
  2. 1. Whiptail 2. Water 3. Seasonal (Summer) 4. Spitfire
  3. I'm just happy I snagged one Ghost egg, can't wait to see what it looks like when it's a Hatchling/Adult ^-^
  4. Finished! That was awesome - thank you TJ & everyone else involved, super stoked to have my first badge on my scroll
  5. I've been sitting here for an hour trying to snatch Marrows/Pumpkins - no luck so far *wah*. I did manage to snag a white egg though, I've been wanting one for ages and couldn't help myself - now I've only got one more egg space left and I'm trying to decide whether to wait 'till the 31st or to keep on trying for a M/P D:
  6. iZoe I'll take in any inbred hatchlings! :3
  7. Hi I'm Emma Stone and I can successfully pull off looking surprised/worried and flawless at the same time. ~le wind in hair~
  8. Watching my new Heroes DVDs and eating chocolate my Grandma brought back from her trip to Europe :3
  9. Sims Social on Facebook - I'm getting addicted D:
  10. Chrome. Rules. ALL. Firefox is kinda laggy for me, and I don't even want to talk about IE .__.
  11. Great site, will be using it heaps from now on!
  12. Sleeping in, waking up at 12pm and eating toast & jam with hot chocolate for breakfast :3